AAAAUUUUGH! Over a month since I wrote another chapter! I am so sorry! I've just been real busy! Now I should hopefully have a bit more time. So here's Orbot and Cubot's return!

Orbot and Cubot had really had enough. Eggman had returned from being stranded, and he had been super cranky. He was also acting a lot more physically attacking.

"ORBOT!" "CUBOT!" The two servants came as fast as they could. They regretted coming so quickly as Eggman picked the two up and smashed their heads together. "What was that for!?" Orbot demanded. "You two forgot to do the laundry again! That's the 7th time you have in a row! Our financial crisis hasn't gotten any better, but I'm ready to deactivate you already!" "Pardon me, Cap'n," Cubot defended himself, his voice now stuck on pirate. "But yer rags be reekin' of scurvy corpses from the bottom o' the locker!" Eggman's face turned red as Knuckles and steam came forth from his ears. "OUT!" he yelled. He then attempted to kick the less-than dynamic duo, but only managed to bang his foot on a pile of scrap metal and lose his balance. Orbot and Cubot made sure they were out of earshot and laughed at the mad doctor's clumsiness.

"This is ridiculous," Orbot complained as he rubbed his still-sore head. "He's never been this cruel to us!" A random Egg Pawn, accompanied by Metal Sonic walked in. "Not even I am getting it easy!" Metal Sonic said. "You'd think I would!" "We just got attacked for not organizing the robot spare parts right!" the Egg Pawn added. "Yar, methinks we needs a mutiny," Cubot decided without thinking. The other robots heard him and soon, they would be grinning even bigger than they already looked like they were. "Cubot, you are an underrated genius," the Egg Pawn exclaimed, "we should totally mutiny!"

Metal Sonic then threw in his comment. "Rebellion is not a pretty picture. Remember those two times I tried it? It did not end well, thanks to…my loathsome copy." Orbot thought and then said, "We won't try to conquer anything the way you did. Just the boss's operation. Sonic shouldn't get in the way." Metal Sonic seemed satisfied with this. "All right, I'm in," he concluded.

The next morning Eggman had some pretty hard times. "Big Boy, what's the big idea?!" Rotatatron, who had just been rebuilt as a coffee droid, just looked at his boss innocently. "THIS IS DECAF! I ORDERED THE REAL THING! MAKE ME THE REAL THING!" Big Boy's expression somehow turned angry, and he shook his head as if saying "no." Eggman was at full fury now. "You had better not be starting a mutiny!"

Just then, the lair burst with the word "MUTINY!" and hundreds of his own robots jumped out of seemingly nowhere, led by guess who? You guessed, it Orbot, Cubot, and Metal Sonic. Cubot was even wearing a hat resembling that of Disney's Captain Hook, and numerous other robots were dressed like pirates. Eggman's rage turned into fear, as the only robots not in the mutiny were somehow still in sleep mode. The next thing he knew he was tied up crudely and thrown in a storage room. The robots cheered, as they were now in charge. "Arrr, no one walked the plank, but I'm savvy with it." "Now what do we do?" Orbot asked. All the robots completely blanked. They hadn't planned what to do if the mutiny was a success. They hadn't expected it to work. "I…don't…know," Egg General replied." "I guess we just do whatever we want." "I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm going to destroy some stuff. You can come if you want." A dozen or so Motobugs went with him. "Yar, matey," Cubot told Orbot, "Let's set sail and get into Eggman's private chest. He oughta have all kinds of doubloons!" "Sounds good to me," Orbot decided.

Meanwhile, Eggman was trying to gather his wits, but it's hard when you just got overthrown by your most inept servants. "What to do, what to do?" He wondered. He got one hand free and found a cell phone. "Lucky break," he thought. "No, I put that in there," the voice of Dylan, the author, boomed in the storage room. "I need to keep the story going, don't I?" "Oh, thanks," Eggman thanked Dylan. He then did something unbelievable: he called Sonic for help.

Sonic was busy, though, so Eggman called everyone he knew who wasn't rebelling. Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Shadow, Rouge, the Chaotix, Silver, and Eggman Nega were all busy. It wasn't until he called Blaze, whose dimension has surprisingly good phone reception, that he found help.

It took a while for Blaze to show up, as she got lost on the way to the lair, but when she got there, the robot all got a real good kick in the pants (even if they didn't wear pants) until they surrendered. Eggman agreed to be nicer, but he did punish the robots with some extra chores, with Blaze agreeing to monitor them.

"Well, at least the boss will agree to not be so harsh," Orbot said as he folded the laundry. "Yeah, I guess so," Cubot said in his normal voice as he sprayed the folded laundry with extra Febreeze, just in case. "Well you two should be doing fine," Blaze commented, walking to the door. "But I really should go. I have a date waiting outside." She then left the room. A few seconds later Orbot thought he saw Blaze walking away with Shadow the Hedgehog, but he will never know for sure. "I think everything turned out just fine." "HEY!" Eggman just yelled. "Where's my 9th grade yearbook? Oh, man that's the one with the picture I don't want anyone to see!" Cubot looked at the open book he had in his hands. "Yeah I can see why he doesn't."

And that hopefully marks my return to writing! I'll leave the picture up to the imagination to the readers. And yes, I am an admitted fan of Shadaze. I can't help it. They look good together! Please read and review positively! Dylan out!