Game of Thrones: The Board

By Artyom Sokolov

Cahpter Ate

Noete: Some one ddi a readign of my wrok. Tahnk you, lady cananada of the youtube. I is theyir too! Me and Stupid Wizard shaerd the same account.

Hogwarts was the neice and the pieceful and very nice. People where playing in da stratues and flying owls flyu. THEN TAH ATTACK happeN!11! The Detheasters attack the fast and where killing many of the good wizards and the youn g too. Howbever Dumbeldoer and Harri had many spells that kill the evli thongs. But tehn the evli lrod Voldimerot came and did the many deaths1! Dumbledroed and Hraary tried to do a kill spell but it didn't work! Then the gate opened th very fast. "Dumeledor, what is that?" aasded Harry Potper? "It is the gate!" rrespdodne Dumbledore. "Stop talking! The death accanot happen to mei!?" Then Connor MacCloud, Revan(Also, Canada missy, his name is Rev-ann. Not Reave-Ann, don't insult mine and Artyom's favorite Star Wars character), Jno Snows, and the clones and legolasaass came and attacked the Deaptheasters! "NOOo0000!" yeleed the Voldirmort. He feeled down and Connor pulled out sward. "Teheyr can be only the one" and then Voldiemort head felled off and quickening!. The place was nromal and nice peace. The evil shall be fought the here" said Revan to Dumbledoare. "I hope taht your friends are the nice"

THEN ANOTHER GAERT E OEPSN! It was Bastila, Nde Stark, Gandalf, The Horde, and Aragroenen. They cheer and Revan ksisded Bastial. "The fighr s we be the here". The pull out the saars and the magic to be the readu