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Chapter 3

That Saturday, all of the students came down to the lobby. Victor said, "Everyone, in groups of four or five, you will have special park guides. They will respond to everything you do and say, and one more thing. Mr. Lewis, Mr. Clarke, BEHAVE!"

Everyone laughed except for Victor, and Jerome, a light brown-haired tall student, said, "You would think Alfie and I wouldn't behave? That disappoints me, Victor." Everyone laughed again, except for Victor.

Victor frowned. "Just pick your groups."

Nina, Fabian, Amber, Alfie, and Patricia all chose to be in a group together, leaving Jerome, a black-haired darker-skinned girl named Mara, a blonde-haired boy named Eddie, the only other American on the trip, and a straight dark brown-haired girl named Joy.

Then, the two groups and the chaperones got on the bus and went to Disney, each of them chatting about whatever, for example Nina and Fabian about Egypt and a lady named Sarah, and Jerome and Alfie about future prank ideas.

When they finally arrived at the parks, they all went up to the gates. The girls got their bags checked, and they all went inside.

The group of eleven stood at the Partners statue, looking around. "Does anyone have any idea what to expect about this?" Amber asked curiously.

All eyes pointed at Nina and Eddie. Eddie shook his head, and commented, "No, no. I think this is fairly new compared to the last time I was here."

Nina nodded as if she was agreeing. She was, actually. Everyone else shrugged, and kept waiting. They didn't stay there for long. Only about a minute passed before what they were waiting for happened.

Suddenly, two holographic projections started walking toward the two groups, one an athletic blonde girl that was for the smaller group, recognizeable to the kids as what might have been Charlene Turner from school, and a boy who looked a lot likeā€¦

"Finn?" Nina asked the hologram.

The hologram started talking. "Hello, stranger. My name is Finn. Please show me your guest identification cards now so I may recognize you."

The five students showed the hologram their cards, but before he could continue talking, Alfie swiped his hand through the holographic Finn, and was astonished. "You guys agree that this is alien technology, right?"

Patricia face palmed. "Here comes the alien stuff. Woo hoo."

Victor shushed Alfie, and the two groups parted ways. Thankfully, Victor went with the other group, which meant Sibuna got Trudy. Neither of the adults said much during their time at the Disney parks, since they, as well as the kids, were paying attention to the DHI guides.

Later that day, the real Finn was in his room, researching for homework, and had a thought. The Keepers should cross over tonight. I'll text Philby. The text said:

Cross over tonight? MK?

Later, Finn got a response.

Okay. I'll tell the other Keepers.

Finn relaxed. He would tell the rest of the group that night about what he had experienced. The other Keepers had to understand what Wayne wanted them to know. It may be their only chance to defeat the Overtakers if they don't succeed.

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