Hey guys!

Welcome to Royal Strike!

it's the hit tv-show on Kinkow besides Candance's show... Here we get to interview our favorite islanders! it can go from making mikayla confess some secrets to mason's workout videos! Right now I'm not updating the next chapter until I get some questions sent in! And when you do send questions please make them as creative and funny as possible lol and please go to my profile and take the poll for who should be Royal Strike's host!

FYI just don't send any questions to Brady...yet next chapter is all of our favorite islanders! Soo make everyone feel special with your questions! After the next chapter each islander will be interviewed seperstely! Soo send in those questions!

And check out my other work... Brakayla Ideas for adoption! I also have a Facebook page of it soo go check that out also! Along with my Twiiter, Yummy42 with yummy42forever... Anyways send in those questions!