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"You freak," Vernon Dursley screamed at the small boy as he pulled his foot back and kicked the small child in the side for the fourth time. He heard the freaks ribs break and grinned evilly, "Embarrass me in the middle of an important meeting. Climb on the school buildings to try and get me in trouble. I'll teach you, you little shit," he snarled out as he picked up the belt and started swinging until the freak passed out.

Vernon was huffing from the exertion from whipping the boy and as he leaned against the wall to catch his breath he realized the boy was unconscious. Grabbing the freak by the hairs on his head, he hurled the freak into his cupboard where a cry came from the unconscious boy; he gave a smug smirk of satisfaction. Leaning into the small space he punched him in the gut.

Several hours later the seven year old Harry Potter woke up in agony. Reaching up, he tried to push the door open but it was locked so he curled up in a ball and laid there in pain from the beating his Uncle had given him for being caught on the roof of the school by the headmaster. He knew there were several broken bones in his small body from the kick along with the blood soaking the back of his ripped shirt. Silent tears ran down his face from the pain. He refused to cry out, because if he cried out in pain, all he would get was more pain.

With a whisper, he said, "Why do I have to live here? Why did my parents have to get drunk and get themselves killed?" as pain racked his body again, he cried out, "I wish I was somewhere safe from my uncle."

With a pop, Harry Potter, vanished from number 4 Privet Drive!




Up in Scotland, an old man was sitting at his desk sipping his tea. He popped a lemon drop in his mouth as he read over the newest legislation that was trying to be passed in the Wizengamot. Quickly signing the parchment, he picked up another of the new bills. He popped another lemon drops into his mouth as he leaned back in his chair to read.

He was halfway through the bill when several silver devices started belching smoke and giving off a cacophony of high pitched, piercing whistles, shattered the night air. The parchment went flying one way as his lemon drops flew out of his mouth as his feet hit the floor. Rushing to the small cabinet that held the silver instruments, he noticed that several were turning black as he watched. Albus felt himself shit himself at the meaning of that blackness.

'Oh, crap! My pawn… I mean the poor boy needs me,' Albus thought as he pulled his wand and quickly cleaned his pants.

He looked to Fawkes on his perch, he said, "Fawkes, come here and take me to Number 4 Privet Drive."

Fawkes flew over to his master, and Dumbledore grabbed his tail feather. They both vanished as a ball of fire engulfed them.

Dumbledore appeared on the doorstep of Number 4 and quickly rang the bell and waited. He then pressed the button again and again until he heard a voice inside.

"Bloody hell, who is it at this time of night?" snarled a male voice.

Dumbledore heard the heavy footsteps coming down the stairs as he pressed the button yet again.

"Hold your bloody horses!" shouted the voice.

Dumbledore heard the clicking of the locks and the door was yanked open.

"What the bloody hell do…" Vernon snapped out as he pulled the door open and then and stopped talking as he looked at the old man wearing robes, "What do you want, freak?" he snarled out as his face started to turn purple.

"Mr. Dursley, I must see Harry," Dumbledore replied with a smile as his eyes twinkled.

"There's no Harry here," Vernon snapped out as he slammed the door.

Dumbledore blinked twice when the door slammed, then pulled his wand. A quick Alohomora and the door opened. He stepped inside the house.

"Get out! This is breaking and entering. I will call the constables if you don't leave this…"

With quick silencing and binding spells, Dumbledore walked past the man to the cupboard, and opened it. What he saw, sickened him. The small room was covered in blood, even to the thin mattress. Pulling out his wand, he did a quick death detection spell. It came back negative. He then did several other spells. They suggested that the boy had apparated somewhere.

'This is not good. Where can he be?' Dumbledore thought as he stood up and went to Vernon.

"What did you do to the boy?" Dumbledore snarled, as he looked the man in the eyes.

In seconds, he saw the man beating the boy and then hurling him into the cupboard.

Dumbledore closed his eyes and calmed his breathing before he said anything.

Opening his eyes, he said in his grandfatherly voice, "You fool! I said I wanted him broken, not dead, crippled or missing. Now I have to find him before anyone else does… and you'd better hope I do, or else!"

Vernon gulped and tried to respond as the wizard looked at him.

"When I find him, he will return here. But no more abuse like this. You can verbally abuse and abase him, but don't hit him anymore," Dumbledore said as he turned and left the house.




Far, far away, a small broken child landed with a thud on the floor in a large cabin of a ship. A woman named Jalyla Silvermoon sat at the desk that was covered in papers and several books, her bright blue eyes were reading what she had just written in the ships log. Her long blond hair was braided and hung over one shoulder. She was wearing silverish colored chainmail armor with a griffin on it. She looked up at the sound. Seeing a body lying on her cabin floor, she stood up. Pulling out her dagger, she went around the desk and used her foot to turn the body onto its back and gasped out as she looked down on a small human child that had been beaten badly and killed. Sheathing her dagger, she knelt next to the child as her mind wondered how the boy had appeared on her ship, and in the condition he was in, and who had done this to a child? She reached out and touched the boy's head, and was surprised when he moaned in pain.

Reaching up to her throat, she pulled out her holy symbol and clutched it in her right hand as she laid her left on the boy's forehead; she called on Corellon Larethian to heal the child of his injuries.

"Mighty Corellon, please heal this child of his injuries. Bring forth your divine presence if he is destined to greatness and let your magic heal his wounds. Bless his soul, and bring forth the laughter and the love that all children have in their small bodies. I beseech you my lord, let your divine healing heal this child to full health," Jalyla called out to the heavens.

The divine presence of her God flowed into her, down her arm, and into the small child. He started glowing, right in front of her. She watched as her Divine Lord's magic healed the child. With her mage sight, she saw his broken bones and torn flesh heal from the injuries he had sustained.

The boy gave a scream as blood and black smoke started pouring from the scar on his forehead. It started forming into a hideous face. Pulling her silver dagger, she slashed through the image that was forming.

"Be gone you vile thing, I banish thee back to the pits of the nine hells," Jalyla called out.

The blade shattered the smoky form, and it gave a screech as it vanished. She knelt there looking at where the smoke had been when a moan caught her attention and she looked down at the boy, and into the most beautiful green eyes she'd had ever seen.

"Hello," she said.

Harry blinked his eyes in surprise as he looked on the beautiful woman and tried to figure out what she was saying and he noticed her hair and eyes were like the sun. She was wearing some type of metal armor and had a wicked looking knife in her right hand. She had light brown pants, with boots that went up to her knees.

"Ah, hello. Where am I? How did I get here?" Harry replied as he looked around the room.

Jalyla stood up, walked to her desk, and opened the drawer. She reached in and pulled out a small box, which she set on the desk. Opening the box, she pulled out a silver earring. She walked back to Harry, and showed it to him as she knelt beside him. Reaching up to Harry's ear, she clipped it to his ear.

Then she said, "Hello, who are you? How are you feeling? My name is Jalyla Silvermoon," and Harry understood her perfectly.

Harry's hand went to his ear in surprise as the woman spoke, and then he replied, "Pleased to meet you, Ma'am. My name is Harry Potter. How did I get here? I am feeling a lot better, I don't hurt anymore!"

"Hello, Harry. I'm very happy you're not hurting anymore. As to how you got here, I think magic brought you here," Jalyla replied.

"Magic is not real. That's what Uncle Vernon always says," Harry said with a whisper.

"Then how did you arrive on my ship and in my cabin?" Jalyla asked.

Harry shrugged and then said, "I'd better get back home. Uncle Vernon will be mad that I'm out of my cupboard."

"I think it will be hard to get you back home… at least, right away. Do you know where your home is?" Jalyla asked.

"I know it's in Little Whinging, Surrey. Where am I?" Harry asked as he sat up.

"Well, Harry, I'm not sure where Surry is. Do you know what country it's in?" Jalyla asked.

She helped the boy up to his feet and scowled at the ill-fitting clothes.

Harry flinched when he saw the scowl, and whispered, "Please don't hurt me."

"Child, I'm not going to hurt you. I was disgusted by those clothes," she replied.

"Oh… I'm sorry. It's all that I have," Harry replied.

"That's, okay. Now, what country do you come from?" Jalyla asked again.

"I live in the United Kingdom, or England as some people call it," Harry replied.

"I don't know that Kingdom, where on Oerth is it?"

"Oerth? What is that?" Harry asked.

"Oerth is the primary planet in this system. I myself originally come from the City of Greyhawk. Which is a city on that planet," Jalyla replied.

Harry's eyes grew wide as he looked at the woman.

He blurted out, "Planet? System?"

"Yes, you're on my ship and we're heading for the Rock of Bral to unload our cargo…"

"Rock of Bral? What is that?" Harry asked as his stomach rumbled.

"It's a port for ships that travel through this sphere. We'll be docking there in two days. Come. Let's get you something to eat," she said.

She had noted the sound of Harry's empty stomach, and held out her hand to him.

"Okay," Harry replied as he took her hand.

Harry noticed her hand was soft, but hard, at the same time.

Jalyla led Harry out of her cabin and to the stairs. Harry noticed they went up one deck, and then walked through the ship to another set of stairs where they went up again. Harry's head was in constant motion as he looked at everything. He saw strange rocks mounted to the wall that were glowing with light, and floors and walls that seemed to shine with a glow of hard work. He wanted to ask, but remembered the rule: 'Never ask questions.'

They reached the top of the second set of stairs, and Harry gasped out as he saw a creature that looked like a cross between a human and a hippopotamus coming towards them and tried to slide behind the woman holding his hand.

"It's okay, Harry, he won't hurt you," Jalyla said as she looked down at Harry who had sucked in his breath as to scream.

"What is he?" Harry gasped out as he watched the small ears on the creature's head twitch.

"That is Gruff, he is a Giff, and is one of my employees. He is captain of the ship's defenses," she replied.

"Oh… He won't hurt me, will he?" Harry asked as he looked at Gruff and all the weapons hanging off of him.

"No, he will not. Hey, Gruff, I want you to meet Harry," Jalyla said.

Harry watched as the creature looked at him. He felt like he should run, when Gruff smiled at him.

Gruff knelt in front of Harry, offered his huge hand, and said, "Well, hello there."

Harry looked at the hand and reached out and grasped it, "Hello."

"Hmm, not very strong. You should work on that," Gruff replied as he released Harry's hand.

"Sorry," Harry said as his stomach grumbled again.

"That's okay. You sound hungry. You should go get something to eat," Gruff replied.

"That's where we're heading right now. I'll see you on deck in an hour, for the ship's drill," Jalyla said as they started walking.

"Yes, I'll see you on the battle-deck, Captain," Gruff replied as he turned and went up the stairs.

Jalyla led Harry into the main dining room and over to her table. Sitting down, she had Harry sit beside her. She reached for a silver bell and rang it. Seconds later one of the ship's waiters arrived.

"Afternoon, Captain. What may I get you for lunch?"

"Stew for both of us, and several loaves of bread. Wine for me and water for the boy, unless we have some milk," Jalyla ordered.

"Coming right up, Captain, and yes we still have some milk," the man replied and left the table.

"Harry, I want you to eat as much as you can. You're way to thin, for my book. Now you will find ship food tends to run to stews and soups, with porridge for breakfast; because we serve all three meals, all during the day, because of crew rotation. When you're off duty, I want you to eat as much as you can, weather you're hungry or not. Now, as to finding your home, do you really want to go back there?" Jalyla asked.

"I can stay here?" Harry asked.

"Yes, you can stay; but everyone on the ship, except for paying passengers, works. How would you like the job of 'cabin boy?'"

"What would I do?" Harry asked as the waiter came in and placed a large bowl of stew in front of him along with cut up quarters of loaves of bread.

"Well, your duties will be many things; but, mostly, they will be small jobs below deck, on the ship. They could be things like scrubbing the decks, or sometimes you may be helping the cooks, or cleaning the cabins. When we dock, you will help out with unloading the cargo; but, only with what you can carry. You will stand a watch on the main deck, keeping an eye out for ships approaching us, to attack us by surprise. During an attack, though, I want you below deck where you will be safe. You will be paid for your work! I refuse to have slaves or slave labor. When you put in a hard day of work, you will be paid for it! I will also teach you reading, writing, navigation, and astronomy; so you can climb up in the ranks of the crew, if you wish it. So, do you want the job?" Jalyla asked.

As Harry sat there listening to Jalyla, his smile grew from ear to ear.

"Yes, I do!" he blurted out.

"Then you have a job. The first thing we'll do, is to get you your own room and some decent clothes. The purser should be able to see to that. Now eat," Jalyla ordered as she picked up her spoon and dunked it into her stew.

Harry picked up his spoon, and started eating his lunch. He couldn't believe how his life was changing. He sent a silent 'thank you' to whoever had brought him to the ship.





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