This is a joint challenge issued by Joldino-Sidestreaker and Haunted Darkling.

Supernatural/Twilight Bella Bashing

Pairing: Any, bonus points for slash


Bella is a 1500 year old hagg/witch who marked bella swan when she was born as a potential victim of her want of youth. When the actual bella grew up and was about to move to forks, the hagg ate her and gained her appearance. The hagg wants the _ of a werewolf and the_ (Your own idea) of a vampire to become a fully youthful witch. You may follow the storyline of twilight and new moon, until the end of eclipse when newborns are about to attack.

Billy had called in his nephews Sam and Dean to help with the newborn army, however due to the apocalypse they arrive late, Sam was not cast into the pit with Lucifer neither was Adam and Michael. Your choice if Adam goes with them or not. (The boys know they have wolf in them and have transformed, that's why they are so powerful. If Adam goes, he may transform into a werewolf.)

When they arrived at billy's place they met with Carlisle, whom they have met before, and the wolves, they find something odd about Bella/Hagg and they point the reformed colt at her and ask what she is.

The way the newly reformed cult came about was when the angels and Lucifer left the Winchesters bodies they retained the memories of how to make a new cult and a large amount of amo.

You may continue how you like and let us know if you write this. We would love to read it.