Kingdom Hearts: Ultimate Battle Tournament

Chapter 8: The Eternal Life Source

As our heroes are now back at the Ruins, Hugo then congratulates them for the retrieval of the Eternal Earth Source.

"Excellent Job guys, i think i found the location where the Eternal Life Source is, is at the forest, but in order to get to it, we'll need to find the Life seeds and it'll show you guys the way to the Eternal Life Source, good luck." Hugo said as our heroes then head for the forest in search for the Seeds of life.

As they're at the forest, they encountered the Heartless but our heroes managed to defeat them easily as they found the Life Seeds, the Life Seeds then showed our heroes a path to the Eternal Life Source, so they headed to the location on where the life seeds showed them, so they found the Eternal Life Source, but they also found another of Kaos's minions as our heroes are ready for the next Kaos minion battle.

Enemy Battle: Kaos Life Minions X3

(Cue Battle Music: Kaos Battle from Skylanders: Spyro's adventure.)

The fight was easy, so Tess then calls forth her next Life Skylander named Stink Bomb to defeat Kaos's minions.

(End Battle Music.)

Our heroes now have the Eternal Life as they return to the ruins for the next Eternal Source hunt.

End of Chapter 8