Disclaimer: I do not own Prototype or anything associated with it. This is just something of a trailer idea I had for a Prototype 3. Please read, review and enjoy!

Prototype 3 Teaser Idea

The alley was dark, dirty and probably infested with a variety of things sane people wouldn't even want to know about. In this cesspit walked a single man, tall, dark and rather severe looking with the gait of someone long accustomed to a military lifestyle. Dressed in a leather jacket with a red collar, several scars adorned his face. He walked through the disease ridden alley like it was nothing. It was easy enough for him though, after all, one wouldn't know by looking at him, but this man wasn't flesh and blood but a virus that would make whatever bacteria and viral constructs that festered in this alley look like a 24 hour bug.

It's been a year. Former Sgt James Heller thinks to himself as the few lights in the alley started to flicker.

One year since New York Zero, since the Mercer Virus. One year since I've been turned into this…thing. One year since I killed Alex Mercer and… absorbed him.

Heller clenched his hand as it started to twitch. It was starting again…

Since then we've been on the run, me, Dana Mercer, and Maya. Blackwatch knows that I'm alive and wants to bring me in. To cut me up and see what they can get out of me. Make me another one of their twisted little science experiments. They know the best way to do that is to get to Maya. If they get her. He thinks of his wife and remembers happier days, playing with his daughter at the park as she was smiling at him. They get me. So we keep runnin', just us three against the world.

Now the light is flickering more persistently, and parts of Heller seemed to be glowing an organic red as his jacket begins to be shift on its own.

But now, something's gone wrong again. Something has escaped from Blackwatch. Something I've seen in Mercer's memories. PARIAH.

Heller's arms now are visibly trembling as though he's trying to hold something in. He grits his teeth and lets out a grunt of pain.

I feel it calling out to me, I feel it trying to track me down. It wants me. It wants to hunt me down and consume me. And the scary thing is? Even with everything I can do, all the power that I have, I think it can actually do it.

Sooner or later, it's gonna come down to me and it. The virus will break out again and PARIAH won't stop until he's infected every last living thing in the world. In the meantime though? Like I said, it's just the four of us against the world.

The light finally fades leaving the alley in total darkness.

Yeah, you heard me right.

The light comes back on to reveal a Caucasian man wearing a leather jacket and a grey hood.

All four of us. Thinks Alex Mercer as he smiles wickedly.

A scream is heard and the city comes into view. It's a city on fire, total anarchy in the streets as giant tendrils of the blacklight virus spread rapidly through the city of Los Angeles.