Chapter 5 the Dragon balls

"Yamcha ... Yamcha are you awake..." the voice of Puar is heard as the eyes of Yamcha slowly open to reveal to himself that he is no longer fighting, but in the hospital. "Puar what happend?" ... "oh Yamcha! I am so glad you are alright" Puar yells as he spins in joy. "yes Puar I am fine nothing to worrry about, so tell me did I lose because I sure feel like it," Yamcha says as he holds one of his many broken bones in pain. "well after you turned in to the wolf you and Master Roshi were pertty even, until he used his legendary kamehameha to knock you out of the ring, But then you got back up and attacked him again, you almost killed him, but he stopped you by shocking you both." ... Yamcha speechless ... "and after that you both crashed to the ground like rag dolls, but unlike you Roshi got up within seconds and clamed his title with a smile and a wave" Puar told the gloomy Yamcha.

"Oh and as we were leaving for the hospital he wanted me to tell you not to continue walking down the path you are on, but the one across the way." As Puar told Yamcha this his gloomy face was replaced with one of rage "THAT Bastard! who does he think he is" yelled Yamcha.

- Miles away-

Master Roshi, Krillin, Turtle, The Ox king and Chi-Chi all celebrate at Kame house over food and drink. "Ha ha 50,000 zeni to think all the videos and magazines I could buy with this" Roshi yells as everyone falls down in embarrassment. As the party continues into the late day a hovercraft lands on the shore of Roshi Island. "what was that" Krillin says as he lookes in wonder "ah master were you expecting company? "company what are you talking about Krillin" Roshi asks as he gets up and looks out the window, and to his surprise he sees a hot babe on his island. Master Roshi is seen quickly running out of his house in a panic to meet this young lady he is no longer wearing his fighting gi but must've quickly changed into a suit and tie, "well well hello there" Master Roshi greets the lady as he looks her up and down " I am Master Roshi and this is my island yes yes I own my own island" Roshi says trying to impress this girl "Hum pretty small if you ask me at least compared to the ones my daddy owns." Roshi gets a bit flustered at his charm not working to win over this hot babe, "well anyway my name is Bulma, and I've come here because I think you have something that I'm looking for" Bulma pulls out a suitcase that reveals 5,000,000 zeni "and am willing to buy it too." ... Everyone looks an amazement at how much money there is Roshi now sweating a bit and pulling at his collar for air questions Bulma what she's is looking for, "well it's called a Dragon Ball it grants anyone wish if you gather all seven of them" she then reveals three Dragon balls that she is carrying. "Ah Master I think I may have buried one of those quite some years ago somewhere on the beach" turtle says everyone looks at turtle in anger in wonder "dam you turtle why would you do such a thing!?" Roshi yells "well I don't really know" says turtle as everyone once again falls down in embarrassment.

"Well it looks like there is only one thing to do now" says Krillin as he starts to dig, "well actually I have a radar that can tell me exactly were the ball is" Bulma tells Krillin as she pulls out a pocket watch sized radar. Beep beep! " Ah there it is, ok little boy dig over there" says Bulma, "the names Krillin." Krillin quickly begins to dig
"wow you must of buried this pretty deep turtle" says Krillin from the depths of Roshi Island, a few minutes pass "found it!" yells Krillin.

"wow so your telling me you will pay me 5,000,000 zeni for this one ball" Master Roshi questions Bulma "well yes I mean I do get a wish after I get the rest,"
"But how can you afford to do this?" The ox King questions Bulma "well I am the daughter of the founder of The Capsule Corporation after all"... Everyone stares in shock. "Well then Master Roshi do we have a deal?" "yes oh yes we sure do" Roshi exclaims in joy, "well I best be on my way then" as Bulma begins to leave
Chi-Chi's curiosity gets the best of her and she asks Bulma what her wish will be... "oh for the world's best boyfriend of course" everyone but Bulma and Chi-Chi fall down in embarrassment.

As Bulma leaves to find the Dragon balls and The Ox King and Chi-Chi return home Krillin starts up training as Master Roshi tries to decide what he should do with all his money.

-Days pass-

"Master... Master...Master Master!" yells Krillin "what is it Krillin!" Master Roshi yells back "when are we going to train some more in a minute Krillin I still need to decide what to do with all this money" ... "but master you have been saying that for the last two days" Krillin response. After a few more days of Krillin and Master Roshi getting on each other's nerves Roshi sends Krillin on a training journey to travel across the earth and help anyone in need through his travels and he is not to return until one year has passed.

End of chapter.