Chapter 8.6: A Certain Maid's Dream Part II/ Chapter 9: Back to Reality

It took Misaki a while to get used to the atmosphere of Seika. First of all, it was definitely not an ordinary high school because of how this particular school taught magic. There were of course other regular subjects included in the curriculum such as history; however it was about the history of magic.

Right now Misaki was walking alongside the most popular boy in Seika. Usui Takumi attracted a lot of attention immediately because of his dashing good looks. Many girls swooned and giggled as soon as they spotted the blonde boy. Takumi even had some female followers who tried to do whatever they could to talk to him. However Takumi did not show the slightest interest in any of the other girls, he only had his attention towards his valet Ayuzawa Misaki.

Meanwhile the two of them were in their potions class but did not sit together. Takumi sat at the table right behind Misaki. The potions class had lots of different vials and chemicals in the room and at the sides were chalk boards with lots of different chemical formulas.

The professor was at the front of the class demonstrating to the students how to properly brew a certain potion. Many of the students were dozing off because of how monotone the professor spoke, Misaki was no exception.

Normally Misaki would do her best to stay up but there were so many different things to keep up with at Seika.

Misaki's eyes were drifting and it was becoming a lot harder to listen to what the professor was saying. Just as she was about to give up and fall asleep she felt a small object hit the back of her head.

"Ow!" She muttered angrily.

She turned around and saw that a small crumpled paper was what hit her. The obvious culprit was the grinning blonde boy.

Misaki immediately sent him a glare that screamed out 'What the heck are you doing?!'

Takumi sniggered silently and pointed to the board. He was telling her to pay attention.

She rolled her eyes and faced towards the board. The things written on there were definitely confusing since the professor was now talking about weird objects used in potions such as bugs, eye of newt, rabbit feet etc. She definitely had to get used to the wizarding world quickly or else suffer poor grades.

However with her job as a valet, she could not choose whatever she wanted to do with her spare time. Takumi seemed to like forcing her be around his presence.

When class was over, Misaki yawned and stretched her arms. The day wasn't even over yet and she was still tired.

"Do you need me to help you out in potion class? I understand everything quite clearly."

A familiar voice purred in her ears.

Misaki nearly jumped as soon as she heard his voice being spoken so close to her ear.

"Why would I need help from somebody like you, I know potions well enough."

"Oh really?" Takumi raised his eyes in interest. "Do you know the properties of the Helius potion and how to counteract its effects?"

Misaki blinked confused. It was like he spoke Greek to her.


"It's the job of the mentor to also help out the valet. We can meet in the library right after classes are over. Shall we eat lunch together?" Takumi flashed his usual smile.

Misaki couldn't help but feel flustered when she saw that smile but then looked at him annoyed.

"No thanks, just because I'm your valet doesn't mean I have to go everywhere with you."

"Alright then, once classes are over we'll find each other at the library."

The blonde boy left her side and was once again spotted by a group of girls. The girls giggled as they saw Takumi and followed him. It was definitely strange as to why Takumi never seemed to be interested in the advances from other girls.


Misaki's classes were done and she felt extremely relieved. Her last class required her to learn how to turn matchboxes into needles. The professor made it so easy, but it was actually hard concentrating on how to perform the magic properly as well as enunciate clearly. One poor student nearly made the matchboxes go on fire but the professor was able to douse it with water.

The young girl was able to make it to an empty table and took out her potions book. So far potions was the most difficult class. Most of the other ones required memorization and reading, but potions was an entirely different challenge. She headed straight off the library and found an empty table to sit at.

Five minutes had passed since classes were done and Misaki was already feeling bored being by herself. One thing she really wanted to do was take a nap, so she decided to just lay her head on the table.

As soon as her eyes were closed, she couldn't help but think about many things. One thing she still needed to do is writing back to her family. Her sister and mother were probably worried and wondering how she was doing. She could not let herself fall behind and make them become really worried about her. Misaki was the one who had to support the family ever since their worthless father left them. The men in her life just seemed so untrusting…

"If you don't wake up right now, I might be tempted to carry you to my bed~"

An alluring voice said.

Misaki immediately shot her head up. Her eyes were wide awake and she looked at the person who was sitting right next to her.

"Do you always have to say such perverted things?"

"I was only implying that the library is an uncomfortable place to sleep at. My bed would be far more comforting." Takumi grinned amused.

"No thanks, I'd prefer to sleep out in the woods."

"Anyways, we're here to talk about potions class." Takumi pulled out his textbook as well as the notes he wrote during the lecture.

Misaki stared at his notes and looked surprised.

Takumi had written copious notes that were very detailed and clear to understand. Was he smarter than he looked?

"Let's start from the beginning since you need a strong foundation before I get to the other things." The blonde boy was no longer joking around; he was now in his serious mode.

"Y-yeah sure…" Misaki uttered. She was surprised at his sudden change in attitude.

This was the first time that a boy managed to impress her this much. Not only was he able to comprehend the difficult subject, he was able to explain it to her. Even though Misaki kept asking a lot of questions and being confused at certain parts, he was very patient with her.

After an hour the blonde boy was done with his tutoring and closed up his textbook and put away his notes.

"Good job Ayuzawa, you proved that you're smarter than you look."

"What did you say?" Misaki stared at him angrily.

What does he mean I'm smarter than I look?!

"Also, it's time for you to clean up my room."

"…Hah?" She stared at him confused.

"Valets are supposed to look after the mentor, and cleaning is one of the many tasks that are needed to be done."

"Isn't it against school rules for a girl to go into a guy's room?!" She exclaimed.

"As long as nothing scandalous happens, I'm sure it's alright~" Takumi smirked.

Misaki did not like the smirking expression on his face; he looked like he was up to no good.


At Seika, the boys and girls were arranged in dormitories that were close to the school. These dormitories were built with stone and look a lot like the old castles. Boys and girls were not allowed to stay in same room but they could be on the same floor.

Misaki and Takumi lived in the same place, but on different floors. Takumi opened the door for Misaki and let her in. Surprisingly the room wasn't as bad as she thought it would be.

Whenever she imagined going into a boy's room, she thought that there would be clothes everywhere, books thrown all over the place, and the bed undone. However Takumi's room was rather clean.

The blonde boy sat down on his bed while Misaki was left standing near the doorway.

"Why do you need me here for if your room isn't even dirty at all?"

"I want every single part of my room to be immaculate. So you better start scrubbing all of the walls, wiping up every surface."

"What are you, a germaphobe?!" Misaki stared at him with disbelief.

"Just kidding." Takumi smirked. "The reason why I called you here is because I wanted some time alone with you."

Those words made Misaki's body freeze up.

He wants to be alone with me?! What in the world is that supposed to mean?

She gave him a blank stare. "E-excuse me…?"

"If I asked you if you had a boyfriend, that'd probably be considered harassment…"

"Uh what…?" Misaki had no idea what he was saying.

"Ah never mind." Takumi dismissed his comment. "I understand that you have taken on the valet position since you do not have enough money to attend Seika."

"What about it?" Misaki eyed him strangely. She did not entirely like being poked and prodded by other people.

"If you ever feel that valet work gets in the way of your studies, please let me know. I will do my best to make sure that your valet work is not overwhelming your life. Your studies are your biggest priority."

Misaki was completely stunned at what he was telling her. Why was he worried about her wellbeing at all? It seemed like mentors should not even have to be concerned with the valet's personal life.

"Uh yeah, er… thanks a lot. Right now I have been managing school and my valet duties just fine."

"Haha that's good to hear. Ever since my parents passed away I've been a bit lonely, so I always appreciate good company."

"Y-your parents passed away?" Misaki said with a shocked expression. The way Takumi said it so casually was what surprised her the most.

Takumi nodded. "Yup, it was when I was only 10 years old. They didn't leave me with nothing; I received an inheritance which is how I've been able to afford to attend Seika. As soon as my extended family found out that I was to receive a large inheritance, they started treating me a lot nicer. Before my parents died, they didn't even care about my existence, but a huge sum of money can certainly change how a person is treated. Of course I quickly realized their ulterior motives and shunned them from my life."

Misaki's attention was completely focused on what Takumi was saying. He was pretty much pouring his heart out to her, which made her feel like she was a trusted individual to him.

"When people found out that I am an orphan, they looked at me with pity and sympathy. I eventually got used to those kinds of looks. Loneliness became my friend, maybe all of this time I've been looking for a way out of this loneliness."

Misaki wanted to open her mouth to say something but she couldn't. She was not used to having people talk to her about personal topics.

"For these past few months, I just wanted to express my gratitude to you Ayuzawa. Thank you for being my loyal valet. Thank you for bringing me out from my loneliness."

"I-I'm grateful for you as well." Misaki smiled. "You've been always making sure that I am on top of my homework and even tutored me. Thank you for being such a good mentor."

For the next half hour, the two of them began talking about their personal lives. Misaki even mentioned about how her father abandoned her family, leaving her with a lot of responsibility. She even admitted that she detested all kinds of men thanks to what her father did. However, she did not mention was how Takumi was the first male she ever felt close to. That was something embarrassing she did not ever want to admit.


At Seika, students liked to spend their free time at the courtyard which had a large open space, green grass and trees and plenty of sitting space. It was definitely a popular place for students to socialize, get some fresh air, and even play a few sports.

However some of the sports the wizarding world had were supposedly dangerous to play in a public place. With no supervising teachers around, the students were free to do whatever they liked.

Misaki Ayuzawa was meanwhile sitting down on a stone bench with her notes out. She was attempting to study during every spare second she had. Thankfully she was getting the hang of certain subjects like history of magic and wizarding laws. The subjects that required the usages of magic were the most challenging. When it came to magic, pronunciation and wand waving were the most important aspects. A wizard that messes up either of those two things would be faced with strange results.

Misaki was meanwhile muttering to herself some of the spells that she had a difficult time with. Most of the students at Seika were already taught the basics of magic from their parents. Misaki felt that she was always a few steps behind the other students, which is why she worked hard to catch up.

A certain blonde boy was walking through the courtyard and saw Misaki studying by herself.

This boy grinned and began making his way towards her direction.

At a close proximity to Misaki were some boys who were playing a game that required them to kick around some flying stones. It was a lot like soccer except for the stones were magical, hence why they could fly. These stones were smaller than soccer balls but were capable of hurting a person.

One of the boys was ready to intercept an incoming flying stone. He smiled with confidence as he readied his stance and leapt up, sending a powerful kick forward. The kick was able to successfully send the stone across to one of his friends. However that particular friend was not ready and instead of kicking the stone back, he gave a loud yelp and dodged.

"That was close! You could have sent me to the hospital wing!"

"Ah sorry about that man." The kicker rubbed the back of his head nervously.

His eyes suddenly went wide as soon as he saw where the stone was going towards next. It was about to hit a particular girl who was sitting at a stone bench.

"WATCH OUT!" The boy yelled at the top of his lungs. He knew that the girl would not be able to react in dodge the incoming stone.

Misaki heard the boy's shout and peeled her eyes away from her notes. The only thing she could do was put up her right arm, as a way to shield her entire body.

The young girl closed her eyes and waited for the painful impact. However nothing happened.

She opened her eyes again and saw that there was a figure in front of her. This particular figure looked like he was able to jump in the way and prevent her from being hit by the stone.

A second later this individual dropped to the ground. Misaki immediately recognized who it was and felt her heart jump up like crazy.


She knelt down towards him and saw his eyes were sort of open. His arms looked like they were heavily bruised and his face has some scratches.

That particular stone was kicked very hard, which is why it had such an impact on Takumi. The blonde boy was still breathing but his body collapsed because of the sudden injuries.

"Glad to see you're okay Ayuzawa. It would be bad if something happened to my valet." His voice said in a barely audible tone.

"What are you talking about you idiot?!"

Many onlookers gathered around Misaki and Takumi. A few girls gasped in surprise seeing their handsome idol injured.

"Let's get him to the hospital wing!" One of the onlookers suggested.

A few boys picked up Takumi and took him straight to where the school nurse would be at.

The nurse immediately instructed the boys to place Takumi down on a hospital bed. She shooed away everybody else and got to using magic to mend Takumi's injuries.

Apparently not only were his arms badly bruised, his head also got a bit of the impact as well.

Takumi's injuries were successfully healed through magic but the nurse still wanted him to stay at the hospital wing for one night. She wanted to make sure that there were no side effects from the healing magic or lingering feelings of pain.

During the entire ordeal, Misaki patiently waited outside the hospital room. If it wasn't for Takumi, she would have been the injured one. Why was it that Takumi was willing to go so far for her safety?

The nurse then walked outside of the room and her eyes met Misaki's.

"May I please visit Usui?" Misaki immediately asked.

"What is your relation to him? He does not want to be bothered by many visitors." The nurse eyed Misaki curiously.

"I'm his valet."

"Ah, he will go see you then."

"Thank you." She bowed her head politely.

Misaki entered in, took a nearby chair and sat by Takumi's bed.

The hospital wing had many beds and there were curtains. Right now the curtains were up on both sides of Takumi, leaving Misaki and Takumi with a sense of privacy.

Takumi looked like he was sleeping peacefully. Misaki couldn't help but stare at the sleeping boy. She found herself staring at him longer than she liked, being entranced by his face.

The young girl then placed her hand on his hair and gently stroked it.

"Why is it that I like you better when you're asleep than when you're awake…" She muttered lowly.

"So you admit that you like me?" The blonde boy's eyes opened up.

Misaki nearly yelped out loud. She instantly pulled her hand back and looked away from him.

"I-I didn't say anything!" She exclaimed flustered.

"Oh? I guess my ears were deceiving me then~" The blonde boy got his upper body up, now facing Misaki at her eye level.

Takumi looked deeply into her eyes. "So you came to visit me huh, that shows you at least care."

"Of course I should care about you. You're the one that got injured instead of me! Why is it that you saved me?! The mentor shouldn't have to look after the valet."

"Let's not bring ranking positions into this conversation shall we."

"…" Misaki was left speechless and she attempted to say a retort back.

"I think what I need the most is the kiss from a wonderful maiden."

Without further delay, Takumi's face immediately came close to Misaki. Their lips touched briefly but it left a powerful impact.

A few seconds later, their kiss was over and the two of them had clearly blushing faces. Misaki's face was redder though.

"W-what the hell did you just do?!"

"I think I'm feeling much better now." Takumi widely grinned. "A kiss certainly has quite the magical effect~"

Misaki had so many other things she wanted to say to him, but nothing else came out from her mouth.

"So… let's talk about our wedding plans. Once we leave Seika, we will be full fledged adults and have the rights to be married."


Misaki's voice roared out. It was as if the entire school could hear her thunderous response.


Meanwhile back to reality…

The maid wanted to forget about her dream but couldn't get it out of her head.

She then looked at Takumi curiously and asked, "What did you get?"

"I won a few tickets to the amusement park. Looks like we can have ourselves another date~"

"Let's get this clear, we are NOT DATING!"

"Oya? The idea behind dating is that the boy is attempting to court the girl."

Suddenly Misaki thought about how Takumi kissed her in her dream. This particular thought made her slightly blush and want to scream out loud.

"What's wrong?" He looked at her concerned.


"I have to pick up the amusement park tickets from the restaurant we went to. So how about all 3 of us go to have more fun next weekend?"

"Would an electronic baby even count as an actual visitor in the park…?"


The week flew by before Misaki knew it. Takumi took care of Clara during the nighttime while Misaki was in charge of Clara during the school day. However during student council business, Takumi was usually right by Misaki's side, just in case Clara would cry or want attention.

The student council members were all used to Takumi's presence, but they sometimes were distracted by the presence of the electronic baby.

"Aw little Clara is so adorable!" Yukimura squealed out, which made him sound even more feminine.

"You act more like a girl everyday…" Some of the other student council members muttered while shaking their heads.

"She certainly gets her good lucks from her papa." The blonde boy said with pride.

Meanwhile Misaki was attempting to keep herself with the stacks of paperwork in front of her. The student council president was always had at work.

"Instead of paying attention to that perverted alien and our child, how about the rest of you get to work!" The president barked out at her fellow student council members.

All of them received chills down their spine as soon as they felt the demonic aura coming from Misaki. Their president never tolerated laziness.

They all immediately got back to their respective tasks, leaving Takumi and Clara alone.

"You're certainly on the edge more than usual president~" Takumi looked over at Misaki's direction. Right now he was holding Clara in his arms.

"With you always around, why would I not be annoyed?"

"Haha, but Clara needs her papa around. Happy parents are needed to raise a happy child. We only have her for a few more weeks…"

Oh that's right, this parenthood class is going to end eventually. It'll be over before I know it, and I won't have to pretend to be part of a family with that perverted alien

"Let's make the most of our time left, shall we?" Misaki pulled up a smile.

"I agree, how about if mama shows more affection towards papa? I'm sure Clara would like something like that." Takumi smirked deviously.

"Don't use Clara as an excuse to be a pervert!" Misaki barked at him.

"Me a pervert? I'm just trying to show a little affection here."

"Do I look like I want some affection from an alien like you!"

"You're such a heart breaker Ayuzawa~"

While Misaki and Takumi were bickering, the rest of the student council members were silently observing them.

Kanou, the glasses wearing boy and Yukimura the vice president were conversing with each other as well.

"Whenever Usui-san is around, the president just seems to get more irritated and distracted than usual." Yukimura sighed.

"That's the power of love." Kanou muttered.

"What did you say Kanou-kun?"

"Er nothing. I was just coughing a bit."

When Yukimura looked away, Kanou shook his head said lowly. "Ah geez, the president is so brilliant yet she is so dense at the same."

"So we're going to meet each other at Akatsu Amusement Park at 10 am tomorrow." Takumi told Misaki.

"Yeah sure…though let's not spend too much time there since I still have to study for the upcoming exams next week."

"Don't forget about what we agreed on~" Takumi came close to Misaki and purred.

"How can I forget…?" Misaki sighed.

The two of them agreed that the one who gets the lower score will have to obey the winner. Most likely Takumi would make Misaki do something weird that she would obviously object to. Misaki hadn't actually given any thought to what she would make Takumi do if she won their bet.


Misaki was able to take the bus and make her way to Akatsu amusement park. This amusement park was known for being family friendly and even had a few roller coasters for the thrill seekers.

She was waiting outside the park entrance and right now it was 9:50, meaning that she would have some time to kill before Takumi was supposed to arrive. Last night he was in charge of Clara, meaning that he should be showing up with the baby with him.

At first Misaki was worried that Takumi would not do a good job handling Clara on his own, but her worries were put to rest once she saw how good he was around children.

"Mama certainly had dressed up today."

She heard a familiar voice close by. Misaki turned her head where the voice was coming from and could clearly see Takumi along with Clara in her stroller.

"I-it's not like I dressed up for you today!" Misaki gave him an annoyed look.

Instead of her usual Seika uniform, Misaki was wearing an outfit that made her look cuter. The type of skirt and jacket she was wearing made her look girlier than usual.

"Did you remember to bring the tickets?" She said, attempting to change the subject.

"Of course I have them on me." Takumi dug into his pockets and pulled out a few tickets. "I also brought this too." He also took out a digital camera. "Now we can put all of our favorite memories in a photo album."

"Gah…" Misaki felt like she could have fallen backwards. Takumi had taken a few embarrassing photos of her that she never would never want anybody else to see.

"Remember that Ms. Taka has assigned us to create a photo album with Clara. How about we take a photo in front of Akatsu Park?"

"Uh sure…" Misaki sighed defeated.

The president picked up Clara which made the baby coo delightfully. Had the machine actually recognized Misaki as its mother?

Misaki, holding onto Clara, then stood in front of the sign of the amusement park. Takumi wrapped his arm around Misaki and had the camera held up, his finger on the button.

"W-what are you doing?" Misaki blushed when she realized how close Takumi was to her.

"Might as well make ourselves look like we're a happy family." The blonde boy's arm made Misaki pull even closer to him to the point that they were touching shoulders.

This is so embarrassing!

"Alright, 3, 2, 1!"


Takumi took the photo and a bright light flashed.

"Let's take a look at our beautiful family photo."

Takumi pressed a few buttons on the camera and took a glance at the photo just taken.

"President, you look too stiff."

Misaki took a look at the photo and saw how oddly she looked. Her face was red and her body language was definitely tense.

"It's not my fault! With your arm around me, it made me feel nervous!"

"Oh?~ I make you feel nervous?" Takumi's eyes gazed at her direction. His eyes gave off their usual charming effect.

"N-nevermind! Let's just get into the park already before it gets crowded." Misaki walked off, her face was even redder than before.

The amusement park employee that checked their tickets stared at Misaki and Takumi strangely. It was normal to have high school couples go the amusement park, but not ones who had babies on them.

Misaki explained how this was an electronic baby they had on them for their school assignment, as to clear the employee's confusion. The employee accepted their tickets and let them into the park. Right now Akatsu was not that crowded, considering that the park had just opened less than an hour ago.

"What should we do first?"

"How about going on the roller coaster? So that we'll have to sit close to each other and our hearts will go doki doki~" The blonde boy said ever so charmingly.

"Why the hell would I let you indulge in your perverted fantasies?!" The president roared at him.

"Don't tell me that you're afraid of heights?"

"I'm not afraid of anything!"

The day had just begun and the two of them were already bickering. It certainly was going to be a long and interesting day.

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