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"Dark… All I see is… dark."

Everyone loves and understands the three goddesses. Everyone wishes they had the power of Din, who shaped the earth; emulates Farore, who gave life to the earth; and admires Nayru, who gave law to the land. Everyone praises them, and their golden kingdom: Hyrule. Everyone wants the Triforce, so that their most desired wish would come true.

But what of the lesser gods? What of Hylia, she who gave the world light and her blessing, saving the people from destruction, and now rests inside the maiden named Zelda. What of Demise, who chases after Hylia like an animal in heat, rushing to find and grasp what is not rightfully his? Do people not know of him? Does he chase after daydreams because people do not praise him?

There are gods unheard of. They waste away with time, silently walking the path laid before them, so unforgotten and mistreated. Someone must save them, someone must bring them back to reality, or else our world will fall apart. I am on a mission, to save these poor immortal souls, and bring them back to their former glory.

And who am I? No, I am not the goddesses chosen hero, he who holds courage and the Master Sword. No, I am not the Spirit Maiden, who watches while the hero fights for her, not fighting her own battles, and wielding only wisdom. I am not anyone from Hyrule. I am Skylark of Lydoh, a land from across the sea.

Skylark stepped off of the boat, the rickety board that served as a bridge down to the bustling port. It stank of fish, fish, and more fish, plus the scent of drunken sailors and sweaty laborers. Not to mention the look of the people and objects here made a man want to vomit. If you dared to touch something, you'd be afraid you'd get your hands dirty, the place sounded like an orchestra gone horribly wrong, and, quite frankly, you wouldn't dare put any one of these foods in your mouth. This harbor was offensive to all five senses, which made Skylark want out of such a place as soon as possible.

He picked up his leather suitcase, filled with the important items inside, and ran as quickly as possible to the city that lay before him. It was big, too big for him, and shops with wonderful shades of blue and red on their carts littered the streets. Skylark soon learned he had stepped into one of the city's market places; it bustled with people and smelled completely different from the city's harbor. Skylark could see and smell the scents of meat: geese cooked over an open fire, lamb meat drizzled with lemon, roasted chicken spiced with pepper and parsley. He wanted to touch the oranges, peaches, and apples in the nearby stall, and his mouth watered when he caught the scent of fried rice mixed with leeks and fried beef. What kind of food driven sorcery did this place cast upon him?

Skylark envied the people around him, they dressed so nicely, and he glanced down to look down at his own clothes: a tan button up shirt tucked into navy blue breeches and finished off with a pair of tan shoes. He looked poor compared to those around him. The men wore suits of black, navy blue, all shades of brown, and even some dark green suits. Many of the women around him wore dresses with gold trim on the bottom, some with flower prints, and others with paisley prints, a lot of solid colors, and a few abstract designs. All in all, Skylark was beginning to feel very insecure about his own clothing. With that, he decided he'd just go with life, and waved down a man who was driving an empty cart pulled by two beautiful horses, one a chocolate brown, the other a strawberry roan.

"Excuse me, sir?!" Skylark yelled over the bustle of horse drawn carriages and people talking, bargaining prices. "Are you going towards the Hylian Kingdom?"

"No. And I'm not takin' you there, so shove off you common trash!" The man yelled at him, and drove off.

"Rude…" Skylark said, and found a bench to sit on. "This place looks fabulous, but in reality, it's a hell hole," Skylark mumbled, watching the insignificant people walking by. And then he heard the sounds of a girl in trouble.

"'Scuse me! I'm tryin' ta get through here!" The girl exclaimed trying to push herself through a particular cloud of people, and ended up dropping her bag. "Oh shoot!" She exclaimed, bending down to pick up her things, her red hair falling over her face, and people gave her dirty looks because she seemed to be in their way. "Don't give me that look, ya half-wits!"

"What did you say?! You surly wench!" A particular man said, looking down at her with cold gray eyes, and pulled her up by her hair. The girl cried out in pain, and Skylark couldn't watch this anymore. He picked up his suitcase, sauntered up to the man, and hit him in the back with his suitcase, letting out a loud 'oof!' from the man. The man dropped the girl and she fell upon the ground, trying to push herself up to seem strong. "You-!" The man turned back to Skylark, his fist clenched.

"Keep your mouth shut you common trash," Skylark said to the man, using the words a man had used to insult him. "Just go about your day like before." The man grumbled at Skylark, deeming this fight not worth his while, and walked away. Skylark looked back down at the girl who still lay on the ground, and bent down to help her pick up her things. "Are you okay?" Skylark asked, looking at her with concern. Then he noticed just how pretty the girl was. She had red hair that reached her lower back, and blue eyes. She wore a white blouse tucked into a pink skirt, with a yellow scarf tied around her neck. She also wore a brown belt with a tan apron with tribal designs on it. This girl was stunning.

"I'm fine, I just… hate this city!" The girl exclaimed, looking at the swarm of people who didn't care what she thought about their home. "I'm sorry, I'm just angry. Thank ya for helping me," the girl said, and held out her hand. "I'm Malon, and you are…?"

"Skylark," Skylark told her, cautiously taking her hand, and shaking it. "Nice to meet you."

"Well, it's nice to meet you to! I'm so glad that there's at least one nice person in this city!"

"I'm actually not from here, I'm from Lydoh," Skylark said, scratching the back of his neck with his free hand.

"Never been there. What are you doin' in a god forsaken city like this?" Malon asked, now that her bag was full with the items she had dropped, which were just fruits and some jewelry, she stood up tall, holding out her hand to help Skylark up.

"I'm off to Hyrule, to investigate their temples and ancient culture," Skylark said, grabbing Malon's hand and she pulled him up. "There's much more there than you know."

"Oh, even for someone from said land?" Malon asked. "Well it just so happens that I'm on my way back to my home in Hyrule, will you be needin' a ride?"

Skylark smiled, and nodded his head. "Very much so."

"Then come along, partner! We've got a long trip ahead of us!" Malon said, and pulled Skylark to her wagon. Attached to her wagon was a donkey, who stank to high heaven, and gave Malon a spiteful look. Which is something not seen in a donkey, but Skylark swore he saw evil that donkey's eyes. "This gal here is named Peggie. She's a bit snarky, but nothin' I can't handle. I think its cause Pa calls her 'Old Faithful' so she feels that she has to rebel," Malon said to Skylark. "Ain't that right, suga' pie?" Malon cooed to the donkey, who only grunted in response, sparking a deep, throaty laugh to come from the tiny girl. She motioned for Skylark to take a seat next to her on the wagon. "Come on, throw your things in the back, and we'll be on our way!" Malon said impatiently, and Skylark did as he was told.

Skylark smiled. He was finally on his way to uncover his true destiny.

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