CHAPTER 1: Good or Evli

Ned Stark was ridden on hawsre oen day with Jon Snow and Robb. It was snow outside. Then an Oblivion gate opned. What is that, fathre "axsed Jon". "Don't know. But stay back it could be evli coming" replyiod Ned. "Whot evil can it be father?" Robb saud. Then come out of Oblivion gate wsa Boromir from Lord of Rings. "Dad, the elvi looks like u!111!" yelleded Roob. Are you who" sayed Boromir? "Why does you look like mei"? Then came out of gate was rest fellowsip. Aragorn look in confising. "Why do you two look same? asked Araogrn. "Stop idiots" yellod gandag. "They different poele" Where could be, gandald?" asked Frodo. "We could be here to untien the fantays wrolds together to figt the enemy" responing Gandalf "It must be only sense" saiyd Ned. "We must first go to King's Landing" "Why"? Gimli talk to Ned. "So we can go get big army" Jon go to big Wall and get many good gyus to figt the evli" and Robb go get more of good gyus in north assweel" They did as Ned tolded them toed. "Shall we walk to King Land" sayed Aragorn. "YES!" yolled Ned. So they wet.

CHAPTER 2: King talk

Ned and Boromir and Argorn talked about king and lord stuff. Bromir sad becows he was family was lords and not kngs and neever knew one execpt for Aragorn who wasnt king yet. They finally shoowed up at Kings Landign. "Here! Yes" Ned said. Ag uard came out of gate of palce. "Ned Stark why you are here. Who them?" Ned said "I msut talk to Robert about the evli" Guards let them go in. They got to palace but Jaime stup them. "No oldered peole" he said. Gandalt was maded. "Jaime I am the hand of king. He go in" So Jaime but mad moved out of way to let tem in Joffrey and his borther were fighting over stuff. Then Robert came in to room. "No fight" He sawed Ned and fellowship. "Go play otuside, kids!" Robert satted down on the Iron Thorne. "Who these peole, Ned"? "They said evli are coming from bad place" "We need army" Samwise saod. "First" sayed Robert "We must have poof" They took Robert to oblibion gaet. He gassped "I will get my army to helep"