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Chapter One:Accidentally in Love-Counting Crows

Tori opened her eyes, only to be greeted with nothing but blackness. She smiled and pulled her face out of Jade's hair, removing her arms from around the pale girl's waist as well. Tori sat up, doing her best to not wake Jade up. She rand a hand through her hair and tried to fix it, still smiling. This wasn't supposed to have happened, she knew that. Jade wasn't supposed to be her's. She was Beck's. The day they'd broken up, Tori had seen the pain in Beck's eyes, and she'd know he'd eventually want her back. And Beck and Jade being Beck and Jade, she'd come back to him. Unfortunately for Beck, Jade didn't want him back. Apparently, the reason behind the constant arguments between the couple was that Jade had decided that she wanted someone else. And what Jade wanted, Jade got.

A pair of strong arms wrapped around her waist and yanked her back down onto the bed, jolting her out of her thoughts. "Hey babe." Jade said, pulling Tori next to her. Tori laughed and cuddled next to her girlfriend.

"Hey." Tori replied, gently brushing some hair out Jade's face. She quickly moved forward and kissed Jade on the tip of the nose. Jade scrunched up her face in response, making Tori laugh.

"Why were you making a thinking face?" Jade asked. Tori raised an eyebrow.

"Thinking face?"

"Whenever you think, you make this face." Jade proceeded to scrunch up her face in a way that made her look constipated. Tori gasped and punched Jade in the shoulder.

"I do not!"

"I think it's because you don't think very often, so it's painful for you." Jade said musingly, ignoring Tori. Tori gasped again and pushed Jade off the bed. Jade got back up almost immediately, and smirked evilly at Tori. "Oh, you're going to wish you hadn't done that." Jade said, crawling back onto the bed. Tori scooted away, wishing that she was closer to the edge of Jade's king sized bed.

"I'm already sorry, okay? Can we please just let it go?" Jade shook her head.

"No way Vega. You can't just push me off the bed and expect to get away with it." She said, leaping forward and tackling Tori. Tori screamed, and then laughed as Jade began to tickle her mercilessly.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry!" Tori gasped between outbursts of laughter.

"You'd better be." Jade said, finally getting off of Tori and laying down next to her. The two lay there for a while, holding hands and just looking at the ceiling. Finally though, Tori broke the silence and sat up.

"Jade, did ever think this would happen?" She asked.

"You mean us?" Jade asked, still lying down. Tori nodded, and Jade grinned. "Yes." Tori turned to give her a skeptical look.

"You always knew that we'd end up together?" Jade shook her head.

"Not when we met. But I knew I'd get you when I decided I wanted you." Tori rolled her eyes.

"Will you ever stop teasing me and just give a straight answer?" She demanded.

"Nope." Jade said, popping the 'p'. "It's way too much fun." Tori sighed.

"This is what I was talking about." She said. "I never thought we'd get together. This is weird."

"I agree." Jade said. "You have royally screwed up my life Vega." Tori nodded.

"Would you say that this was an accident?" She asked Jade. Jade frowned and thought.

"I don't think that you can fall in love on purpose." She said finally. "But I didn't think I'd fall in love with you, and I actively hated you for six months after we met, so I suppose that accident is the best word for this." Tori grinned and pulled out her pearphone.

"So we're 'Accidentally in Love'?" She asked, playing the song. Jade groaned, grabbed the phone, turned off the song, and threw the phone in a trash can. Tori stared at the trashcan, and then looked down at her lap. "I deserved that." She said quietly.

"Yes you did." Jade said, sitting up. "But don't worry, I still love you." She leaned over and gave Tori a quick peck on the cheek. Tori looked at her, a goofy grin on her face.

"Even if it is accidentally?" Jade groaned and pointed at the door.

"Alright Vega, get out. Just, get out."

"But this is my house." Tori said, confused.

"I don't care. You cannot be close to me after that idiocy." Tori grinned, enveloped Jade in a big bear hug and fell backwards so they were lying on the bed again. "Let go of me!" Jade snapped, struggling to escape.

"No, I love you too much Jadey." Tori said, spooning her girlfriend. Jade growled at the pet name as Tori continued to hug her, planting kisses all over her neck.

"Yeah, this was definitely an accident." Jade said, turning around to look at Tori. "I'm constantly regretting it after all." And then she kissed Tori firmly on the lips.

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