Kingdom Hearts: Ultimate Battle Tournament

Chapter 1: Old friends and new friends

As our heroes went through space on their Gummi Ships, they managed to go to Twilight Town to Check up with Hayner and the others.

(Cue Scene Music: The Afternoon Streets from Kingdom Hearts 2.)

"Here we are guys, Twilight Town." Sora said to the group as they arrived at Twilight Town from the Train Station.

"Wow." Bobby said.

"Amazing." Aqua said.

"So this is Twilight Town." Erza said.

"Nice Place." Fiora said.

"We've never been to Twilight Town before." Ayane said as the others of his 1st Keyblade Army looked around with awed looks.

"We'll give you guys a tour, but we need to divide into groups to do so, I'll take the 1st group to see the Sandlot and then the Usual Spot, Bobby will take the 2nd Group to see the Tram Common, Stephen will take the 3rd Group to see the Streets, Eleanor will take the 4th Group to see the Market, Alexandra Blake will then take the 5th Group to see the Mansion where we will meet up by the Cracked Wall, Okay, let's go!" Sora said to the group as they went in 5 directions on a tour around Twilight Town.

On Sora's side, when he and his 1st group went inside the Usual Spot, they met up with Hayner and the others, including the people that Sora haven't met up with during the Previous Tournaments.

"Sora, you're back!" Olette said.

"Hey guys, long time no see." Sora said.

"You too Sora, what have you been doing since we last saw you and the others?" Hayner asked.

"Oh you know, the usual, so who are they?" Sora asked.

"Oh them, I believe their names are Natsu, Lucy, Gray, Ryu Hayabusa, Dante, and Sub-Zero." Pence said as they introduce the 6 heroes to Sora and the 1st Group.

"It is very nice to see you guys, I'm Sora." Sora said.

"And I'm Alicia, I'm Sora's True Best Friend." Alicia said.

"Cool, so Sora, where are the others?" Hayner asked.

"Our friends went on a tour around Twilight Town so we decided to see what you guys are doing." Alicia said.

"Okay, well, Seifer and the others are not there, so, should we go and see your friends guys?" Olette asked.

"Sure, we'll take you guys to our friends so that you guys can introduce yourselves to our friends." Alicia nodded as they're heading for the entrance where the rest of Sora's 1st Keyblade Army were there after they're done with the tour around Twilight Town.

After the Introduction, our heroes and the others then headed for the Train Station to catch the train, but little did they suspect that they've been surrounded by the familiar enemies known as the Unversed V2.

Enemy Battle: Blue Shadow X100

(Cue Battle Music: Tension Rising from Kingdom hearts 2.)

Our heroes were surrounded by the Swarm of Unversed V2 but they used their attacks to destroy every single one of the Unversed V2.

(End Battle Music.)

Our heroes and Allies managed to destroy every single one of the Unversed V2 as the Unknown Figure then hands out the Crates full of Munny needed for the Train ride so now they're ready for the Train ride to Yen Sid's Tower.

End Of Chapter 1