Madarao couldn't sleep. No matter how hard he tried he just couldn't find a comfortable spot on the floor to rest. He growled. "Ugh...I can't sleep." He gave an irritated sigh and floated up.

"Perhaps some hunting will help."

It was the middle of the night, about ten o clock so he was sure Yoshimori was still asleep. Madarao's usual hunting grounds wasn't too far away from Karasumori so he was still ready for action if it was necessary.

"Maybe some deer meat." he licked his lips. "With the soul still attached." He looked around the forest for a possible animal to eat.

It was then that he saw a floating black specimen. His eyes grew wide. Was it another Ayakashi? Perhaps it was...

Madarao shook his head and pressed forward with his hunt. He couldn't be distracted. Not now. He bared his teeth, just in case anything tried to bother him. It was then that he saw the creature again, except this time in plain sight.

Madarao narrowed his eyes as he approached the Wolf.

"You," he barked.

Hakubi quickly turned around and was genuinely surprised to see Madarao. The deer that he was stalking had run away.

"Madarao? Why are you here?"

Madarao landed on the ground and extended his legs, so that he was on even ground with Hakubi.

"Don't be coy with me. I hunt here. You know that."

Hakubi raised an eyebrow. "Hmph. Technically we still are on Karasumori land. Can't we share it?"

"I don't think so," Madarao said flatly. "I've hunted here for nearly five-hundred years."

"Just because you're older you get rights? I've got to eat too."

"Then eat whatever Tokine feeds you." Madarao came a few steps further.

Hakubi lowered his head and stared straight at Madarao. "Madarao...I don't want to fight. Please...just let me hunt here."

Madarao wasn't in the mood for sharing. He felt irritated, just knowing that Hakubi was here. He wasn't sure why, perhaps it was his rivalry with Hakubi and it was being fueled by this. He growled, baring his teeth. Hakubi gave a small sigh.

"Very well then..."

Hakubi lunged at Madarao, pinning him to the ground by the shoulders. Drool escaped his lips as he growled and barked. A paw connected to Hakubi's cheek, sending him backwords and hitting a tree.

Hakubi's back was propped up against the tree. Madarao approched him.

Hakubi smirked. "You always were the better fighter." Hakubi's legs disappeared and he floated upwards."I'll leave. For now. Don't expect this place to be deserted forever." He floated away.

Madarao stared at Hakubi for a moment then turned around to pursue a deer. "I'll be waiting," he muttered. "I'll be waiting."