Ouran High School Host Club

Chapter 1

In a class named Music Room 3, weirdness was just beginning.

Recently the class had a "Who Is Haruhi's Favourite?" hosted by Hikaru and Kaoru.

Hunny and Tamaki[actually Tamaki forced Haruhi] were the main contenders for it but Haruhi ended it, saying that it was stupid.

Anyway, Hikaru, Kaoru, and Tamaki was having a talk about Haruhi.

Suddenly Hunny and Mori happily stepped into the class, then started unpacking.

"Hello Haru-chan and Host Club members! Anything I missed?" Hunny asked Tamaki, hugging each member constantly as he walked with his pet toy bunny.

Mori did nothing but unpack his and Hunny's bags.

"Nothing at all, nothing." Tamaki replied, lying through his snow-white teeth.

"Uh, we were talking about Haruhi's kimono for this year's Host Club event,' Hikaru stammered.

"What are you blank-minded guys doing to me!?" Haruhi angrily stomped on his shoes twice and left the room crying.

"My dear Tamaki, you just made the poison ivy of your class wither," Nekozawa had appeared out of nowhere and was whispering to Tamaki.

"NEKOZAWA!" Tamaki did not notice him standing behind Mori. "Where the heck are YOU supposed to be!?"

"My dear Tamaki, use this book. I know you like Haruhi more than a "daughter". A life mate to be exact."

"Why you little-" Kyoya snatched the book out of Nekozawa's hands and wrote in it:

Haruhi Fujioka, sick for a while

Nekozawa saw the writing and gasped.

"Just great. Kyoya has made a sentence in my magical book and that means Miss Haruhi will be quite ill for a while. How she is cured is up to you, Tamaki."

"I'll get you, Kyoya. Just wait. Haruhi!" Tamaki hurried out of the room and ran after her.

He finally caught to Haruhi and held her soft hand.

"How are you feeling?" he asked her.

"Tamaki…." she closed her eyes and fainted.

She lay in Tamaki's arms like a delicate rose.

"Guys, we got Code Haruhi! Guys?" he called out in the hallways.

Kaoru, Hikaru, Hunny and Mori ran to where Tamaki was standing holding Haruhi.

Nekozawa came running.

"That book can do great damage. Other Host Club members, beware of Kyoya,"

"Why?" Mori questioned Nekozawa.

Normally Mori didn't speak, but this was Code Haruhi.

"He's the one who made it happen!" Nekozawa showed the Host Club members the handwriting that Kyoya had made in Nekozawa's book.

Haruhi Fujioka, sick for a while

"I'm telling the Headmaster about this!" Hunny declared, marching in circles around Tamaki and Haruhi.

"You can't." the mysterious voice picked up marching Hunny and held now wriggling Hunny.

"Help!" Hunny cried, stamping his foot in mid-air.

"Kyoya! You almost killed Haruhi!" Tamaki spotted Kyoya squeezing Hunny's neck as tight as he could. "Let Hunny go!"

"Fine." Kyoya let Hunny drop to the ground.

Hunny gasped for air, reaching hold of Mori tightly.

A dragon-like ghostly scar appeared on Kyoya's pale face.

"Give me my cursed book. Anybody who used this book suffers misfortune." Nekozawa held up a plastic vase and threw it at Kyoya.

Kyoya ran away from view of the Host Club and Nekozawa.

"Come with me, Host Club. I may find a safe place in the city." Nekozawa ordered.

He led the way out of Ouran Academy, with Tamaki holding Haruhi, desperately wishing that she would wake.

"Nekozawa, where are you leading us?" Tamaki asked him, tapping on his shoulder.

"I do not know, but it is up to you, Tamaki." he replied shakily.

Tamaki wondered what that meant.

Five Hours Later

"This is our stop." Nekozawa finally said to the staring five Host Club members.

The five members were completely exhausted, compared to Nekozawa, who didn't even break a sweat.

As soon as the Host Club members entered the building, which was a six-room and a kitchen apartment, they chose a room each.

"Finally. I'm tired." Hunny slumped down into a warm bed.

"Nah. I did not even sweat." Nekozawa went to the kitchen, putting in food supplies.

Tamaki laid Haruhi down on a cosy bunk bed, his hard hands smoothing her cold pale forehead.

He gently kissed her cold pale left cheek, then ran out of the room crying.

"Sad. Tama-chan must like Haru a lot!" Hunny observed happily.

"Good. We don't want Suoh anyway." the twins jumped on the bed, pumping their fists in the air.

Mori punched the twins in the face.

"Idiots." Mori went outside to relax.

Then a man appeared with a gun before Mori.

"Why are you, a lowly man, serving a child? I cannot stand the ugly sight of you. You're a dead man, a dead man." the man with the gun sighed.

"Don't kill me! I swear for mercy! Please!" Mori pleaded and stood shaking on his knees.

"That stupid act won't help your fate, Mori. Fate is like a living life, with lungs of death and a heart of the red-hot sun. No one has a perfect life." he pulled the trigger and shot Mori in the stomach.

Mori cradled his bleeding stomach as blood flowed like a river out of his body.

Everyone heard a blood-curdling scream from Mori as the man crept away into the shadows, for it was pitch-black night.

The Host Club heard the scream and woke, shaking like they had seen a ghost.

"Takashi! I'm coming!" cried Hunny, rushing quickly to the outside verandah where the blood-smeared body of Mori was laid on the ground.

"Save the Host Club and run. Run far, far, away…" he whispered hoarsely.

Mori's black blank eyes closed, with a silent silver tear on his white pale face.

"TAKASHI‼" Hunny burst into tears and glared angrily at the shining black sky, lit with white lights that were stars. "Whoever did this to dear Takashi will pay‼"

"Hunny, let's go. We need to catch Kyoya, since he almost killed Haruhi with Nekozawa's notebook. Right?" Tamaki held Hunny's hand and went inside, with the rest of the Host Club.

"Tamaki, do you really-" the twins asked Tamaki then was interrupted by Tamaki angrily.

"No time for jokes, you idiots." Tamaki kicked them in the butt then walked to his ice blue painted room where the fainted body of Haruhi was laying on his bunk bed, on the bottom black bunk.

"I swear I'll get you Kyoya. Just wait and see." Tamaki said to the ceiling of his new bedroom.

Chapter End

Tamaki: You better bring Haruhi back you traitor…OR ELSE

Me: You're a manga character what can you do to me GET BACK IN THE CHAPTER

?:HAHAHAHA….*someone screams and turns out to be Tamaki screaming like a girl*

Me: Thank God someone scared Tamaki

Hunny: Hello zorua-chan, how writer's block

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Hello! Tamaki was being annoying. It turns out that the Host Club just happens to live in my apartment, in the spare room.

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