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Summery: Once upon a time, Tsuna dreamed of leaving the castle that his parents forced him to stay in. Now that he has done it, he must find out who he really is. With the help of some friends things look bright, only they're things that Tsuna doesn't know that could stop him from achieving his dream.

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Once upon a time, in a kingdom far away, The kingdom mention is called, Vongola. This kingdom is very powerful and influential around the world. It was ruled by stern, but fair king and kind hearted queen, they are madly in love and are happily married. The queen, Nana is currently pregnant with their first child. To the outside eye it looked like everything is happy. The kingdom's people are happy and have plenty to eat, the land isn't at war. This is just an icing on the cake the birth of the kingdom's heir, but as we know things aren't what we see. In this kingdom lived an evil wizard, who grew hungry for power, so he came up with an evil plan.

"The queen and king will have no choice, but to agree to my terms. Especially now that everything is going according to plan" laughed the man, he had mix colored eyes one blue one red. He had blue pineapple shaped hair. A blonde dog comes up to him, "Did you feed the queen the potion" he asked the dog that shifted to a blonde male.

"Yes. She ate it." Laughed the male.

"Excellent. Now we wait." The pineapple laughed as he waited.

"Why? Did you want me to give a poison to the queen" He asked.

"You forgot the plan already. Well it can't be helped. Pay attention now. The poison will induce the labor for the queen, it will start disintegrating the uterus. Making it impossible for the queen to give birth any longer. The only thing is the child will be born dead." Laughed Mukuro

''But why?" The blond ask confused.

"The first Vongola king took the crown from my ancestor. Its my revenge, but that isn't all I will give the child the poison of life and it will live. Only the child will be promised to wed me. So I can rule this kingdom like my ancestors wanted." Mukuro laughed as he watched the window as he waited. "I will be king and I will control my little wife. kufufufu." The other man started laughing as well.

"Someone get a doctor. Nana is everything okay talk to me." demanded the king as he held his wife's hand as she screams in pain holding her stomach.

"The baby... It burns, something is wrong." Nana cried out as she grunted in pain. King Iemitsu looked worried as he felt the lump on his wife's stomach, it was too soon for the baby to come out, she is only six months pregnant.

"King, the doctor is here" shouted the maid. A man in a white trench coat pushes his way though he looked at the queen and then pushed up the covers.

"Shamal. What's wrong" Demanded Iemitsu

"She is bleeding a lot...this isn't good. She is going to lose the baby and maybe even her life." He stated as he looked at something to do. "I am going to have to force the baby out. It might not make it that way, but there is a chance to save both of them." He explained

"Do it" Said Iemitsu as he looked at his wife who was in pain from the labor. He looked worried as held her hand tighter.

"Imetsu. The baby" Nana stated as she looked at him. He bent down and kissed her forehead.

"It will be alright. Its our child" He reassured her. Hours later, after pain stacking moments the baby came out. Something was wrong the baby wasn't crying it was silent.

"Shamal" asked Iemitsu afraid to find out. the truth. Shamal shook his head looking at the pale blue infant in his arms.

"Kufufu...I can help" asked a man who had black eyes and black hair, he was short and wore a white outfit. "My name is Leo. I am a magic user. I can help your son" He stated as he looked at the baby.

"Magic isn't real. Don't you have any shame. They just lost their child" Samal stated

"Can you bring back my child" asked Iemitsu being tempted by the man's words.

"Your majesty. Of course. kill me if I can't. Show me the child." He stated calmly hiding a smirk that he wanted to show. as he pushed Shamal out of the way. "I only ask for one course of payment." he added

"Whatever you want you go it" Stated the king not caring about the terms, just wanting the life of his child back. Then the blond man occupied by a black haired man who wore a black hat. Appeared before the couple with a document and a pen

"Sign this before we do anything. You will wed your child to Leo's son Mukuro." stated the black haired man. The king nodded before he signed the paper not caring about anything but the life of his child.

"Kufufu... All right. Deal" He smiled with fake kindness as he got an potion and poured it in the child's month. Soon the child's skin turned into a pink and the baby started crying. "Congratulations, its a boy. I have one more thing to warn you of. The boy will be fragile protect him, also break our deal and the boy will , Vongola. " He warned him laughing before disappearing with the two others. The queen held her son in her arms. The boy had chocolate brown hair and big honey colored eyes. The king frowned wondering if he made the right choice he noticed that his son was now in his wife's arms who smiled.
"Hello little Tsunayoshi. Welcome to our kingdom" She said sadly knowing her son could never find his own love.

~Sixteen years later~

"LAMBO! Get back here you need your clothing" Yelled a boy chasing a naked boy that ran around until he was pulled into a one piece cow looking outfit.

" Ipin your glasses wear them!" The same boy said as he looked at the small asain girl who looked around confused until glasses are put on her head.

"Fuuta don't lay your book there!" The boy groaned as he tripped on a huge red book as he got up and scolded a young boy wearing a scarf.

"Basil get Dino for breakfast!" Yelled a beautiful brunet boy he had sienna spikes, he wasn't very tall and he was slim. He didn't look much like a boy, he blamed puberty that is skipping him. His large honey eyes filled with kindness are one of the many beautiful features. This is Tsunayoshi Sawada, the sole blood heir for the Vongola Kingdom. He is use to running around to help his adopted siblings. His mother couldn't give birth to anymore children after she had him, but she adopted children from an orphanage. Being the oldest Tsuna, takes care of all of them not that he has much to do. For some reason he isn't allowed outside. He stuck in the castle, he just sighs at the fact that he doesn't have much of a life. Running around for his siblings who go to school, unlike him who is homeschooled.

"Dress Lambo, check! brush Ipin's hair, check! make sure no one forgets anything check!. Then off to help the maids clean, then to paint, help mom bake, reading, and repeat most of the stuff and that is my day. That is my boring life" He sighed running then he stopped at his favorite place in the goes here to relax and to dream of someday leaving the castle. The sight before him was a huge window that overlooked beautiful green hills, that overlooked another kingdom. To Tsuna that is what he wanted in his life, he wanted to live outside these walls. He shook his head and slapped his cheeks playfully before going back to his jobs.

" Iemitsu isn't it cruel to lock our son up in this castle for so long." asked Nana before looking at her husband

"Its crueler to have him live life and fall in love with someone he can never be with" answered Iemitsu coldly, as soon as the man who healed his son left the castle celebrated the fact that they now they have an heir. Timeto the elder looked over Tsunayoshi, "The child is special great things will come from him, but he will go though a lot of trails. Be Careful on what he is involved with." Since then he raised his son in the safety of the castle where nothing can hurt his son. Tsuna touched the glass as he looked outside watching the birds fly in the sky, he watched them in envy.

"I want to fly." He said to himself as he looked down and watch the village beneath him.

"Tsu-kun, I didn't know you need about this place" asked a shocked Nana as she watched her son looking outside and frown.

"Mom. I come here to think about stuff, I found it when chasing Lambo around" He laughed as he walked up to her. "Mom, why can't I go outside" he asked as he turned to look at her.

"Tsu-kun" she paused as she looked at the depressed look upon her son's face it pained her child to look at that. She moved to hug him tightly in her arms, he was so frail, so small the world would take him away from her. "I... I can't answer that. Your father is better at this than me. Forgive us Tsu-kun" she whispered as she let a tear fall from her eyes. Tsuna frowned as he whipped the tear from his mother's cheek

"I don't need to know right now. I can wait." He reassured her not wanting to upset his mother. "I promise I will talk to papa later." He smiled as he looked at his mother's eyes who smiled back. Tsuna frowned as he rubbed her back as he watched the green hills that he desperately wanted to touch.

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