Chapter 2

Hi! This chapter will be in Tamaki's point of view because something very painful happens to Haruhi and Tamaki must save her. Must I spoil it anymore?

Now begins the chapter that you are reading

Tamaki POV

I woke up to the smell of omelettes, pancakes and Haruhi's fainted body on the floor.

My roomates, Hikaru and Hunny were probably up to eat.

I got sleepily out of bed, put on a green shirt and jeans and stepped down the old creaking staircase.

Then I saw the rest of the Host Club(except Kyoya because we considered him to want to kill us) eating breakfast hungrily.

"There comes the hero of the Haruhi case!" Hunny announced to annoy me.

I think he wants to annoy me.

"Yeah." Kaoru and Hikaru whispered.


"Yes, we know the question. It's 'Where is Mori's corpse', isn't it?" the twins said sarcastically in unison, glaring intently at me.

I also heard Nekozawa muttering swear words about me.

Why is everyone out to get me?

Hunny went over to me and squeezed as tight as he could, squeezing my right hand as well.

He is probably now Dark Hunny, the bad Hunny.

"I want to talk to you in private,' he said, pulling me over to a dark place. "you love Haruhi, don't you?"

I couldn't take it anymore, hiding my forbidden love.

Darn anyone who likes Haruhi.

"Yes. What do you want?" I confessed.

"I want…her death."

WHAT‼‼ Hunny's gone mad! He likes Haruhi, as well as the rest of the Host Club!

"Why?" I asked.

"Some things are better untold. Now, I gave her body to a girl called Leaf. Leaf's going to give Haruhi a blood-transfer." Hunny confirmed.

"Why?" I asked.

I want to keep asking the same thing over and over again.

"The fainting from Kyoya's writing infected her blood, and her own blood is gonna kill her. I and you are going to save her."

I am now determined to revive her, only me.

"No. Only me is going to save her, not by a blood transfusion. A kiss." I said strongly to Hunny, picking him up and throwing him across the air, him landing on a comfy couch.

"That's just a myth." Hunny crossed his arms, a sad, desperate look.

"No it isn't. Hunny, you stay here. I'll rescue her."

And with that I ran across the room to the front door, knocking over vases and cups and plates.

By the time I opened the front white furnished door, I saw a green-haired girl in the distance.

"Stop! STOP!" I yelled to the girl, but she held an evil grinning face as she ran.

I saw Haruhi in her hands. That only managed to make me even madder, my blood boiling hot.


The girl ran and ran. She didn't want Suoh to catch up with her. The girl just happened to be Leaf Cross, a homeless girl whose parents was killed mysteriously.

She wanted a normal human life with a husband and children, for she was cursed to be a powerful horrible creature who had a seal.

And she wanted Haruhi to die, for she held the key to Tamaki Suoh's heart.

When she finally got to a building, she entered it and approached a man, smiling with nervousness, neverless.

"You got the body, Cross. Good." The man and Leaf went into a room where a metal seat with electric wires and magnetic ropes were there, a pulsating sound filling the room.

Suddenly Haruhi woke up from the trauma faint.

"Where am I?" she asked one of the man's minions.

"Hell, Fujioka. Hell is where you are gonna die." The minion answered blankly then slammed Haruhi into the hard metal seat.

Leaf cackled with glee as she put a red switch on.

Tamaki POV

When I got to the building, I saw lighting in the one of the glass rooms and I heard Haruhi scream and screech.

I was desperate and smashed through the windscreen, landing on my two feet.

They saw me and laughed. "Haha, look! Your Prince Charming had come for you. But sadly, she's dead."

I saw Haruhi laid on the floor, blood flowing.

I picked her up in my blood-smeared hands from the glassy crash, took a deep, deep breath and kissed her on the lips.

I was trained to do CPR and other medical things.

I felt her flaky soft lips and pulled back, hoping Haruhi would be alive.

She still didn't move and I watched in horror as the green-haired girl made her way towards me.

I stood up, kicked her, and cried at the ceiling. "HARUHI‼‼"

Suddenly I saw Kyoya for the first time. "Let Suoh go, Leaf! You never was a match, anyway. And you and Jeki didn't pay me!" he said, then pushed the man, entranced the hosts out of their hiding place (because they wanted to watch me kiss Haruhi) and stormed towards Leaf.

"Don't allure my friend, don't command me to kill Haruhi, and don't ever, ever, ever try to come back to Japan! Go back to where you came from, Creature of the Darkness and serpent of evil!"

Man, Kyoya can be a drama queen when he feels like it!

He came over to me and whispered in my ear, "Play along, Tamaki. I have a plan to get out of here."

"Please, Otori, I beg for mercy! Please!" I lied.

"No. You shall come with me. Zeki and Leaf, stay here!"

Kyoya grabbed Haruhi and ran with me to the grey exit.

"Come on, Tamaki! Haruhi's going to die in a few seconds!" he screeched at me.

Suddenly I stopped.

Her eyes were opening.

Me and Haruhi were staring at each other weirdly.

"What's happening!" she shouted at me blankly.

"You were about to die, you poor girl!" I replied loudly as I ran with Kyoya.

"I saved you. Don't you get it, I love you!" I said to her.


When me, Kyoya, and Haruhi got to the cabin Nekozawa was letting the Host Club stay in, I ran to my room and closed the door.

Then I picked Haruhi up and hugged her tightly.

"Haruhi, I love you. That's all I care about." I sternly but gently stared at her.

"I love you too, Tamaki."

Story End

I do a chapter when I feel like it! For example, I was feeling a little violent of today, so yeah. I like Tamaki/Haruhi fanfics anyway. This is a sci-fi/ romance story.