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I hung up the phone and placed it on the counter. I now have a major headache over my uncle's conversation. He kept on asking and asking if Zero and I were gonna get married soon, and I had to tell him for the hundredth time that wd're not even engaged or getting married so early. Oh course he was sad about it, but then started talking about when he was a kid and I just spaced out from that. I leaned against the counter and sighed, can he be even more annoying? Kana got up from the couch and walked over to the kitchen. She sat on one of the chairs from my table, crossed her legs and rested her head on her hand. She smiled slightly to me.

"Again with the sighs."She said with a amused tone."Can you be any more depressing?"

I looked at her and smiled back."I would be happy if you just go away...or get hurt in a horrible way." I snapped back.

"Gosh, you want to hurt me? Your such a bad influence in me Akane." She said with a big smile. I rolled my eyes at her; she got up and looked at the clock."Well, I guess I should be leaving right now. It's getting pretty late." She said. She walked to the coat hanger and got her trench coat. She put it on and smiled to me,"See you later."

With that, she walked down the hall to the front door. I just heard a loud bang, obviously, she left. She always slams the door when she leaves. I crossed my arms, what to do now? I looked down; great, I forgot there was school tomorrow. After the Rido incident, Zero and I decided not to go to Cross Academy anymore, but my uncle insisted and begged us to go back, for the students' safety. So we finally agreed, and I regret it. I heard footsteps approach me, I looked up to see Zero. He was shirtless, wore sweatpants, and his hair was dripping wet. He suddenly grabbed my arm and pulled me into a hug. He embraced me tightly, I couldn't move my arms so they stayed by my sides.

I could hear his heartbeat; so calm, almost like my personal lullaby. His cold skin from the shower he had sent shivers down my spine. He pulled back slightly so he could see my face, I placed my hands on his chest and smiled.

"What was the meaning of that?" I asked, a bit surprised by the sudden action. He flinched when I placed my hands on his chest, but then relaxed. He looked down.

"I...I just missed you today, but Kana was in the way." He sighed."Does she always have to visist us?" He asked with a sigh. I looked into his lilac eyes.

"Well, she is my friend. And don't worry, I missed you too." I said, I tiptoed to kiss his cheek. I sighed and crossed my arm."Damn, I hate you being taller than me." I said and pouted. Zero chuckled and hugged me again. He spoke softly.

"No, it's better so you can hear my heart only beat for you."He said seriously. I rested my head against his chest, his heart beat was now faster than it was before. He continued,"Do you hear my heart? That is what you do to me every time you touch me, I go into a craze in my head." I bit my lip, I make him go into a craze. So I just had to ask.

"Does...my blood...make you go into a craze too?" I said slowly and hesitantly. I heard Zero sigh but didn't answer me. I pulled back to look at him, he was looking away. I sighed."Come on, let's go to sleep." I said. I grabbed his hand and walked to our bedroom. I let go of his hand, grabbed my pajamas, and went into the bathroom to change.


I was done changing and walked back into the room. Zero was already laying on the bed looking at the picture on the nightstand next to him. I walked to my side and sat down on the edge, I turned my head to look at the picture. It was a photograph of me, Zero, and Yuuki...before she was turned. We were in our Day Class uniforms; Zero was in the back glaring at Yuuki, while Yuuki had her arm around my shoulder and had a huge grin, while I just gave a normal smile to the camera. Yuuki was the Yuuki I knew; her short brown hair, her big childish eyes, and her big smile.

I looked away and layed back onto the bed. Zero turned away from the picture and turned to his side towards me. I just stared at the ceiling, thinking about the good memories Yuuki and I had. Zero sighed.

"You miss her, don't you?" He asked me in a monotine voice. I smiled slightly and looked at him, his soft lilac eyes full of concern. I shrugged.

"Yeah, I kind of do." I turned to my side, my back facing Zero. I yawned."Goodnight Zero." I said and closed my eyes. I heard Zero scoot towards me and wrapped his arms around me, pressing my back against his chest. Zero whispered.

"Good night." He said, he stretched one of his arms over me to turn off the lamp. He then nuzzled into my hair and kissed my shoulder."I love you." He whispered softly. I smiled to myself; I just can't live without Zero.

It's a sunny day at Cross Academy, but luckily winter is coming...in a few months. Zero, Kana, and I were walking around the school since our classes were over. Zero and I were hand-in-hand while Kana was complaining about it being too hot and being thirsty. Kana groaned and sat down against a tree.

"No more. All I want is some freakin water." She complained. I rolled my eyes and rubbed my temples with my free hand.

"We'll get you some water once we get to our house." I said for the hundredth time. Kana threw her hands in the air.

"But that's so far away!" She yelled. Zero sighed and grabbed something inside his trench coat. He pulled out a bottle of water and threw it to Kana.

"Here you baby."He said in an annoyed tone. Kana caught it swiftly, threw the cap, and chugged the water down like there was no tomorrow. I looked at Zero.

"You had a water bottle this whole time?" I asked, a bit mad for not giving it to her a long time ago. He nodded; Kana placed the now empty bottle on the ground and wipped her mouth. She gave out a relived sigh.

"That was like the sweet nectar of the Gods." She said with a smile. I smiled and looked away, way to be dramatic. Zero started walking, dragging me with him.

"Come on, we're wasting time." Zero said sternly. I heard Kana yell to us and start running.

"Hey! Wait for me!" She yelled.

I sighed; Why do I feel like I feel like the mature one in this group?

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