What if ?

Katerina P.O.V

Today was the day , the day my world ended ... the day my parents died. Of course I don't have my brothers to grieve with me they are under the illusion that I slept with both of them.

( Flashback )

It was 25th of September , 1765 the day my world ended my dad wasn't human none of my family were my dad was an original vampire Klaus's twin making him have a locked werewolf side and my mom was a mermaid one of Poseidon/Neptune's daughter. Our lives were hectic because of what we were the 3 siblings half vampire and the girl half mermaid while the boys get water powers. Anyway Klaus came to town of course my mom and dad took action and got killed while doing so the other Mikaelson siblings Rebekah , Finn , Elijah and Kol joined the fight it was 2 against 5 they were easily killed a witch i think was Klaus's wife at the time cast on a spell on my brothers and me the spell made us frozen and I didn't really mind the frozen part but seeing my mom and dad faced their death was enough to make me want to die and kill everyone I see even my brothers .My mom screamed and cried when my dad got staked with a one of a kind white oak stake and my mom's pain didn't last long because Klaus stake and broke her neck to.

(End of Flashback )

I went to the Bennets house ...

Bonnie P.O.V

Someone knocked on my front door I opened it and found Katherine I banged the door on her face when I realized what she looked like her brown hair was tangled , her eyes were red and there was tear stains on her face . " Please come in" I said cautiously "Sit down " so we sat down on my living room's main sofa and 3 words came out of her mouth " I need help " she continued " a long time ago I had two brothers the most wonderful parents but it shortly ended ( she told Bonnie how her parents died ) " I felt sorry for her hearing her parents die its bad but watching it and couldn't do anything about it was a million times worst. She asked me to undo the illusion Klaus's wife put on her brothers I instantly jumped to it I know the perfect spell but to do it I need the names of the brothers she said the names and they weren't what I expected I was expecting something like Vladamir or Christian but it was

_ " Damon and Stefan Salvatore "