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Chapter 5

Sunday was a boring day for both the Keepers, and the Anubis House students. They did almost nothing, and it was absolutely driving them insane. Some of the people who didn't like school were actually anxious for Monday to come so they would have something to do!

Finally Monday came, and everyone went to school. Philby, Willa, Maybeck, and Jess all went to their other high school, and the Anubis House students, as well as Charlene, Finn, and Amanda went to school at theirs.

At the first high school, Philby and Willa were talking at Philby's locker before class started. "So, how do you think the others are doing, trying to convince the new people to join us?" Willa asked him curiously, clutching her books.

"Oh, I don't know. Has class started there yet? If it hasn't, they might be even doing it now," Philby suggested.

"True." There was a small awkward silence before Willa spoke up again. "Do you think that the new students will help us?"

"Well, I've never met any of them, so I don't know what they're like. I just hope they'll help," Philby sighed, shutting his locker.

"That's true." She smiled at him, and then said, "Ready to go to class?"

Philby nodded. "Yeah, I'm ready." He smiled back at her, and the two of them walked to class together.

As they walked, Philby gently took her hand, and Willa didn't mind at all. Instead, it seemed that Willa was enjoying it instead.

At the second high school, the Keepers were also standing around the lockers, specifically Finn's. "So, does anyone have any idea where the new kids are?" Charlene asked. "We could talk to them before class. It would be easier, don't you think?"

"I agree. Let's see where they are," Finn said in response.

"Well, I've seen them in the library on other mornings," Amanda observed.

"Great!" Finn smiled at Amanda, and continued to speak. "Let's go check there, then."

The three of them smiled at each other, and Finn shut his open locker, ready to go. Charlene took the lead as they went to the library, leaving Finn and Amanda alone.

Finn motioned for Amanda to go first. "Go on ahead. I'll be there in a minute."

Amanda nodded, and walked off behind Charlene.

Finn glanced around the area, making sure he didn't see Luowski or another OTK. Then, he walked up behind Amanda, and walked with her to the library.

The Anubis House students were sitting on some couches in the corner of the library. Fabian and Nina were sitting together, both reading a book on Egyptian mythology they had found. Nina's head rested on Fabian's shoulder as they read, and that got a smile out of Fabian.

Amber was using one of the windows to reapply some make-up, and Patricia was standing near her, rolling her eyes and sighing. "Seriously? You could have done that in the hotel room, you know," she told Amber.

"I was in a hurry!" Amber complained as she continued.

Jerome and Mara were sitting on another couch, Alfie sitting next to them on Jerome's other side. Jerome and Mara were talking about something they were planning on doing after school, and Alfie was listening in.

"So, what about the cinema?" Mara suggested. "I hear there's a great film out now."

"I guess, but there's another thing I want to try. I want to do something American on our date. After all, that's where we are, isn't it?" Jerome laughed.

"And the cinema isn't American?" Mara laughed.

Jerome rolled his eyes as Joy sat down on the arm of the couch that Nina and Fabian had taken. Eddie was standing behind her, flipping through a copy of Sports Illustrated that he had found.

Just as one of the students was about to speak up, the three Keepers entered the library and spotted them. The Keepers made their way over to them and cornered them.

Everyone was silent, until Eddie spoke up. "What are you doing? What do you want with us?" He asked the three of them.

Charlene turned to him. "Do you know an old man named Wayne?"

Nina shook her head. "We don't know who that is." No old man named Wayne, but I did know an old woman named Sarah…

Patricia asked, "Who's that? And if I may ask another question, what were the two of you doing as holograms in the Magic Kingdom?"

Finn took a deep breath, and then began a long explanation about what the Keepers are, and who Wayne was. "Charlie and I, as well as three of our other friends, are the DHIs. We got a job to be them a couple years ago. That's the first part of it. But our DHIs are making us cross over to the parks in the middle of the night.

"The Disney villains are trying to take over the parks and make them into their own special evil playground. We call those characters Overtakers." Finn took another breath, and then continued. "Now, Wayne is one of the Imagineers who created our holograms. He was a personal friend of Walt Disney. He is the one who makes sure we are able to cross over."

Amanda was shocked that Finn would just tell all of this information to people who were practically strangers. Finn! Seriously? You barely know these people, and you just told them everything about the Keepers? Really? Then she thought about it again. Well, Wayne did tell you they needed to be Keepers, so I guess that this is fine. Finn must really trust these people, and Wayne, to do this. At least you didn't get into explaining Fairlies.