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Flaky's Story

While I sitting at the bench with Petunia and Giggles, Flippy looking at me. I'm very shy, because he's handsome. Since him looking at me, I'm...falling in love with him! I want to be Flippy's girlfriend! So, I want to know more about him.

Then Giggles, Petunia and I are going to school field to meet Flippy.

I must be brave to see his face, don't be shy Flaky!

"Hello Flippy?"Petunia asked to him.

"Hi Petunia."Flippy replied.

"I'll introduce Flaky. Flaky, this is Flippy."

"I know, Petunia. Nice to meet you, Flippy."

"Nice to meet you too, Flaky. You're beautiful like an angel."

"Are you kidding me?"

"No, I'm not."

"Are you a teacher?"

"Yes, I am. I'm 2nd grade teacher."

Flippy has green hair, lime green eyes, and cream colored skin. Today he wears orange shirt and black trousers. And he wears army hat and silver dog tags at his neck, too. Now, he teaches the students as a P.E. teacher.

He's very friendly to all peoples. So, I like him and I want to be his girlfriend!

The school bell is ringing

Giggles, Petunia, Flippy and Flaky shocked. Then Giggles walking to 6th class.

"Hey, we must teach students. See you again, Flaky!"Giggles yelled from far.

Then Giggles goes to 6th class, Petunia goes to 4th class and Flippy goes to 2nd class for teach student again.

Normal Story

At 10.00 a.m., the school bell ringing. Then the students are going out from their class.

"Onee-san!"Cub yelled from far.

Flaky stand from the bench. Then Flaky goes to her motorcycle.

"Let's go home."Flaky started the engine.

Cub ascends to her motorcycle. Then Flaky and Cub go riding to home.

10 minutes later, Flaky and Cub had been at the home. Flaky park the motorcycle at the terrace. Then Flaky and Cub open the door.

"Tadaima!"Flaky and Cub yelled at their father.

Pop smiled at Flaky and Cub. Then, Cub goes to the bedroom to change his clothes.

Flaky's Story

Today, I'm so happy. Flippy said, 'You're beautiful like an angel.' to me. Why he says that to me? Because he likes me? I don't know...

In the afternoon, I'm going to the terrace. I saw at the big tree, and I have an idea! I climb the tree and sits at the large branch. Then I looking at neighbor's house, and looking at orange sky. How beautiful!

"Onee-san!"Cub yelled to me.

I was shocked and almost fall from the tree.

"What's up?"I asked to him.

"Can I climb the tree? I can climb."


Then Cub climb the tree and sits near me. I saw at Flippy, and he? Flippy looking at me and Cub.

"Hello Flaky!"Flippy yelled to me.

"Hi Flippy!"I'm yelled again to him.

"I love you! Will you be mine, forever?"

Hah?! He said, 'I love you' to me?! It's too early to say that!

Cub smiled at me. My cheeks are blushed.

"Are you kidding me?!"

"No, I'm not! Please be mine, I love you!"

"Umm...o...okay! I want to be your girlfriend!"

"Hey, I've got to go. Bye, Flaky!"

Normal Story

Flaky and Cub descend from the tree. Then, they're going to home. Pop smiled at Flaky.

"Flaky-chan, I've been heard about you and someone. He said 'I love you.' to you, who's he?"Pop asked to Flaky.

Flaky shocked. Her cheeks are blushed.

"Otou-san, he's Flippy."Cub replied.

"So, Flaky-chan had a boyfriend?"

"Yes, Otou-san."

Flaky can't say anything, her secret is revealed by Cub.

"Flaky-chan, tomorrow...you must introduce Flippy to me, please?"Pop asked to Flaky.

Her eyes widened because she shocked.

"Yes..yes, Otou-san."

Then, Flaky go to her bedroom to change her clothes.

"Oh no...but I will write the past little incident in my diary book."

Flaky find the diary book in the secret case. Then, she found it. Flaky starts to write.

Flaky's Diary

Today, I meet Giggles Hariko and Petunia Riechii. They're my best friend, at Happy Tree Elementary School. They're teachers. And I saw at handsome man named Flippy Takashi. He's very friendly to all peoples.

He said, 'Youre beautiful like an angel.'to me. He's not kidding to me, he's serious to me.

Last afternoon, I climb the tree to sightseeing. Then Cub call me and climb the tree. He sits near me, he likes sightseeing, too. Then me and Cub saw at Flippy.

Flippy said, 'I love you. Will you be mine, forever?'to me. I was shocked, it's too early to say that. But I want to be his girlfriend. So, I accept his love expression.

But, Otou-san had been heard my conversation with him. He isn't angry, he's happy! He wants to see Flippy tomorrow. Oh no...

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Then, Flaky keeps her diary book in secret case

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