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Sometimes she wondered why he chose roses. They were the symbol of romance, yet he appeared to be the exception to the rule. There was never an inclination or a hint that he wanted anything more, after all they were for Beautifly. Or so he claimed.

Nor had he hesitated to be blunt with her, hiding nothing when it came to describing her failures. That was hardly a way to invite yourself into a girl's heart.

Yet as time wore on, the answer possibly presented itself.

"I did it to get revenge on you! For beating me in the Purika competition!"

"But I beat you fair and square! Why would you want revenge for that?"

"You say it's fair cause you won it! But you won't be winning today - not with that score. MOVE! Sorry, got things to do, places to be."

"What a creep. And you dress weird!"

"He was right about one thing, you have to admit. You shouldn't've trusted him."

"But how could I have known?"

"Stop trusting other people! Just trust in your Pokémon and do what you know in your heart is right."

Tracing her fingers along the soft edges of the petals, she found her herself studying the intricate design of the latest rose. Silky smooth to the touch, its beauty was fragile, easily destroyed by rough treatment. This was why it normally had thorns as a means of protection, otherwise it would never last long enough to display its true splendor to the world.

Perhaps his lack of tact was a way to help her to develop some thorns of her own. A way to be ready when she would be on the receiving end of a very harsh reality so that she would not give up and wilt. It gave her the chance to grow until she came into her own and showed the world what she was truly capable of.

And it was then that she realized that his roses may have symbolized something more...


"So what do you end up talking about with Drew?"

"Not about our performances ever. He's the type that who never listens to anyone else's advice. So we end up talking about other coordinators we might have seen in performance. And at some point, he started in on you. You, and only you."

The dialogue in italics are direct quotes of May, Drew, and Harley in Deceit and Assist and May and Solidad in May We Harley Drew'd Ya.