I wanted to put Wordy or Raf (as of yet, undecided) before this, but Spike was an easier story, so I decided to write him first. I had fun writing this, and it's a bit of tribute to my roommie who has been so helpful with certain questions.

Also, wasn't the Oct. 4 episode great? It reminds me of Mr. Paetkau talking on Vancouver's UR about the Canucks play-offs run - "I set a car on fire on Queen St., and no one joined in!" It's on Youtube.

Spike likes to think of himself as a lover and a fighter in one cute, slightly goofy package. He's also a bit of a practical joker, and as the tension rises when Jules returns to work, he decides that a harmless little prank is just what Dr. Spike is calling for.

He wonders if he shouldn't get Wordy or Sam involved, but Wordy's busy and Sam has been over at the hospital with Jules – Spike just doesn't know if Sam would spill or not.

But what prank to pull? The brilliance of cream cheese in Jules' Kevlar vest is so tempting, but Spike just knows that wouldn't end well for him or his skin, unless he wants it flayed and mounted on Jules' living room wall. Upon a bit more thought, Spike thinks he's got it figured – he'll outline her locker in pink. Pink with pink trim.

But Spike has to wait for Jules' first day off, which takes a while because she's so determined to prove her spot that she's in almost every day, working out, or there's another woman in the Jules' Locker. He's pretty sure the ladies are starting to watch him from the corner of their eyes, with how frequently he's hanging around that forbidden door.

Finally, just finally, Spike gets to make his move. Jules is on her day off, on some date with this Steve guy, and no one is paying attention. Sam is looking pretty moody, Spike thinks to himself, but he's got more important things to think about. Like the three small cans of paint he's stashed away in his work-out bag.

He times it so Winnie has just come back from the bathroom. He slips into the room with his duffel bag and quickly removes the first can. His brush starts to stroke pink over Jules' locker door, up and down. It's not looking perfect, but it's looking pink, and that's all he cares about.

In fact, things are going so well that Spike decides to up his game. Easing one door open, Spike starts to remove Jules' personal things – not that there's a lot. Two photos of her family, one of the team, and he stops to admire it for a moment, noting the line of them – Greg hovering to their left, Jules strong and confident, Sam's hand resting on her shoulder as he beams at the camera, even a little outline as tall as Sam with an arrow pointing 'Lew' at it.

Spike is shaken from his reverie by footsteps going by, and he hurriedly picks up the paintbrush again to finish the inside of one door and let the quick-dry paint do its work before fixing the photos back up. When he's done both doors, he decides he's got just enough time to paint the accents before he should call it quits. As he's adding the finishing touches to that, a small shine catches his eye, and he looks up. What his eye caught is the shine off of a regimental pin, the 'PPCLI' a little worn around the edges.

Now, if Spike remembers correctly, PPCLI is part of the Canadian army, and Sam was Canadian army, and what would Jules be doing with a pin like that? Could it be someone else's? But PPCLI is out west, isn't it?

Anyway, he has to finish this job, and manages to tuck all the incriminating implements away just as he hears Winnie's voice calling for Team One; something about a call from Jules.

Spike escapes the women's locker room and hides his duffel away before answering the call, and feels almost guilty when he hears that Jules is in trouble, but won't she like the pretty colour when she gets back?

As a matter of fact, it's Sam who warns him that Jules is hunting for whoever painted her locker and that she's following upon some leads. The idea of the somewhat pint-sized Jules being angry with him is more terrifying than he expected. The shorter they are, the more level they are with uncomfortable places.

It's Natalie who gives the game away. One too many 'subtle' comments when they're out for a get-to-know-you drink that Spike really can't miss – Natalie is cute, and she can hold her liquor for the most part, but she likes to think she's sly after about the fourth bottle. Spike doesn't interrupt or demand clarification, and he smiles with the little hidden knowledge that the pin is Sam's, given at one point or another as the colloquially named 'sweetheart pin'. Spike isn't about to say anything – it's not affecting the team situation, and anyhow, he's dating the man's sister. Rock meets hard place, perhaps at Jules' house (though which is which, Spike doesn't want to consider), but as Natalie's smiling face looks up into his, he figures he can give them a break.