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Chapter One: Mama and Papa

Misaki Ayuzawa walked to school alongside her two other friends Sakura and Shizuko.

The proud student council president wore her usual uniform which was a skirt and a green overcoat along with a red bow. Even though she came from a poor background, she was always sure to hold herself with confidence. To her, a person's worth was not based on their material wealth, but on their willingness and ability to work hard.

Sakura and Shizuko were chatting excitedly about this interesting event coming up at school while the student council president had other things on her mind.

Has all of the paperwork been filed yet for the upcoming school play? The events committee chair, Hiro, better have it all sorted out or else he is getting a mouthful today.


"Huh?" Misaki snapped out of her train of thought when she heard Sakura call her name.

"You always look like your head is in the clouds."

"That's because our Misaki is Seika's beloved and hardworking student council president." The bespectacled girl said with confidence. "She probably has better things on her mind than what we are talking about."

It was true that Misaki was a very hardworking president who strived to make life at Seika better for the school's 20% female population. To the females of the school, she was their revered idol. However most of the remaining 80% male population saw Misaki as the monstrous president. Every time a male student created disorder in the school, they were 100% guaranteed to face the wrath of the demonic female president. It was rather obvious that she hated males.

There are so many pig headed males at Seika… I have to make sure they don't ruin the peace of the school and cause more trouble to the girls.

She mentally grumbled.

While Misaki was thinking about some of the annoying mishaps last week caused by the school's male population, a certain boy's image appeared in her mind. This certain boy seemed to enjoy annoying Misaki in both her school and work life.

The president realized that she was spending more time than she liked thinking about this person. She tried to snap out of it by shaking her head furiously.

"I'm sort of excited for our upcoming parenthood class this afternoon!" Sakura beams. "I've always wanted to know what it's like to raise a child."

"I don't know how you find the concept of tending to a constantly crying and hungry baby exciting?" Shizuko utters. "To be honest I feel that the money used for the parenthood class should have been used somewhere else."

"Are you alright Misaki?" Sakura looks at Misaki worried.

"Y-yeah I am… I just needed to er – wake myself up." The president nervously smiles.

Misaki silently agreed with what Shizuko said but it was a certain philanthropic person's decision to donate electronic babies to Seika High School. The intent behind this generous donation was so that a parenthood class could be an offered elective course. Just recently the school board approved of the new class and allowed students to sign up for it. It was of course mostly girls who signed up since like Sakura, some were excited about motherhood. There were some boys who signed up thinking that it was going to be an easy "A" course and that it was an opportunity to be with a bunch of girls.

Sakura forced Misaki and Shizuko to sign up just last week and today was going to be the first day of the parenthood class. The reason Misaki took the class because she thought it was a good chance to get to know what it was like to raise a child. In the future, she would like to get married and start a family.

I'm a bit too young to be thinking about settling down…


It was now the last class of the day and the most anticipated one. The classroom was filled with girls chattering excitedly and boys checking out which girls were cute.

Misaki and her two friends sat in the back, waiting for the class to begin.

The student council president sighed, still thinking about her presidential duties.

Suddenly she feels this hand go on her head and ruffle her hair.

"What the-?!" She exclaims.

"I did not expect to see you here Ayuzawa." A male voice purrs into her ears.

Misaki's insides immediately jumped and her heart jolted. She knew exactly who this person was.

"Usui… why the hell are you here at all?" Misaki fumes as she turns her head so that she was looking straight at Usui's grinning face. "Are you being an even weirder perverted stalker?!"

"It's not called stalking if we happen to be coincidentally in the same room~" Takumi grins wider.

Takumi Usui, Seika High School's very popular male figure. He is well known for his good grades and extreme athleticism but it is his good looks that make him very noticeable. His blonde hair, beautiful face and dashing smile were his winning points. His popularity extended out to both genders, especially with the girls. A majority of girls agree that one of the positive aspects of Seika is the presence of Takumi. A few times a week he would receive love confessions but he would reject every confession. This made every student wonder – what type of girl was Takumi Usui into?

Seeing Takumi's amused expression ticked Misaki off. She could feel the steam literally coming out of her head.

"To answer your question, I decided to take the parenthood class because I had a lot of free time on my hands. Seeing you here makes me barely contain my excitement." The blonde boy flashes his winning smile.

Misaki could feel her heart jolt up even more. Her face was turning a faint shade of pink without her being aware of it. The president tried to say something back but was speechless.

"I'll see you around hopefully." Takumi ruffles Misaki's hair once more before leaving her side.

"What a perverted weirdo…" She mutters lowly.

"You and Usui-san seem quite close." Shizuko has an amused grin.

"No-no way are we close at all! He just likes to bother me!" Misaki waves her hands in front of her face.

"He just wants to get to be around you, like a loyal dog." Sakura beams.

Sometimes he acts like an adorable dog. Wait… why am I thinking such a thing?!

When the bell rang, a tall, slender female figure walked into the room pushing what appeared to be a large crate with wheels. Her breathtaking presence made everybody hush in silence. Most of the males' eyes were glued to the woman.

"Hello everybody, I am going to be your parenthood teacher Ms. Taka." The tall woman's voice was strong and clear. She held herself in confidence and looked very serious. Ms. Taka was wearing a black skirt, blazer and red glasses. Her skin was a flawless white color and her brown hair was tied up in a bun.

Ms. Taka must be a new teacher. Misaki mentally notes.

"By the end of this month, you all will know what it is like to raise a child. TV shows make it look like such a simple task that hardly requires care, but that is far from reality. I hope that when this class is over, you all will understand how much hardship and sacrifices your parents made to raise each and every one of you. Be glad that none of you are getting twins, since that is just double the stress."

Most of the students in the room were looking very nervous at this point. The fervor earlier quickly disappeared like an extinguished candle.

"Each of you will be partnered up with another individual. Seeing as how there are is an uneven ratio of boys to girls, some partnerships will be of the same gender. No matter, you and your partner are expected to work together to be the parents of your electronic baby for the month."

Ms. Taka opens up the large crate and reveals an electronic baby. It looked like a very realistic baby overall.

"Each and every one of these babies is programmed to be as real as possible. It will cry when it is hungry, wants to be held or is disturbed. The baby automatically records a log of how long it cries. Your goal is to make sure that the baby is immediately attended to it when it cries because it will cry for a very long time. Here's a demonstration."

The teacher takes out a remote which turns on the electronic baby that was in her hands. The baby makes cooing noises which makes most of the girls say "awwww"

However a second later, Ms. Taka hits the baby in the back of the head (some gasps were heard), making the baby start wailing out loud. The baby's cry was also very realistic and not a pleasant sound at all.

"If any of you try to use violence against the baby to make it to be quiet, it will only make the baby get louder. Got it?" Ms. Taka gives everybody a serious stare, especially towards the boys in the room.

The teacher proceeds to gently rock the baby in her arms, which makes the baby quiet down.

"Rearing children is no easy task, which is why I assigned partnerships. There will be unfortunately some situations in which one parent slacks off from their child duties. This class is also meant to teach you how hard child rearing can be on a marriage."

Some concerned chatter could be heard from the students.

"I will now call out the partnerships. You will stick with your partner throughout this entire parenting process and I will only allow switching partners in emergency situations." Ms. Taka uses a remote to turn off the electronic baby in her hands. The baby is returned back into the crate. She takes out a clip board and begins calling out the pairs.

When a pair was called, each person would get up to the front of the classroom and be handed a baby. The pair would then sit together while attending to their baby.

While other students were being called up, Misaki's mind drifted away. She was starting to feel fatigued and burnt out. It was no surprise because she only had one hour of sleep last night.

The president returned from Maid Latte the night before later than usual and was supposed to finish up a very important research paper. She was able to muster all of her strength to stay up and finish up the paper, but at the cost of her precious sleep.

"Misaki Ayuzawa…"

Misaki's ears immediately picked up her name being called.

"And Takumi Usui."

Her jaw dropped and she could feel her world turning upside down


Her entire mind was on red alert.

Many students were whispering to each other animatedly.

"Thank goodness I didn't get paired up with the demon president."

"Misaki-san is so lucky to be with Usui! I wanted to be paired up with him."

"Those two might actually be a cute couple."

"I feel sorry for the baby if it's a boy… the demonic president has no mercy towards boys."

Did she hear her name called out correctly? Was this all just a nightmare that she could just wake up?

"Misaki!" Sakura calls out. "Go up there!"

Misaki slowly forces herself to get up to the front of the classroom.

Takumi Usui was already up there and stares at Misaki while smirking.

"Looks like we're going to be parents." The blonde boy has on a very pleased expression.

Of all the people I had to be partnered up with

Misaki wanted to very badly ask Ms. Taka for another partner but Ms. Taka said she would only give changes to emergency situations. However Misaki considered this situation to be an emergency. While she was feeling very grumpy, she mustered all of her willpower to regain her usual calm composure. She restrained herself from gritting her teeth in frustration.

Ms. Taka goes into the crate and holds out the electronic baby.

"Your baby is a girl named Clara. Take good care of her since she is going to be your child for the next month."

"Ayuzawa and I promise to be good parents to our little girl, right Ayuzawa?"

"Uh yeah of course!" Misaki immediately grabs a hold of Clara.

Clara, the electronic baby, was activated by a press of a remote. The baby immediately came to "life" and began making some gurgling noises. Misaki couldn't help but let out an "aw" when she held the baby in her arms. Even though it wasn't a real baby, she began to feel an attachment to it. Perhaps it was her natural female instinct kicking in.

She was walking back to her sitting spot along with Takumi.

The students would be graded by a few different aspects. One factor was how long the baby cries. Each baby was able to record how long it would cry, so the longer it cried, the more the student's grade was at risk. The main aspect was the daily journal each student was supposed to keep along with photographed images. Every day each partnership was supposed to photograph pictures of their baby and keep an elaborate journal on everything that happened to the baby.

Once the class session was over, everybody left the classroom and began discussing ways on how to take care of a child. Some people were busy during certain hours, so everybody had to organize and allocate specific times when a person "parent" would take care of the child.

"I can't believe we get to experience raising a child together. To think that our relationship progressed that quickly." Takumi was about to put his arm around Misaki's shoulders, but she immediately separated from him.

"We don't even have any sort of relationship going on!" The president roars.

"For our child to grow up well, she should be aware of how much her mama and papa love each other."

"Who the hell could love a space alien like you?!" Misaki spat out.

"What are you talking about? I'm very lovable."

"Why are you following me around? I have to head to the student council room to finish up some paperwork."

"I can't let mama worry about Clara while hard at work. How about if I stay with you to help take care of Clara?"

"I don't want you constantly following me around! I can take care of our child just fine."

"Oh~ You just said our, which means you do acknowledge that the both of us worked hard to have this child."

Misaki blushed furiously at what Takumi just implied. She immediately shook her head and returns to shouting at him.

"Anyways, just leave me alone!"

"Or how about if I just take care of Clara by myself until you're done with your work?"

Misaki definitely could not let Takumi be with Clara by himself. Who knows what kinds of trouble he would get into?

"Ms. Taka said that we have to learn how to be responsible parents. I should start by helping mama take care of our baby."


"Do you prefer it if I call you dear? Or even sweetie or honey?"


Suddenly the baby started crying. Misaki was freaking out. Her anger at Takumi melted away.

"Oh no I was too loud and woke Clara up! What do I do?!" The president was frantically trying to figure out what to do next. She never had any experience in child care which meant she was clueless on how to deal with a crying baby.

Takumi immediately takes Clara from Misaki's arms.

"Papa's got you Clara. Mama is just having a bad day."

He puts the baby in his arms and gently rocks it.

"Twinkle twinkle little stars. How I wonder what you are. Up above the sky so high, mama and papa will always treasure you like a diamond in the sky."

Takumi's rendition of twinkle little stars calmed Clara down and made the baby coo happily. He continued to sing nursery songs to Clara for another few minutes until she fell asleep.

"Be sure to keep your voice down mama. You'll wake up Clara again." His eyes were glued to the sleeping electronic baby.

Even though Takumi generally annoyed Misaki, he had his moments when he was very charming. The way he calmed down Clara made him look like a real father. A smile escapes from Misaki's lips.

"Have you calmed down yet Ayuzawa?"

"Y-yeah… I'll leave you to take care of Clara."

Takumi and Misaki went into the student council room and saw the rest of the members were already inside. Misaki was the only student council figure with an electronic baby, making her baby become the object of attention.

"Your baby looks so cute." Shouichirou Yukimura, the student council vice president, says while making funny faces to the baby.

Misaki wasn't sure if the baby could perceive Shouichirou's silly faces so she was just standing there smiling awkwardly.

"Clara certainly has her mama's cuteness." Takumi says half sniggering.

Misaki did the best to ignore what Takumi was saying. She got herself into her student council president mode and was continuously talking to the other members about a variety of topics.

When the student council work was done, it was now late afternoon and all of the other members had already left. It was now just Misaki and Takumi alone in the room along with Clara.

"I'm beat…" Misaki sighs while laying her head on a desk. She wasn't sure how much longer her energy would last. One thing she really yearned for was sleep.

"Don't you have to go the maid latte today?" Takumi reminds the president.

Misaki's body shot up as if she was struck by a bolt of lightning.


"Work huh… how am I going to explain to everybody about our situation?" Misaki looks at Clara while nervous sweat drops came down her face.

Misaki's day was far from over.

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