Hey Guys!

Surprised to hear from me? Haha really you shouldn't...Anyways, turns out tomorrow I'm not going to Six Flags due to my friend being sick...Sooo I have some free time to work on this!

Today was really fun helping out with the Christmas Extravaganza! It went from managing bounce houses to dressing up as a fat bear in a big suit...Yeah, turns out when I thought I was waving and hugging, I was actually accidentally slapping some kids and ended up covering their faces during pictures...And, since the suit was too big, I kept ALMOST tripping over the paws...Well, at least kids were hugging me, high-fiving me, and taking pictures with me!

Anyways, I'm doing a change of plans due to the lack of questions/dares for Allyssa...

Plus, don't get mad since, this is going to be a SHORT chapter due to changing interviewees...

Let's head into the studio!

Royal Strike!: A Change Of Plans

Selena and I: Hey Everyone! Welcome back to Royal Strike! Where the Royal heart is, strikes the truth!

* Audience cheers*

Me: I'm your awesome host, Yummy42! With the one and only, Selena Gomez!

Selena: Last time on Royal Strike, we've had an interview with the quietest person ever, Mahama!

Me: Sadly, he lost his voice at the time...

Selena: So really, we were having an interview with a whiteboard...

Me: Yeah, can't go any lower than that...

* Vase comes flying out of nowhere towards us*

Selena: Not the vase again!

* Selena dodges and vase crashes into wall shattering it on the ground leaving a piece of paper along with pieces*

Me: Hey, there's a piece of paper! Pick it up!

* Selena picks it up*

Selena reading: Ha-ha that's funny!

Me: Okay, flying vases with notes in them is possibly the lowest we could ever get...Okay, no more flyable objects..., for now...

Selena: Anyways, our next interview is somehow who is a sm-

* Selena gets interrupted by her cellphone ringing*

* Selena reaches into her pocket to get her cellphone*

Me: You're not answering that right now, right? You do know we're on-air...as of right now!

Selena: Let me at least check the caller...It could be an emergency you know...

Me: Like what? Your dry cleaners are ready to be picked up?

Selena: I have you know, I already picked them up before the show! Now, shhhh

* Selena picks up her phone and answers it*

Selena: Hello?

Me: Don't you be telling me to s-

Selena: Oh, heyyyy Mr. Cross, how you doin? ( A/N: Hmm Cross? Sounds familiar, right?)

Me: Mr. Cross? As in one of our producers?!

Selena: No, the one who gives us our paychecks and jobs!

* I just roll my eyes and look at the camera*

Me: Heyy Mr. Cross! I noticed that new tie you were wearing today, and looking good!

* Selena was nodding her head and kept repeating okay and yes sir, eventually saying bye and hanged up*

Me: What was that about? We're not fired, right?

Selena: Turns out Allyssa couldn't make it to the show...

Me: What happened?

Selena: She got food poisoning from eating something from Fishy's Burgers

Me: I knew that place wasn't good! I think I remember seeing King Boz running into their bathroom after eating fish nuggets...I think she may have eaten the Quarter Flounder...

Selena: With that kind of poisoning, I don't think she'll be able to make the next show...

Me: Let's move onto the next mystery guest and do Allyssa when she's feeling better...

Selena: Who's our next mystery guest?

Me: Let's check the screen!

* I grab the remote and turn on the screen to say...*

Selena and I: Bra-kayla Luver4eva!

Me: She's our first-ever POK Writer to come for an interview!

Selena: Be sure to send her some awesome questions!

Me: Have you not told them their second choice Gomez?

Selena: Oh right! You guys have two choices, you can either now send in questions or dares in place of questions to be performed on the show!

Me: Send Bra-kayla luver4eva either awesome questions or dares!

Selena and I: This has been Royal Strike! Where the Royal heart is, strikes the truth...Peace!

Hey Guys!

Hope you enjoyed the mini chapter!

* Anyways, send our fellow POK Writer, Bra-kayla luver4eva either questions or dares by reviewing!

* Here's a couple of people I've needed to do a shout-out to:

~ LuvPOK (Guest): How did I come up with this? Well, it all started when I first got an account on here and was reading the POK stories. When I keep scrolling down, all I see is stories and stories and stories...Nothing really interactive to interact with other writers and especially the guest reviewers besides just reviewing on stories. I was thinking, hey, why not do something fun that includes anyone? And eventually, Royal Strike! was born.

~ Mikayla Makoola: Hey! I would like to say that, I've just recently read chapter two of your story and find that seeking revenge on Mikayla, a pretty nice epic twist to the story! So far, I find the story pretty epic and interesting! So, hope you update soon!

When I first read your little note on the bottom, I was like, wow, my opinion was really important to someone to inspire them? It's nice to know that there are people that appreciate and actually like my stories that I work hard on. Anyways, hope you update soon!

* Check out chapter two of The Way We Almost Weren't

* Also, I'm going to upload something new tomorrow which, I think is easier for all of us and really fun!

~ Here's some hints:

~ It's interactive

~ Involves voting on the poll

~ Uses songfics

~ Deals with my two and a half week winter break!

* While you guys think about the clues, I'm going to bed just cause of three words: Hyper. Little. Kids.

* Send in questions and dares!