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Edward's POV

"Dude I was thinking?" Emmett comes in excited at what ever thought he was bouncing around in his head. Unfortunately in his excitement his thoughts were going too fast for me to read without getting a migraine so I just waited for him to spit it out.

"Did it hurt?" Jasper jokes, not being able to hold back the tired joke.

"Ha, ha." Emmett glares at Jasper for a moment before turning to me. "So like I was saying I've been thinking, what if we got Charlie a dog or cat, you know so he won't be lonely when Bella is gone?"

"So let me get this straight, in exchange for taking his daughter away, and making her a monster I give the man a dog or a cat as a trade?"

"Edward, people love animals. I was watching that Animal Hoarders show on Animal Planet, they can't get enough pets. I mean seriously man Animal Planet is all animal shows all the time. People dig pets."

"Em, no just no." I shake my head walking away. While his dead heart was in the right place, his logic was extremely flawed.

"Dude." I hear Jasper moan in exasperation.

"What? I thought it was a great idea." I can hear the pout in Emmett's voice.

"Em, you just made it sound like an animal could replace his fiancé. Not cool man."

"My bad Eddie!" He yells my dreaded nickname and I cringe. "Human, animal it's all lunch to me."

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