Chapter 1

Finn Whitman woke up in the Magic Kingdom, as usual. But wasn't usual was Wayne. The old man had disappeared, and now he was there, looking like he was just fine! "Wayne!" Finn exclaimed. "We all thought she took you!"

"She did," Wayne explained. "But I escaped for just long enough so I could tell you this."

"Which is?" Finn asked.

Wayne began explaining. "Tomorrow, some new people from England are coming to your school. They have the qualities. They will be valuable assets to the Keepers. Wanda will help you turn them into DHIs. They will be Kingdom Keepers."

Finn looked at him like he was crazy. "Wayne, let me see if I got this straight. So, I have to turn people I don't know into DHIs? Isn't that weird?"

"You didn't know the other Keepers before this happened." Wayne smiled. "What makes this different?"

Finn sighed. "What about Dill?" Dillard Cole was Finn's best friend before the Keepers.

"What about Dill?" Wayne asked him in response.

"He's been wanting me to turn him into a DHI since forever! So, I can't turn him into one, when I've known him forever, but I have to turn a couple more people who I don't know into DHIs?"

"Actually, there are nine of them."

"NINE?" Finn looked at him like he was insane, the same way he looked at him when he first met him.

"Yes. Dill may become a DHI, someday. But that's a maybe. Now, I must go, or she'll come after me. The last time you crossed over, you left the fob at Tomorrowland. It's still there. You are the only Keeper here, so you may Return with ease. No worries about leaving someone in the Syndrome. Philby doesn't know you're here, and neither do they, at least I hope." 'They' was referring to the Overtakers, a group of evil Disney characters that wanted to take over the parks.

Wayne then disappeared, leaving Finn alone with his thoughts. He sighed, and muttered, "We'll see what those people are like." He ran off toward Tomorrowland to find the fob, and return to his sleep.

Later, Philby got a text from Finn at midnight. It said:

W met me MK. Brit students coming 2 my school. DHI material


Philby's mouth dropped in shock, but he went with it. Wayne was usually right, and if Finn had heard it from Wayne, he had to be believed. Philby shot back a text saying he got the message, then shut his phone off and went to sleep, hoping to get enough so he could be able to work at school.

The next morning, around 2 AM, nine students and two adults came off a plane from England into the Orlando airport. The students all wore a uniform, probably from a boarding school in England. One of the adults said, "Alright. We're here. You can go get your luggage from the carousel, and wait there." The man checked his pocket watch, and said, "Right on time."

The other adult, a woman with dark black hair and darker skin, asked, "Did we make it?" Victor nodded.

An African-American boy wasn't listening to what the woman said, and just asked, "Fine, Victor. But can I have my monster mask back?"

The man, who's name was Victor, said, "Mr. Lewis, if I give you back your monster mask, will you leave me alone?"

The boy nodded, and Victor handed him a mask. The boy cheered.

A blonde-haired girl shook her head. "Alfie! Will you put that away before you scare me?"

The boy, Alfie, nodded, and he stuck it in his backpack. "Let's get our stuff, guys. Come on Amber." He smiled at the girl, who's name must have been Amber.

The two of them left for the carousel, followed by a dark-haired boy and his light brown-haired girlfriend, as well as a girl with auburn hair and a streak of purple in the front.

As they neared the carousel, the brunette girl turned to the boy, and said, "I'm so happy, Fabian. It's been a while since I've been here." The girl must have been the only person in the group who was an American, or there was a minority.

"Don't you come back for summer vacation, Nina?" The boy, called Fabian, asked, smiling.

"Besides then." Nina laughed. "But seriously. Back home, with my friends. It's different. And guess what I heard?"

"What's that?" The girl with the streak in her hair asked.

"I heard from Mr. Sweet before we left that we would be going to Disneyworld on Saturday so we would have something to do. And we get the DHI guides too." Nina smiled. "Isn't that great?"

"Sure, but what are DHIs?" The girl asked.

"DHIs are holograms in the Disney parks, Patricia. They're going to guide us around." Nina looked excited. "I've seen them, but never experienced it."

"Well, that sounds cool!" Fabian exclaimed, grabbing his luggage.

"I agree. I can't wait. Sibuna should get a guide together." The other girl, whose name must have been Patricia, suggested. Sibuna was a group the five of them had been in back at the boarding school they were a part of.

"We should. I hope we can." Nina picked her luggage up, and said, "Let's go."

All five of the people waited for the rest of the group to show up, Nina leaning on Fabian's shoulder. Nina wouldn't admit it, but she was both excited and nervous to find out about those DHIs, especially with how long she had been gone. She wondered how much had changed back home over school years, and was hoping there was a mystery, or adventure, that her friends could go on. She didn't know when she would find it, but she would, and she couldn't wait for it.