I was out of breath the moment I ran in. The mission was a complete success and failure all at once, but before I could even begin to beat myself up, a voice erupted over the loudspeakers of the Watchtower and wished the many men and women passed out a Happy New Year. I couldn't believe how fast time had flown by. This team that had accepted me made me happier than I had ever been in my life. They were my family and don't get me wrong, it's not like I don't appreciate my mom rolling around and trying to grant every one of my outrageous wishes, but somehow these people were different. They were always there to lend a hand, a smile. They not only helped me save the world, but save myself.

My thoughts were interrupted by a slight tickle on the back of my knees, reminding me of feelings I had felt way to many times during these past months.

My heart was racing, pounding even, just screaming to be let out of my chest. It all happened so slowly yet whenever I look back to it I wished it would have lasted longer. "I should have done this a long time ago" he breathed with so much confidence it terrorized my brain. Now what was I supposed to say?! If I thought I could screw this up before then I would do it for sure this time. My mouth gaped open; I had to say something before my heart soared right out of my mouth and kissed the fiery boy sooner than I ever did.

Never letting my stupid guard down I snapped back without thinking: "no kidding" was all that came out.

WELL? What was I supposed to say? Yeah you really should have because I was kind of waiting desperately for you to make a move since my brain has been completely turned to goo ever since I met you?

Don't worry, that doesn't seem desperate at all.

Although I wished I could have said something different, I liked my answer. It showed him that I was ready for what was about to come, even if I really wasn't. Not entirely at least.

As soon as those two words slipped through my tongue my mind decided to play tricks on me. It revealed the endless possibilities of insults that could be spat out from the pair of perfectly aligned teeth staring straight at me. The 10,000 different answers I could have received from Wally West. THE Wally West who was pushing me against his perfectly toned chest implying that he had feelings for me and actually wanted to put his perfectly annoying and chapped lips against mine. But the bubble of worry popped right out of my brain when he curved the sides of his mouth toward the Heavens and chuckled. Instead of an answer, he leaned his round emerald eyes towards mine and let our noses touch. For a millisecond my insides were attacked by an earthquake of disbelief. But as cheesy and redundant to all those romance movies or whatever it may sound, everything changed the moment we collided. Just don't let anybody know I said that.

Here he was, the boy I had known for not even six whole months, encroaching his lips onto mine, invading my thoughts and space and feelings and pretty much my everything.

Feelings are dumb; just plain old dumb. We've spent every moment together bickering and nothing but, so why did we feel this? Why did we feel anything at all? Feelings are there to confuse you, make you weak and distract you from what is TRULY important. But there was just something about this kid that made everything extra distracting. The way he just always always has to have the last say, and his stupid comments and lame flirts he uses on every female that passes him by. The repulsive way he shoves food into his mouth, how he never shuts up, the endearing and judgemental glare in his glowing green eyes, how persistent and annoying he is, how he listens to everyone, how immature and childlike he is and how he makes me feel so mad and disgusted and how he makes me feel something that I can't seem to understand and just UGH. Wally West is just UGH.

But there is something about that UGH I can't seem to get over. I care about what he thinks; not just about who I am or what I do, but about everything. Theres this wierd part of me that wants to sit with him, ask him about his life and get lost watching him smile and listening to him laugh. This incomprehensible part of me that worries about what he might go through and feels a jolt of exhilaration whenever he passes by or is mentioned. And when we talk? When we really talk that he rambles for hours and hours about something so simple or random like science, its adorable. He feels so much for each little detail and I think that's what drives me so crazy.

I never imagined what it would be like to actually kiss Kid Doufus. Ok- I lied. Of course I thought about it once or twice and even dreamed about it a couple times but I never pictured it like this.

When our lips met, I swear I came alive. Never in my life had I felt something so soft. It was a simple kiss that felt so wild; his strong hands gripping onto my bare skin. My arms were wrapped around his neck and he held my legs and back so carefully, treating me like fragile china. Our eyes stayed shut as our mouths swayed back and fourth, opening and closing when needed, acting like they knew what to do. I wanted all of him. I needed to breathe in the bare scent he gave off as if my life depended on it, and it did. I wish I could have gathered enough oxygen before because I didn't want to part for breath, I had all I needed in front of me. When he pulled back ever so slightly, I could feel him gazing straight into my soul. I'm guessing his stare melted the filter between my brain and my mouth because without thinking I said: "I've waited all this time for you to have the guts to do that; you really think you're getting out of it so easily?" Don't even bother to ask what part of me was saying that because I'm still trying to find out myself. With the greatest chuckle I had ever heard, Wally placed me down on the floor and broke the barrier of territory between us once again. Gentle movements gradually increased as his warm hands behind my back pushed me closer and mine, locked behind his neck, pulled him in. If only this moment could have lasted forever.

"I believe everyone owes me and Supey ice cream sundaes for winning the bet!" the 10 words that bursted my bliss bubble. "Robin" was whispered into my mouth and I laughed. Although we had parted, neither of us moved away from each other until The Boy Wonder spoke again. "Yeeeeshh! You guys were really feeling traught!"