Chapter 4 The Wolf.

Announcer: and now for the semifinals we have "Roger the iron fist Johnson" taking on Yamcha in the first match of round 2 and then the Ox King vs Master Roshi in the second match of the second round. will Roger Johnson and Yamcha step into the ring .

Roger Johnson: hummm.

Yamcha: this will be over fast.


Yamcha walks up to Roger with no gaurd ready, Roger sees all the openings and attacks Yamcha with a flurry of well placed hits to the face. Yamcha stands there and smiles as a drop of blood falls from his nose. Yamcha then goes on the attack as he grabs Roger around the waist and suplexs him right onto his face knocking him out leaving him with a bloody and broken nose.

Announcer: Knock out match over, a bloody mess is left on the ring can we get someone to clean that up before the next match.

Yamcha exits the ring as he walks to the waiting room he is met by Master Roshi who is glaring at him.

Yamcha: whats your deal old man!

Master Roshi: you have so much potential but continuing on this path that you are on there is no way you will reach your full fighting ability.

Yamcha: what ever, I would teach you a lesson in true martial arts during the finals but you probably won't even make it past the next match.

Master Roshi: and what makes you think that?

Yamcha: because you will probably break a hip, HAHAHA.

Announcer: will Ox king and Master Roshi enter the ring.

both fighters step into the ring.

Announcer: and now we will see student vs master in the last match of the semifinals. lets get this fight underway.


Master Roshi dashes straight at his larger opponent, as Roshi closes in the ox king jumps a few inches in the air and as he falls creates a small earthquake which sets Roshi off balance allowing the ox king to pound his opponent on top of the head, which drives the masters feet into the tiles of the ring traping him. the ox king then starts to attack his traped opponent with a flurry of slow heavy punches. After a few seconds the ox king stops his assault and backs away to catch his breath. Master Roshi takes a deep breath and lets out one loud scream as he frees himself from the ground. The ox King then begins to gather energy into his hands.

Ox king: Kamehameha!

the ox king sends his Kamehameha straight at Master Roshi who is ready to counter the attack with his own Kamehameha. both energy waves meet in the middle and explode as the ox King and Master Roshi stop pouring energy into them. Master Roshi and the ox king then dash at each other and begin to trade punches and kicks.

Announcer: wow a explosion of fireworks just like in the fight with Krillin and the ox king!

Krillin: whoa that Kamehameha attack is much more powerful then my Turtle Blaster, I must ask the master to teach me that.

after a few moments of Master Roshi and the ox king trading blows both separate and jump to opposite corners of the ring. Master Roshi then covers his ears and yells the phrase.

Master Roshi: Decibel Chaos! AHYYUUUUUU!

A loud obnoxious noise breaks the sound barrier around the ring as the ox king and the entire audience attempts to cover their ears as pain shocks their eardrums.

Ox king: No! it hurts!

disoriented the ox king stumbles around the ring holding his ears in pain. master roshi then jumbs stright at the ox king with a flying kick to the gut. the ox king then doubles over in pain, at this time the effects of the Decibel Chaos attack wears off the audience and the Announcer and they then witness master roshi tossing the ox king 20 feet up in the air before kicking him out of the ring.

Announcer: oh my head... wait what is this a ring out.. match over! winner Master Roshi !

Narrator: A few minutes later Master Roshi , krillin, the ox king and chi-chi are seen in the waiting room.

Ox king: wow master I still can't beat you after all these years.

krillin: If I could not beat you there is no way I can hope to beat master.

chi-chi: of course you couldn't beat my dad your not even a good fighter I bet I could beat you.

krillin: oh really , I would wipe the floor with you.

Master Roshi: oh stop it you two. (Master Roshi says as he pops krillin on the head)

Ox king: ya Chi-Chi, krillin is a really good fighter he is stronger then I was at his age.

chi-chi: humm! (chi-chi says in a snobby way)

the door to the waiting room is smashed open as Yamcha walks in.

Yamcha: It does not matter what one of you are stronger, because I am the strongest one here.

a voice in the distance is heard (Will Master roshi and Yamcha come to the ring.)

Yamcha: Well after you, old man"

Power Levels
Master roshi - 148
Ox king- 112

Announcer: yes the time has finally arrived to decide who is the world's strongest martial artist, in one corner we have the deadly Desert bandit Yamcha! And in the opposite corner the man holding the 200-year-old legend of being the world's greatest martial artist the one the only turtle hermit master roshi !

(The crowd goes wild)

Announcer: Will Master roshi live up to his legend or will Yamcha snuff it out, you could only find out here at the 21st World Martial Arts Tournament!


Yamcha: well old man I'll let you attack me first so go on and atta-

Yamcha was interrupted mid-speech as master roshi planted his right fist deep into the gut of Yamcha sending Yamcha spiraling in midair across the ring before hitting a wall and falling to the ring.

Yamcha: wh... what was that?

master roshi: I believe I will let you get the next hit in to be fair of course.

Yamcha: fine you're going to regret this old man.

As Yamcha starts to run towards master roshi he begins to gather Ki in his body and yell the words.

Yamcha: Wolf Fang Fist!

Yamcha delivers a flurry of strong kicks, chops, and punches at his opponent, before he is once again flung back by one of roshi's attacks.

Yamcha: dam you!

Puar: look Yamcha a full moon now is your chance to give it to that old man.

Yamcha looks with glared eyes at the newly risen full moon as he then smiles.

Yamcha: your time is up.

master roshi not caring what Yamcha says or does charges in for a second attack, he delivers three well-placed shots to the torso before fiercely Ki pushing his opponent across the ring.

Yamcha stands there arms dangling to his sides, upper body drooped down, knees bent and head hung low.

Announcer: what is this Yamcha has passed out standing up?

Puar's voice is heard throughout the stadium.

Puar: no you fool, Yamcha is no longer in this tournament!

As those words are spoken Yamcha's head rises as the rest of the body follows and then a wild howl is released.

master roshi: what have you become?

Long feral hair is seen covering Yamcha's body.

Sharp fingernails are seen as a set of fangs are revealed within the mouth of Yamcha.

Announcer: oh my what has happened to Yamcha it's like he's become a werewolf.

Puar: exactly.

Yamcha charges at master roshi with intent to kill, a paw like hand connects with the face of master roshi slicing skin from his cheek. roshi jumps back but the beast that was once Yamcha quickly follows and lunges in for a bite right at the neck of roshi, but as the fangs bite down no meat is between them as the image of master roshi fades out. As Yamcha looks around he sees several roshi's standing in different poses and positions all around the ring.

krillin: wow the after image technique why didn't I use that in my match.

Attack after attack the werewolf like Yamcha strikes nothing, until suddenly all the images start to chant the words Ka Me Ha Me...

Master roshi: HA!

all false images fade away revealing the one true roshi and his Kamehameha that is headed straight towards Yamcha.

the powerful Kamehameha wave hits the werewolf Yamcha, sending him flying out of the ring on to the grass.

Announcer: oh my, a ring out.

the Announcers words fade away as the werewolf jumps back into the ring and charges at master roshi with a taste for blood on his lips.

Announcer: Yamcha I said the match is over!

the Announcers words fall on deaf ears as Yamcha continues to charge at master roshi with claws drawn.

Master roshi sensing the unrelenting beast inside Yamcha takes a deep breath and exhales as his muscles bulge.

Master roshi: Yhaaaaaa!

Yamcha dives in to maul his opponent.

as Yamcha is in mid-air Master roshi spins out-of-the-way but then grabs the Clothing of Yamcha as he continues to spin, he then releases Yamcha sending him into the air, roshi then jumps to follow.



as the two battle in mid-air Master roshi clearly has the edge, until a mouth full of fangs findes there way around the neck of roshi.

Master roshi: Ahhhhh!

as Master roshi screams in pain he thinks to himself (I must do it at this point If I dont I will die, at least if I do this we both have a slim chance to survive)

Master roshi: Ultimate Thunder Shock Surprise!

A huge bolt of lightning crashes down from the sky strikeing both Master roshi and the werewolf Yamcha before sending them crashing to the ground.

Chapter End
Power levels
Master roshi 148 (powerd up)- 156
Yamcha 89 (Werewolf)- 140