During the third week of August, Gibbs took his kids to the airport. He would be saying good-bye to Ziva and Tim now and Tony would be heading off to New York later that day. He was proud of the accomplishments they had made, proud of the people they had become, and it was times like these that he didn't regret the choices he made for them.

Ziva hugged him first, standing outside her gate. She had an earlier flight than Tim, had to say her good-byes quickly. She had tears in her eyes when she hugged her brothers, barely held them at bay when Abby gave her a quick hug, but unleashed them when she wrapped her arms around Gibbs.

"I'll see you at Christmas, Abba," she said softly. Gibbs hadn't been called that in a while, and he hugged her back, giving her hair a kiss. As they broke the hug, she wiped her eyes with her hand, sniffing. "I love you guys."

"Bye, Z," the boys said, waving. She waved back, gave them one final hug, and headed towards the terminal. They waited until she was gone before heading further into the airport, looking for Tim's gate.

It was another hour or so before they were calling for Tim's flight. He and Tony punched each other's arms before hugging, saying good-bye, promising to write. All three kids had already done this the night before, and Tim had been pretty good about it since last year when he started college.

"Bye Abs," Tim said moving onto the Goth. She hugged him tightly, whispering good-bye in his ear, and when they broke the hug the younger guy turned to Gibbs.

"I'll send you my next project in a few weeks," he informed the older man, giving him a hug.

"You always do," Gibbs replied softly, tightening his hold on his youngest son. "Take care of yourself."

"You too, Dad," Tim said and pulled away. "See you guys at Christmas. Love ya." He then headed towards the terminal, waved one final time, and disappeared into a crowd of people. Gibbs turned to Tony, who was watching the gate with furrowed eyebrows, wondering what was going through his head.

"I suppose I should start packing," Tony stated after a beat, turning to face Gibbs and Abby.

"You haven't started packing, yet?" Abby asked exasperated.

"I stated to, but I got sidetracked," Tony defended himself, running a hand through his hair.

"Let's go," Gibbs said with a sigh, leading the two out of the airport.


After Tony had said his good-byes, getting into his yellow Camaro and driving off, Gibbs headed back into his house. It was, for the first time in almost fourteen years, absolutely silent, and he missed the noise.

He missed three four-year-olds trying to be quiet, arguing over who was going to wake him up. He missed a couple of eight-year-olds trying to hide the broken pieces of a lamp in the closet, hoping Gibbs didn't find their mess. He missed crayons scattered across the floor, dolls left lying on the couch, jackets sitting in crumpled heaps on the floor, barely making it to the coat closet. He even missed three sixteen-year-olds arguing over the bathroom. He had gotten used to the noise, become accustomed to it, and hadn't thought about what life would be like when it was gone.

He walked over to his fireplace, picking up a framed photo from the mantle. It was in a black and red frame, faded with age, depicting three kids, standing in his backyard. Tim was in the middle, Tony hanging off his shoulder while Ziva had her arms around him, giving him a hug.

They were his kids, his team, his family, he loved them with everything he had, and he would continue to for as long as he possibly could. That was a promise he could definitely keep.

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