Beep beep beep ugh I though I don't want to go to school just then prim bursts in all excited " aaa it's you first year as a junior get up", "ok ok fine". I got out shut my door and started the warm shoer as I sang "we are never ever getting back together wee" buzz my phone interrupts me I get out of the shoer and look at the text it's Madge.

Madge"ready for school"

Me "ya" sarcastically

Madge "oh come on it will be fun Peeta will be there and I'll pick you up"

Uh oh I didn't know Madge knew I licked Peeta he's the hottest guy in school. I text back a quick "k" and got dressed in a cute navy blue lace shirt, black jeans, and some old sperrys. I walked down satires to an exited prim and a tired mom I grappled an apple before Madge texted me "I'm here" I grabbed my bag and ran out the door after I said bye to my mom and Prim. I jumped in the car "eggg" Madge screamed "owww" I said "you excited because I am" Madge shouted again "no". I looked at Madge she was wearing a cute purple crop top with a black tank under and a a flowing white scarf with jeggins and some flower flats. "You look cute" I said "thanks" she flashed a big smile I plugged in my phone to turn my music on "baby you light up my world like nobody else the way that you flip your hair get me over whelmed but when you smile out the ground it ain't hard to tell you don't know oh oh you don't know your beautiful".Before I knew it we were in the parking lot of Panem High. "Ugggg" I grunted "come on it will be fun" I got out of the car and we met up with one of our close friends Annie. She was wearing a green tank with a flowery skirt and the same sperrys as me "cute shoes"I say "thanks" she giggled Annie is the sweatiest girl in the school every one knew she is also very pretty. Maybe not the prettiest like Glimmer,or Clove we walked in the school and separated to go to our lockers Peetas was right by mine I quickly opened it and looked over at him he smiled"hi" he said I smiled back and looked down but didn't say anything the bell rang and I walked into class but on the door was a poster for jag night jags were our mascot.