A world without Saiyans.

World Tournament Saga

Chapter 1 : student and master

Focusing in on a small island in the middle of the ocean.

Narrator: it is a beautiful sunny day as Master Roshi the master of martial arts trains on a small island.

Master Roshi: 37,38,39,40!, Alright that's enough for today.

Turtle: wow master that's a new record 40,000 push-ups and all before breakfast.

Master Roshi: well turtle a true martial artist has to keep in shape... If he wants to attract the ladies.

Turtle: oww master.

Narrator: as Master Roshi looks out onto the ocean he spots a shimmering bright light.

Master Roshi: well what do you think that is turtle.

A few minutes pass as the shining object gets closer to the shore.

Master Roshi: oh it's a boy and he is swimming , swimming quite fast.

As a young boy reaches shore and stands up he is revealed to be wearing a small monk's uniform his headed shaven bald and he has six dots on his forehead.

Krillin: hello

Master Roshi: hello

Turtle: hello

Krillin: bow am I correct to say you are the legendary Master Roshi.

Master Roshi: why yes, yes you are.

Krillin: oh goody-goody good! ... Master please train me, take me as your student.

Master Roshi: hmmmm... well... OK.

Power Levels
Master Roshi- 143
Krillin- 15

Narrator: months pass as master Roshi and the young Krillin train.

Master Roshi: come on Krillin keep your pace only 3000 times more around the island.

Krillin: But master am so tired.

Master Roshi: oh fine you don't have to walk on your hands you can use your feet for the last 3000 laps.

Krillin: master I know all this training is making me stronger but I don't want to just be strong I want to know how to fight because I want to be the world's best martial artist just like you.

Master Roshi: ah Krillin so you want to fight with your master? Is that right.

Krillin: whoa I was thinking about you teaching me how to fight because you see I don't know how to fight I never fought before.

Master Roshi: of course you know how to fight Krillin everyone knows how to fight you throw a punch, throw kick and block anyone can do that.

Krillin: but master I really want you to teach me.

Master Roshi: the only way I could teach you how to fight is to fight you, you can only learn true martial arts by fighting.

Krillin: wow so I guess I will have that fight with you then.

Master Roshi: no no I have a better idea in 14 days there is a martial arts tournament coming up you will enter.

Krillin: wow you think I have a chance, maybe I should fight with you first to get some practice in.

Master Roshi: you will have a chance to fight me at the tournament.

Chapter end

Power levels
Master Roshi-148
Krillin- 67