Saving the world

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Chapter 6 - On Another Level

"We are Pein. And we are here to capture you, Jinchuuriki." the man said, purple eyes glowing.

Naruto was about to retort when the Kyuubi interrupted him.

"Naruto don't be careless. His eyes..are powerful. I have known only one other person to have them in my lifetime and that was the Sage of the Six Paths." The Kyuubi informed Naruto in a serious voice.

Naruto's eyes widened in shock.

"The Sage!? The man who pretty much created you and all the other tailed beasts?" Naruto asked hesitantly, not sure if he wanted to hear the answer. The Kyuubi had filled Naruto in about his past, including that of his creator; the Sage of the Six Paths.

Even though Naruto couldn't see the Kyuubi, he could almost feel the fox nodding.

"The very same. Don't worry though, the chances of this man or this group being as strong as the Sage is incredibly minute. The Sage was a being on another level, even to me."

Naruto mentally sighed in relief, but his relief was cut short by the Kyuubi's next statement.

"Needless to say, anyone possessing those eyes are going to be extremely powerful. Don't get cocky Naruto, you may have to go all out." the demon fox warned.

"OK thanks for the heads up Kyuubi. I have to get on with it now though." Naruto finished before refocusing on the situation at hand.

Naruto tore his gaze away from the purple-eyed man in front of him to look around him. While they were in a pretty big paved, empty courtyard, he knew that for a fight of this calibre it wouldn't be safe fighting in the village.

He glanced behind him at his shell-shocked team-mate who was still on her knees breathing hard. He didn't blame her; she had just been nearly choked to death. She would have died if he hadn't arrived in time. Just the thought of it nauseated Naruto and he closed his eyes briefly closed in pain.

'There's no way I'm gonna let that happen again. I'll die before he lays another hand on her.' he thought angrily.

Naruto turned back to look at the emotionless man in front of him.

"Guess there's no way around it then, we will have to fight. Not that I mind at all, I will eliminate anyone that threatens the lives of those I care about." Naruto said quietly.

The orange haired man's face remained impassive in the face of Naruto's challenge.

"I care nothing for your motives, nor your feelings." replied the man calmly. "You do not stand a chance against us, so no matter how hard you fight or how hard you try, you will be defeated and captured."

Sakura had gotten past her oxygen deprived daze and was now looking up at Naruto worriedly. She knew she was by no means a weak ninja, especially in the category of brute strength. However the strange man who had attacked her had completely overpowered her, seemingly without exerting any effort at all. She didn't even want to imagine how powerful the man could be if he tried. And now Naruto had to fight six of them, at once. It hurt to admit it to herself, but as much as she wanted to help Naruto, Sakura somehow knew there wasn't much she would be able to do in this fight.

She started, suddenly shaking her head and forcing herself to get up.

'Stop being weak! It doesn't matter if I can't do much to help him, I still have to try!' she scolded herself mentally as she staggered up next to her team-mate.

Naruto intense glare immediately transformed into one of concern as he felt Sakura take a fighting position next to him.

"Sakura.. I'm sorry but you need to sit this one out. You're still partially in shock and are in no condition to fight." Naruto said to his pink-haired friend, laying a hand tenderly on her shoulder.

Sakura shook her head vigorously and raised her hand to cover Naruto's hand, squeezing it gently before trying to let it off her shoulder.

"No Naruto. I appreciate your concern but I'm going to fight with you this time. When were back in Team 7 it was always you and Sasuke that fought our enemies and I just hung back being useless. While you were gone I trained as hard as I could with Tsuande-sensei so I would be able to fight with you when you got back. Let me show you that I can-"

She stopped abruptly as she felt Naruto's hand tighten on her shoulder. She looked into his azure eyes to see them full of determination and something else she couldn't quite recognise.

"Sakura." Naruto began,staring deep into her eyes, willing her to understand.

"I know that you have improved a lot over the years I've been away, that much is obvious just by looking at you. I look forward to being able to fight alongside you, but this is my fight. I have a score to settle with these Akatsuki bastards and I can tell I will need to take this fight seriously. Having someone with me while I fight seriously probably isn't a good idea. So please, let me do this alone."

At that moment both Jiraiya and Tsunade made their entrance by landing down close to the two ex Team 7 members who were both staring at each other. The two Sannin's eyes immediately drifted to six cloaked figures some ten metres away from them.

Jiraiya started as he took in the cloaks the figures were wearing.

"Akatsuki!" he exclaimed, quickly adopting a fighting stance. Jiraiya then focussed on the apparent leader of the group in front of him and his eyes widened to epic proportions.

'What the hell!? No, there's no way...' Jiraiya thought in amazement and horror.

"Yahiko..?" the toad Sannin whispered out loud.

The orange haired man in question turned his dull gaze to the two newcomers.

"That name means nothing to me. We are simply known as Pein and we are here to capture the Nine-tails Jinchuuriki." he informed the two older ninjas.

Tsunade growled slightly. "Well your not getting him, we won't let you." she said forcefully as she started to pull up her sleeves.

The mysterious group focussed their gaze on Tsunade. "Anyone in the way of our objective will be destroyed." the lead man said nonchalantly as started to raise a hand slowly.

"No!" Naruto shouted, causing everyone including Pein to look at him.

"You just want me don't you? I'll fight you alone, don't include anyone else." Naruto said looking at the Akatsuki members.

Jiraiya and Tsunade looked at Naruto in shock and anger.

"What are you saying brat? Don't be stupid and cocky! We will fight against him together with you." Jiraiya exclaimed loudly.

"That's right Naruto, we're not going to risk you getting hurt or taken away by-" Tsunade began but was cut off by Naruto's raised palm.

"I'm not being stupid or cocky. If I want to take this fight seriously I need to fight alone." Naruto said as he began to walk forward.

"Jiraiya-sensei, Tsunade-sama, I'm just asking you, for once, to trust me." Naruto asked as he stopped in front of the two Sannin, facing away from them looking at Pein.

Naruto's words hit both his elders hard. They still felt guilty about hiding things from Naruto and they knew that he didn't trust them as much any more. They both cared deeply for the blonde-haired boy and despite how they acted, they respected and trusted his judgement more than they let on.

Jiraiya clenched his fists so tightly that his course hands became white as he came to a decision.

"Fine Naruto you can fight them alone, I know what this means to you. But as soon as you seem like your in trouble we're jumping. No matter what you say."

Naruto lowered his head and smiled slightly. "Thank you, that trust means means more to me than you know. I won't betray it. Trust me again when I say I won't let anything happen to anyone I care about; I will protect this village." He said in a quiet voice full of determination.

Naruto raised his gaze to the group in front of him. "We need to change location, I will not fight where I put the villager's lives in danger. Follow me and we'll go somewhere where we won't disturb anyone." he said in a calm voice.

"It makes no difference, the outcome will still be the same." the orange haired man replied.

Naruto nodded and was just about to take off to the village gates when he was interrupted by a shout.

"Naruto!" Sakura called suddenly, causing Naruto to turn around to look at her.

Even though Sakura was prepared to let Naruto fight this 'Pein' group by himself, that wasn't to say she wasn't worried about her team-mate. In fact all she wanted to do was to run up to him and beg him not to do it and let everyone fight with him. Even after him only being back in Konoha a day and a bit, Sakura was already extremely protective of her blonde team-mate. The only reason she was letting him do this is because she wanted him to know she trusted him. She knew after the whole secrets being kept from him debacle that it was going to be hard for him to trust people again. She wanted more than anything to make him understand that he could trust and rely on her. And if this was the best way to show him then she would have to deal with him being unsafe.

"N-Naruto I.." she stuttered slightly, thinking of how she could get her feelings across to him.

"I'm not happy with this and if I'm letting you do this I'm expecting you to come back in one piece, OK?" She said in a forced happy sounding voice, smiling. However, the slight break in her voice at the end of her sentence gave away her true feelings.

Naruto sensed Sakura's worry for him and gave her a wide, happy smile. He didn't have to force it all; knowing that she was concerned about him made him inexplicably happy.

"Don't worry Sakura-chan, I don't plan on getting captured any time soon. I'll try and make sure you don't have to heal me too much." he replied with his old trademark 'thumb up and grinning' sign. He then abruptly jumped onto a nearby rooftop and sped away towards the village wall with Pein in hot pursuit.

Sakura gazed after him with wide eyes, blushing slightly. She hadn't missed the suffix Naruto had added onto the end of her name and she couldn't stop herself from thinking that she like hearing it. A lot. It made her happy to see him behave somewhat like his old self again; she had missed his antics more than she had realised.

Tsunade glanced over to her apprentice. Despite the situation, seeing the girl slightly red-faced and staring vacantly at where Naruto had been a second earlier made her grin.

'She's falling for him and she probably doesn't even realise it yet, silly girl.' Tsunade thought chuckling.

Refocussing on the task at hand she began to walk towards Sakura.

"Sakura!" Tsunade called, bringing the pink haired girl out of her daze.

"Yes! Sorry Tsunade-sensei." Sakura exclaimed flustered, turning to face her teacher.

Biting back a grin, Tsunade pointed after the quickly shrinking forms of Naruto and Pein.

"Even if I agreed to not interfere with his fight, I'll be damned if I'm not there to jump in if I need to. You OK to travel fast?" The Hokage asked Sakura.

Sakura nodded her head vigorously. She was planning to go after Naruto anyway, regardless of what her teacher said. She was happy to have some back up.

"Sure thing Tsunade-sensei!" Sakura exclaimed before immediately shooting off in pursuit of her friend.

Jiraiya chuckled as he and Tsunade watched Sakura take off so fast she left an after-image.

"She cares about the boy a lot doesn't she?" Jiraiya asked Tsunade without looking at her.

Tsunade smiled at the question. "More than she realises. Now come on you old pervert or we'll get left behind." she answered.

Without bothering to retort to the less than respectable nickname, Jiraiyi quickly bit his thumb hard enough to draw blood.

"You go after them now, I have to do something quickly first." he said before slamming an open palm into the ground.

Kakashi was spending an uneventful morning doing paperwork. He sighed for the hundredth time, wishing (for the hundredth time) that something would happen so he didn't have to spend any more time filling out tedious forms.

As if his thoughts were heard by some higher being, there was a slight knock on his window. Kakashi sat up, curiously pulling back the curtains to find an out of breath frog sitting on his windowsill with a scroll on its back.

'A message from Jiraiya-sama, I wonder what he could want.' Kakashi mused as he let the exhausted frog in.

Instead of explaining itself, the frog instead opted to flop face first onto Kakashi's desk and then refuse to move.

Kakashi grinned slightly at the frog before untying the scroll from its back to read.

His eyes widened as took in the scroll's information. In less than twenty seconds after finishing reading, Kakashi was fully decked out in his ninja outfit and shooting out of his window.

Shikamaru yawned as he walked through Konoha's huge gates into his home village. His mission that had taken the past two weeks had been a complete waste of time according to him. Him and Asuma, his sensei, had been instructed to patrol around the fire country near Konoha, looking around for any signs of Akatsuki movements. After talking to countless people and walking for more miles than even Shikamaru's brain could count, their search had come up fruitless.

Shikamaru sighed. "Well I'm glad to see the end of that troublesome mission." he said in his usual monotone voice.

Asuma laughed. "Well for once I agree with you Shikamaru. That mission was indeed..troublesome." he said grinning at the use of his student's favourite word.

Shikamaru was about to reply when something out of the corner of his eye caught his attention.

He stopped dead in his tracks as he saw a blonde haired cloaked figure apparently being chased by 6 other figures across the rooftops in patterned cloaks which looked suspiciously like the signature getup of the Akatsuki.

Asuma noticed his student stop walking and turned to look at him. As he saw Shikamaru's wide eyed gaze, Asuma quickly searched for what Shikamaru was looking at. His reaction was much the same as his shocked student.

The spectacle became even more unbelievable as now a pink-haired girl who could only have been Sakura could be seen trailing behind the initial chasers, who was then followed by Jiraiya the Toad Sannin and the Hokage who seemed to be having a race to see who could run faster over the rooftops.

Asuma was the first to be able to make his mouth function properly.

"Shikamaru, I will go after them to find out first hand what the hell is going on. Either way it seems Akatsuki has invaded the village and they're going to need as much help as they can get. You go and get your team mates and their jounin sensei and then follow after me. They seem to be trying to get outside the village." Asuma ordered professionally, living up to his rank of Jounin.

Shikamaru simply nodded and ran off in the opposite direction to his sensei, trying to wrap his big brain around what he had just seen and what it entailed. Then something hit him.

'Was that Naruto?!'

Ten minutes of extremely fast paced running and jumping later, Naruto thought he had finally came across an appropriate battle field ahead of him. He had increased his pace after he had exited the village and so had his chasers to keep up. Naruto was slightly impressed; it wasn't like he was using flash step, but it was still quite a feat to keep up with him when he was travelling this fast. He had noticed that Sakura, Tsunade and Jiraiya had been left far behind them.

Naruto pushed himself to a greater speed as he approached the large ridge/cliff in front of him and pushed off into a chakra infused jump as he reached the edge. As Naruto flew though the air he surveyed his surroundings, nodding in appreciation. It was as he had thought; he had come across a huge, circular rocky basin. It looked to be about a kilometre in diameter and had a high ridge around the edge. The basin itself looked like a desolate plain; it was almost completely flat all the way across and completely devoid of any green.

Even though Naruto covered a large amount of with his jump, he still needed to continue running hard to reach the centre of the plain. When he reached the middle he came to a stop and waited for his enemy to reach him.

He didn't have long to wait. The 6 cloaked orange-haired figures stopped about twenty metres away from him a few seconds later. Naruto noticed that like himself, the mysterious group in front of him was barely breathing hard at all.

'I can tell they're strong, but there's definitely something strange about them.' Naruto thought as he stared at his enemies. 'There's six of them but they don't act like separate people. In fact only one of them has talked at all. The rest of them seem to simultaneously act, almost as if they have someone controlling them...I guess I'll find out soon enough.'

" There's a few things I'd like to know before we start this." Naruto called across the distance between between him and Pein.

"You've told me your name is Pein." Naruto continued. "But your a group of people, not one person. Who, or what, are you? And what are your motives? I know Akatsuki are trying to capture all of the tailed beasts, but why are you doing this? What's in it for you?"

There was a slight pause before the designated speaker of the group answered him.

"We are not singular, we are simply Pein. We are an entity that has risen above the level of ordinary beings to achieve our goals. I am the leader of the group Akatsuki and I feel no need to tell you anything apart from that." The man replied in a dull voice.

Naruto gritted his teeth. 'This is the Akatsuki leader? There's no doubt about his strength now.' he thought apprehensively.

Something else from what the said hit him. 'A being on a level above the ordinary? I guess I'll have to test that out for myself.' Naruto thought, baring a slightly wolfish grin.

"OK talking time is over." Naruto called suddenly. "Get ready."

Naruto spread his legs slightly, ready to move, but before he could one of the group spilt off making quick hand seals.

"Kuchiyose no Jutsu!" the man yelled before slamming his hand into the ground.

Naruto held back, content now to let his enemy make the first move to attack. His eyes widened slightly as there were two huge puffs of smoke and two extremely large charging rhinos appeared from the smoke.

'Interesting, I didn't expect that.' thought Naruto. 'I wonder if they all do different things, that would explain why there's a group of them.

Naruto stood still and watched as the two gigantic animals spilt apart and closed down on him from either side. It was this moment when Sakura, Jiraiya and Tsunade finally arrived at the edge of the ridge. Sakura's eyes widened as she saw the monsters charging towards a stationary figure that could only be Naruto. Jiraiya sensed her panic and laid a hand on her shoulder.

"I'm sure that Naruto has something in mind, don't worry. One thing I learnt while training him is that he is actually a lot more intelligent than people believe. Just believe in him and watch." Jiraiya said reassuringly.

Sakura felt herself calm down a bit, not much though, and resumed staring at Naruto willing him to move.

Back down on the battlefield, Naruto could almost feel the breath of the two creatures they were so close. Their humongous horns were lowered so the points would drive straight into him. Strangely though, Naruto grinned.

"Sorry." he said calmly. "This won't be enough."

Just as the tips of the creature's horns came with touching distance, Naruto threw up both his arms on either side and blocked incoming horns with his bare palms. Even though the monstrosities smashed into Naruto with incredible force, Naruto's hands did not move an inch under the impact.

The creatures were forced into a dead stop after running at full pelt. The outcome of this was both the huge animal's necks snapping under the pressure, causing both summons to dissapear in two puffs of smoke.

The leader of the group who had remained unmoving, expressed emotion for the first time by slightly widening his eyes. Stopping such a force with nothing but bare hands without moving at all; this man was strong.

Naruto looked up still grinning. "My turn." he said before disappearing to a loud swishing noise before everyone's eyes.

Naruto immediately reappeared in front the Pein member that had summoned the rhinos. The man couldn't react fast enough as Naruto ploughed a fist into his stomach, sending the man flying backwards.

Even the punch connected another, broader man appeared behind Naruto, trying to kick Naruto in the back. Naruto immediately flash stepped behind the man, effectively dodging the kick and then going for one of his own.

Much to Naruto's surprise, the man shot an arm to his side, blocking the kick without even turning around.

Naruto's eyes widened then narrowed as he jumped backwards, disengaging.

'Something's not right. There's no way he could have seen that kick coming.' Naruto thought looking around at the other members of Pein that were watching him intently.

'I wonder if they all have some sort of telepathic connection? That would explain why he was able to block that kick without looking.' Naruto deduced mentally.

Naruto held his hands out to his side forming two Rasengan, one in each hand. 'Time to see what happens when I attack the leader.' he thought before running forward and disappearing into another flash step.

As Naruto disappeared, one of cloaked men positioned himself in front of the 'leader'.

No sooner had he moved Naruto reappeared, slamming one Rasengan into the man in front of his target. Strangely though, his Rasengan seemed to be having no effect. Naruto gasped as he saw his spiralling orb being sucked into a forcefield around the man. Naruto quickly deduced that this man's power must have something to do with absorbing attacks.

Thinking on the spot, Naruto slammed his other Rasengan into the ground in front of the man. Naruto escaped the resulting explosion by flashstepping to the man's side, who was now distracted by the pieces of high speed rock that was flying towards him. Naruto quickly sent the man flying with spinning kick, already forming another Rasengan in his hand. As his feet hit the ground, Naruto disappeared and reappeared next to his original target, swinging the Rasengan towards the leader.

The man in question, however, did not seem worried by the fact that he had a spinning ball of chakra headed for his face. Instead his lifted both of arms quickly and shouted "Shinra Tensei!"

A wave of pure power push outwards from the man, hitting Naruto straight on and throwing him violently up into the air. Sakura's heart missed a beat as she saw Naruto's form being thrown into the air like a rag doll. Her hopes had been high when she saw Naruto stop the summons with his bare hands, but now that she saw him being overpowered she was back into her panic mode. Despite the obvious risk and power difference, all she wanted to do was to run down there and smash the weird eyed man's face in. Only the grip of Jiraiya's strong hand on her shoulder stopped her from moving. Tsunade and Jiraiya watched on in silence, not outwardly showing what they were feeling.

Despite being hit full frontal by Pein's attack, Naruto still managed to land on his feet, albeit panting with blood running from the corner of his mouth.

"Cheh" Naruto said as he spat a gob of blood onto the ground. "I wasn't expecting that. You've got some pretty unique abilities there. I guess it's time for me to get a bit serious aswell."

Naruto raised his right arm and touched the left side of his collarbone, right where his chakra seal was.

"Fuu, houmen!" Naruto exclaimed forcefully, causing the seal beneath his cloak to disappear. The effect was immediate. A wave of immense chakra pushed out from Naruto, causing the wind to pick up and swirl around at insane speeds all across the battlefield. The buffetting winds blew over the edge of the ridge, forcing the spectators to take a step backwards. It was Sakura's first time experiencing Naruto's full chakra first-hand; to say she was shocked was an understatement.

'W-what the hell? How can Naruto possibly have this much chakra? It's like the times when the Kyuubi's chakra took over him, but it doesn't seem evil or oppressive. It's just insane!' Sakura thought, bewildered.

Clearly someone else shared her thoughts. "What in the name of Kami was that!?" came a shout from behind them.

The three spectators turned around in surprise to see Asuma approaching them, closely followed by quite a large group of people. Shikamaru, Ino, Chouji, Kiba, Lee, Hinata, Neji, TenTen of the Konoha 11 were approaching along with Kakashi and Maito Gai.

"That" said Jiraiyai proudly as the group rushed to join them at the ridge overlooking the basin, "was Naruto's full chakra being released."

All of the newcomers, aside from Kakashi, turned and stared at him like there was something wrong with him. Shikamaru, being informed of Naruto's return on the way to the fight, spoke up.

"How could that have been Naruto's chakra!? it was monstrous!" he questioned loudly. The blood drained from his face as a thought hit him. "It isn't..the Kyuubi is it?" he asked in a much quieter and more panicked voice.

Tsunade answered his question by shaking her head. "No, I don't know if you've experienced the Kyuubi's chakra before, but the one you just felt was distinctly different. There's no evil taint to it at all. This is the result of Naruto and the Kyuubi working together; this is both of their chakras mixed as one." the Hokage informed the group.

As the group tried to absorb this information, Kakashi spoke up.

"I don't mean to sound rude, but why aren't you helping him. He's apparently fighting people from Akatsuki and we're just up here watching?" he demanded in an unusually annoyed tone.

Jiraiya started to explain but was interrupted by Sakura.

"Naruto said he needed to fight alone this time." she said quietly, biting her lip. "This means a lot to him, so we are trusting him this time and he trusts us to respect his wishes. He's had his trust in people broken enough already don't you think Kakashi-sensei?"

Even though Sakura wasn't accusing Kakashi, he still flinched at her words. He was still regretting the fact that Naruto had been kept in the dark about Akatsuki and Gaara. Even though he was actually ordered to not tell Naruto he still felt partly responsible.

He lowered his head slightly. "Sakura's right, if this is what he wants then we should respect his wishes. We just have to believe in him."

The group all nodded reluctantly and took their positions along the edge to watch the fight, all hoping that Naruto managed to win and emerge unscathed. One person though, was hoping more than the rest.

Back down on the basin floor, Naruto's insane chakra had finally stabilized The air around him was still whirling around slightly, causing his cloak to flutter out behind him. The only obvious change to Naruto was that his whites of his eyes were now glowing golden, matching his hair.

Naruto grinned, it felt good to let his chakra loose once in a while, he hadn't done it for weeks. He cracked his neck nonchalantly, all pain from Pein's attack gone.

Even though there was no sign of it, Pein was surprised and slightly impressed by the chakra that Naruto was emitting. It was at the level of a Jinchuuriki that was totally paired with its Bijuu, perhaps even more so. Yet the boy had not transformed into a Bijuu like he knew other Jinchuurikis did when they released this level of chakra.

'This something else.' was the thought that drifted through the minds of members of Pein.

The leader spoke up. "Impressive chakra boy. How did you achieve it without releasing you Bijuu?" the man asked uncharacteristically.

Naruto smiled. "Let's just say I have a very good relationship with my inner demon." Naruto replied. "But I don't think you should be worrying about things like that right now."

Naruto's right hand dropped to the thin hilt of his sword. He pulled it slowly from the it's holder on his waist. Drawing the black sword out completely, Naruto lifted the sword and pointed it directly at the leader.

"You have some annoying abilities I'll grant you, but I have a suspicion that each one of you can only use one specific power; like summoning or that absorbing forcefield. The one of you with the forcefield moved in front of you to absorb the attack aimed at you. If you had that ability yourself he wouldn't of had to cover you. Also you all seem to be connected somehow, because each one of you seem to know where I am without looking at me directly. So I guess the simplest way to get around these problems is to just eliminate you one by one." Naruto deduced out loud.

The leader's eyes widened dramatically. This boy had been able to figure out so much about them in just a few minutes of combat. No-one had ever been able to analyse his abilities that fast.

In Naruto's head the Kyuubi was chuckling.

"About damn time boy, I've been waiting for you to let loose a bit. It's been too long." the Kyuubi said grinning.

'Sorry to keep you waiting Kyuubi.' Naruto replied, chuckling inwardly.

Naruto continued to stare into the leader's eyes. "You better take this seriously from now on." Naruto commented in a quiet, confident voice.

The leader's emotionless mask shifted slightly as his eyes narrowed in anger. "Don't get cocky brat!" he yelled before breaking into a fast run, tearing across the field towards Naruto. As he neared Naruto the man pulled a short, black rod looking weapon from his sleeve and proceeded to lunge forward with it, intent on impaling it through Naruto's chest.

Naruto didn't even blink as he swung his one handed sword in short arc to intercept the incoming weapon. The leader's eyes widened as he saw his weapon sliced in half by the blonde Jinchuuriki's sword like it was butter. Wasting no time, the purple eyed man raised his hands shouting "Shinra Tensei!"

In response, Naruto swung his katana to meet the encroaching wave of power. As the two opposing forces clashed, chunks of earth below the combatants feet were ripped from the ground and flung aside in great volume. Naruto gritted his teeth as he pushed as much chakra as he could into his sword, causing the sword to become enveloped in a swirling black aura. Tense moments passed as both parties tried to overcome each other.

Suddenly, the Pein leader was thrown backwards with great force as Naruto's sword overcame his pushing forcefield accompanied by an explosion that rocked the area. Naruto shot forward to press the advantage but was cut off by some large, multiple headed dog summons. Naruto growled at the setback, but that's all the summons were; minor setbacks. Naruto became a blur as he flash stepped past the dogs, who disappeared into clouds of smoke as they went from two full dogs to four halves.

Finished with the summons, Naruto continued his rush at the leader of the group. However he was once again cut off by more of the dog summons. Naruto jumped back with narrowed eyes; there was now four snarling multiple headed dogs charging at him. With a combination of Rasengan and blistering sword slashes Naruto managed to kill the four dogs in under ten seconds.

He jumped backwards putting some distance between him and Pein. He was already suspicious that that wasn't the end of the dog summons and he wasn't dissapointed. This time eight dogs poofed into existence, ready to try and tear him apart.

'Every time I kill one, two more take its place no matter how fast I kill them.' Naruto hypothesised.

"I don't have time to play around any more." growled Naruto, annoyed. He held out his sword at arms length, pointing it past the advancing animals at the person who had summoned them. His sword began to emit the same swirling black aura as Naruto focussed his chakra into it. Naruto waited until the dogs were almost upon before acting.

"Kagemori!" Naruto shouted.

No sooner had he spoken when a pitch black shaft of energy the same thickness as his sword shot out from his blade at a ballistic speed, instantly impaling 3 of the attacking dogs and the member of Pein that had summoned them who was standing over fifty metres away. There was a slight pause as the dog summons halted their movements and then poofed out of existence.

Both the members of Pein and the spectators of the looked on in shock; it seemed to everyone that Naruto's sword has just extended to over fifty metres faster than anyone could see. The Pein member that had been impaled through the chest lifted up a shaking hand to try and grip the blade of energy to pull it out. He immediately realised his mistake when as saw as his hand came into contact with the blade he received a deep cut across his palm.

The leader of the group removed his gaze from the sight of the impaled man to look across at Naruto, who was stilling holding his sword at arms length.

"What is that ability boy?" questioned the ripple-eyed man, curiosity piqued.

Naruto gave a slight, proud smile. "This is my own original technique I came up with while I was training. I collect large amounts of chakra in my sword and then release it, forcing it to retain the shape of my blade. The result of the chakra being forced into such a small and thin shape is that it incredibly sharp and fast to shoot out. This is actually my first time using it in a real fight, you should be honoured." Naruto explained.

Finishing his speech, Naruto suddenly jerked his wrist causing his sword to cut diagonally downwards, running through the unfortunate man's chest and carving him into two pieces.

'One down, five to go.' thought Naruto somewhat triumphantly as his chakra infused blade returned to its normal length.

His victorious feeling didn't last long however, as one of the Pein members that hadn't engaged in the fight yet stepped forward. Naruto eyes narrowed as a large demonic looking face suddenly came into view next to the Pein member that he had killed. Suddenly the large head's mouth opened, sucking up the two pieces of the dead Akatsuki man. A few moments passed as the mouth closed and began to glow. Second later it opened again and, much to Naruto's shock, the man that he had previously killed walked out as if nothing had ever happened.

The leader of the group decided to speak up. "It does not matter how strong you think you are Jinchuuriki. We are on another level entirely to people like you. I'll congratulate you on the fact that you managed to indeed kill one of us, but it matters not when we can revive them in a matter of moments. You can not seem to see the difference in the levels of power between us, but I do not blame you. Someone of your calibre could not even begin to-" The man's bragging session was cut off as Naruto disappeared from his view.

"The difference in our powers you say? You're right, there is a difference." Naruto said, his voice coming from behind the leader.

The orange-haired man whirled around to see Naruto standing a few metres away from him with an overly large swirling Rasengan in one hand and his katana in the other. Naruto pulled his arm back, ready to smash the sphere of chakra into the man's face when the Pein member that could absorb attacks appeared in front of him, ready to absorb the spinning orb. Naruto just grinned; they had played right into his hands. Naruto suddenly fizzled out of existence, shocking all the Pein members.

"Sokuryoku Bushin. Another original technique that's made possible by flash stepping. What you just saw there was an after image." Naruto's voice explained, coming from about twenty metres away, behind the man that could apparently revive people from the dead. Six pairs of eyes barely had time to register where the blonde-haired boy was when Naruto smashed the real oversized ball of chakra into the man's back. The man didn't even have time to scream as his body was disintegrated by the immense chakra tearing at him.

As the man completely disappeared, Naruto stood up straight, swinging his sword over his shoulder and smiling as if nothing had happened.

"If my theory's right about each one of you having different powers, I'm guessing you can't revive each other any more." Naruto said in an amused tone. He swung his sword down in an arc so it end up hanging down by his side.

"Now." Naruto said in a much more serious manner, his eyes once again glowing golden and his chakra flaring. "Allow me to show you the difference in our power."

The spectators up on the ridge could only watch on, speechless, as Naruto literally tore through Pein's members. As soon as he finished talking Naruto disappeared, reappearing in the air above the newly revived summoner. The summoner tried desperately to make the hand signs to summon a creature in defence but wasn't quite fast enough. Naruto's blade hummed down in a deadly arc, slicing the unfortunate man's arms off at the elbow. Not even giving the man time enough to deal with the pain from his arms, Naruto threw a devastating punch at his head sending the man flying back wards. To finished him off, Naruto raised his sword like a javelin and threw it after the flying man, impaling him through the heart.

Sensing another member of Pein coming up behind him Naruto ducked, avoiding the lethal metal rod weapon that was aimed at his head. Naruto swept his right leg out, catching the man under the knees and knocking him to the floor. Pressing the advantage Naruto dropped a heavy kick into the downed man's stomach causing the ground to crack underneath him.

Before he could finish the man off, he was interrupted by a long haired member of Pein who was trying to grab his head. Deciding that he definitely did not want to find out what new ability this man possessed, Naruto flash stepped sideways away from the man's hand and launched a kick into the side of man's head. Naruto was slightly surprised when the man caught the kick with his free hand and once again lunged for his head.

Naruto didn't have time to form a Rasengan and he didn't have his sword with him so he decided to try out a new technique he had been working on. He quickly focussed chakra the same way he did for flash stepping but instead of sending the chakra to his feet and legs he sent it to his arms and hands.

It had the desired effect. Naruto's arms became a blur as repetitively punched the long haired man at speeds to fast to see with the naked eye. After with standing five seconds of this onslaught, the heavily battered and broken man fell backwards onto his still downed team mate. Naruto used this opportunity of not being attacked to build up a powerful attack to kill both men at the same time.

A tiny whirling ball of chakra appeared in the palm of right hand, getting consistently larger and darker. By the time the ball was the size of a normal Rasengan it was almost completely black. Raising the spiralling orb above his head Naruto shouted "Omoi Rasengan!" before slamming it down upon the semi-conscious bodies of the piled up Pein members.

The rocky ground seem to turn to liquid as huge waves of rock and earth rose up and flew away from the centre of the impact, creating a large crater where now only Naruto stood. What remained of the two men after being crushed by the massive weight of Naruto's attack could hardly be described as people.

Jumping out of the crater with ease, Naruto landed and looked around and what enemies remained. Only three of six original members of Pein were left; the leader, the man who could absorb attacks, and a very strange looking person who's shape was humanoid but barely resembled a human.

Without waiting to say anything, the strange looking 'man' suddenly held up an arm which had suddenly sprouted mechanical looking attachments. The attachments proved to multiple missiles as they shot off the man's arm, careening towards the stationary Naruto.

'Shit this is tiring!' thought Naruto exasperatedly as took off at a fast pace towards his sword which was still embedded in one of the Pein's chest. Despite Naruto's speed, the missiles had almost caught up with him when Naruto reached his sword. As soon as his hand wrapped around the sword's bandaged hilt, Naruto used an excessive flash step to travel about fifty metres away from the missiles. His hopes of losing them by flash stepping far enough away were dashed when he saw the missiles change direction and started hurtling towards him again.

An idea hit him but he narrowed his eyes. 'This is gonna use up some chakra.' he thought reluctantly as he once again raised his sword up to arm's length, furrowing his eyebrows in concentration. He focused on the five missiles speeding towards, judging where they were going to be seconds later. A few moments later he tensed, yelling "Kagemori!". In the space of a second his blade extended and retracted five times, shooting out five pitch black chakra lances. All five shafts of energy hit the missiles, causing them to explode simultaneously.

Not finished yet though, Naruto held his arm out, pointing his sword to his side without turning to look. The Pein member that had launched the missiles was nearly one hundred metres away didn't even have time to react as he was impaled through the forehead by a hundred metre long shadow lance. The next moment, the strange mechanical Pein went out the same way that was of his team-mates had; cleaved into two pieces.

Naruto only paused for a second in astonishment when the man didn't erupt in a shower of blood, but mechanical parts. Shaking his head in wonder, Naruto crouched slightly and shot towards the leader once again, hoping to catch him unawares. Naruto didn't want this attack to be a repeat of last time, so instead of attacking with his sword he charged up an Oodama Rasengan with one hand to test out how the leader's pushing forcefield reacted to ninjutsu techniques.

Before he could reach the leader however, the other last remaining Pein member intercepted him, putting himself in front of the leader.

'I'm getting seriously sick of this guy' Naruto thought with gritted teeth while his Rasengan was reduced to nothing by the man's absorbing forcefield.

Naruto jumped back, thoroughly annoyed. He gripped his sword tight in his hands and made the typical two finger seal with his other hand. This was a way of channelling and focussing his chakra that he had discovered during his training. Because the seal wasn't being used to perform any jutsus it just drew out chakra. Something that would be considered a waste to most people who tried to conserve their chakra as much as they could. For Naruto though, it was a perfect way of channelling his immense chakra reserves.

After a few moments of concentration Naruto looked up at the man standing ten metres away.

"Absorb this." Naruto said simply before disappearing in a blur of motion.

For the next five seconds all anyone could see of Naruto was a blur of after-images encircling the member of Pein, who was almost invisible through the speeding blur of after-images that Naruto left in his wake.

Suddenly Naruto reappeared in the flesh five metres away, his back to the man with his sword held at arm's length pointing diagonally towards the sky.

"Flash Step Dance: Issen Kirinuki." Naruto said calmly, as the stationary man behind him suddenly erupted blood in large quantities from all over his body, collapsing, unmoving on the ground.

Naruto swung his sword to his side, flicking the leftover blood off it. He was panting slightly from using the Flash Step Dance; it used up a lot of chakra. Even though he regained chakra incredibly fast because of his and the Kyuubi's insane combined reserves, it still took it out of him a bit using such a powerful attack. Especially one he hadn't even used in combat before.

'Well I've killed five of them anyway, which means the only one left is-'


Naruto tried to react, swinging his sword behind him to try and catch the blast. It was pointless however, this force wave was way above the level that he was hit with before. Naruto felt like he was hit with a giant fist as the giant wave of energy smashed into him, sending him skidding across the ground towards the edge of the basin. Naruto managed to slam his sword into the ground mid-spin, halting his progress instantly. Naruto got up on one knee, spitting out a mouthful of blood. He looked around him in shock; the blast wave from the leader had effected nearly a quarter of the giant basin, leaving a huge 200 metre crater in the middle of the battlefield. Naruto looked up at the fast approaching remaining Pein member running towards. The man stopped about fifty metres away from Naruto, but even from there Naruto could see the look of absolute rage of the man's face.

Naruto spoke up first however, climbing to his feet.

"Can I just ask, Pein if that's what I'm supposed to call you, why you fight? It's obvious you are incredibly powerful. Someone of your calibre should be using their powers for the greater good of this world, not helping to destroy it." Naruto asked in a serious voice.

"Shut up you ignorant brat!" the man yelled vehemently, startling Naruto.

"Do you think you are someone who gets to choose which path is good and which is bad?" the man continued in a angry, raised voice.

"By your disapproving tone of voice I can tell that you believe you walk the path of righteousness; that you fight for peace. I fight for the same thing! You think that you can actually achieve peace by fighting a one-sided fight against all others and win? That line of thinking is utterly ignorant! You will never achieve peace like that! By fighting a war and winning it what do you achieve? Nothing except causing more hatred from families and friends of the people that you killed. Your version of peace isn't real peace; it is peace only for you and your people! And it won't last! The hatred that you caused by fighting will rise up and another fight will be fought, giving birth to more hatred. The cycle is never ending! The only way to stop this endless cycle of hatred is to eradicate any reason for people to hate each other. That is my reason for fighting Uzimaki Naruto! I am a true fighter for peace and I have given everything for that cause! I have reached levels that people thought were impossible and then surpassed them. For my fight for peace, I BECAME A GOD!" the man finished the last sentence shouting in a booming voice that even carried to the spectators watching the paused fight.

Pein raised him arms slowly above his head and Naruto could feel the increase in pressure already even from a distance. Pein suddenly threw back his head.

"PLANETARY DESTRUCTION!" he screamed at the top of his lungs.

As soon as he had said the words, humongous chunks of of earth were ripped from the ground and began elevating through the air towards a spot high in the sky above the leader's head. It felt like a major earthquake had hit the area, even causing some serious tremors to reach Konoha making more than a few people start to panic.

The basin they had been fighting in was literally being torn apart and slowly but surely the circle of destruction was getting larger. Naruto, who had remained stationary on the ground thoughout the turmoil, looked up at the edge of the basin. He knew people had followed him from Konoha; he had been expecting it and he could guess from the chakra levels as to who they were. What he didn't expect was all the other people that had turned up; most of the people from the old Konoha 11 and their senseis. His jaw tightened as he saw a flash of pink-hair up on the ride, courtesy of his Kyuubi enhanced vision.

Seemingly unaware of the apocalyptal destruction happening around him, Naruto looked down at his feet. He had told everyone that this was his fight and to stay out of it, but now they were getting dragged into it by his enemies incredible power. He was sure that Jiraiya and Tsunade could fend for themselves, but he wasn't so sure about everyone else up there. Naruto suddenly felt the gravitational pull start to effect him as chunks of earth were torn out around him. He jammed his sword point first into the ground, keeping himself planted. He didn't really have that many options left; he could probably manage it as he was if he was by himself with no-one to think about, but his friends were in danger, soon to be mortal danger. Images flashed across his mind of Sakura being pulled up, screaming, towards the monolithic compacted earth ball that was forming in the sky.

'No! I won't let that happen!' Naruto thought angrily, closing his eyes briefly.

"Use it." spoke up the Kyuubi suddenly inside his head.

Naruto opened his eyes quickly. 'What, against him? I really didn't want to pull it out so early in my fights, especially with everyone watching.' Naruto replied mentally.

"Tch." the Kyuubi snorted. "It's not like your powers were going to stay a secret for long. Plus this man's monologue is irritating me. Show him our power; real power."

Naruto was silent, but he had come to a decision. The man's speech had angered him aswell. Plus the fact that wasn't going to risk any of his friends getting hurt in any way. In they did and he knew he could have prevented it, he would be driven insane with guilt.

Naruto's thoughts were interrupted by a shout from the leader of Pein who was now floating some fifty metres above the ground, hands still above his above his head controlling the massive gravitational forces.

While Naruto had been conversing with his inner demon, the ripple-eyed man had glanced down at him. Seeing Naruto with his head bowed and motionless the man had smirked, thinking Naruto was the picture of defeat.

"You see Jinchuuriki? You never stood a chance!" he yelled triumphantly. "You cannot stand up to a God, no matter how hard you try. I will defeat you and then I will make you know pain by destroying your pathetic friends that have come to see you-"

"A god you say?" Naruto questioned in a calm voice that still managed to carry across to his enemy.

Naruto continued without lifting his head, however chakra had started visibly swirling around him once again.

"You say I am ignorant in my fight for peace and that I am ignorant for believing that my path is the right one, yet you openly call yourself a god." Naruto said in the same calm, controlled voice.

Naruto's head suddenly shot up, his golden eyes ablaze with anger.

"THAT IS THE EPITOME OF IGNORANCE!" he roared. Some of the Kyuubi's chakra leaked through, giving his voice a more animalistic quality and bringing it to a lower octave.

"I can say the same thing to you that you said to me." Naruto continued in a lower voice, still keeping it loud enough to be heard above the on going maelstrom.

"What gives you the right to decide which path a person chooses to take is right? You think because you have gained incredible power and are stronger than most other people that you can call yourself a god? Don't be naive! You have become drunk on your own power and you have forgotten your place. You have forgotten the most important rule of life."

Naruto brought his sword up with his arm extended, holding the blade horizontally across in front of him.

"There is always someone stronger than you." Naruto finished quietly. He raised his other arm placing his fingertips in the flat edge of the end of his blade, which was now glowing orange to match his eyes.

The whirling chakra around him suddenly dropped off, allowing Naruto's next soft words to be audible.

"Go wild, Kurama."

Even though the watchers of the fight had been expecting some output of power from Naruto, nothing could have possibly have prepared them for what happened next. The level of chakra that exploded from Naruto made his previous chakra release seem minute in comparison. The huge chunks of earth that were rising around him were immediately decimated, dissolving to rubble instantly. The explosion of immense energy reached all corners of the giant basin and the spectators were forced to jumped back as the edge of the ridge they were perched on started to crumble on the pressure.

Pein, while still hovering stationary in the air, had eyes the size of dinner plates as he withstood the incredible pressure from being so close to the epicentre of the explosion. He tried to catch a glance at his enemy, but the Jinchuuriki was invisible in a seemingly solid spinning orb of energy.

Sakura and indeed everyone of the spectators were speechless as they tried to comprehend what was happening in front of them. They had known that Naruto had become stronger from his time training, they had even accepted that he had become incredibly strong. But none of them expected anything of this magnitude.

'He's on a completely different level to us.' thought a dazed Sakura. 'But so is that man. I've never seen a battle like this before. Their powers are so far above ours, it's almost like watching two gods fighting.'

Suddenly Naruto's chakra stabilised and a final burst of energy shot out in all directions from the blonde-haired Jinchuuriki, cracking the ground all across the battlefield. The rushing winds and swirling chakra dissipated as well, allowing Naruto to finally become visible to everyone. Though it would seem impossible, everyone's eyes widened even further. Whatever they had expected, it wasn't this.

The most noticeable thing was the nine large, white, flowing tails that were sprouting from Naruto's tail bone. The next thing was the obvious changes all over the boy's body. It was almost if he was wearing an armour of the Kyuubi's skeleton over his body, but the new body parts were completely solid as seemed to be part of him. Naruto's cloak had completely disappeared; his body now covered by the odd white skin like armour. His arms and legs were had what looked like light protective plates running down them. His hands looked normal apart from having three inch black claws that ran seamlessly off the end of his fingers. His feet were bare like his hands with similar, slightly shorter black claws protruding from where his toenails were before.

His abdomen and chest areas were free of any armour and his heavily muscled body was open to the air, as well as his neck. His shoulders had what looked like a curved white armour plate fitted to them with a twisted horn looking spike coming from each one pointing diagonally upwards. The last biggest change was his face, or more like what was on his face. Half of Naruto's head and face was as it was before, complete with spiky, blonde hair and whisker marks. The other side of his head though was covered with what looked like a mask made out of the same solid white material that covered most of his body. The half mask looked exactly like a small replica of the demon fox's face fitted for Naruto's head, complete with a long raised fox ear and the start of a muzzle and snout. The mask had an eye whole as well, where a blazing golden eye was easily visible through. Both Naruto's eyes where completely golden now except for the pupil and seemed to radiate power. Naruto's sword had also seemingly disappeared during the transformation as well.

The man who called himself Pein, meanwhile, was shaking. Shaking in fury. Naruto's previous speech had hit him hard, which had caused him to become even more enraged. He had spent most of his life pursuing his goal of peace and now this boy had made him question his beliefs and goals with a few simple sentences. Something snapped in the man and his reason went out the window.

"DIE!" he screamed as he threw his arms forward. The now insanely large compressed ball of earth and rock moved forward and started plummeting downwards in the direction that the man had signalled; down on top of Naruto.

Sakura caught her breath as she saw what the man was doing. It didn't even cross her mind that if something that large and heavy crashed into the the ground that her and the people around her were too close to be able to avoid being hit by the resulting destruction. She was only concerned with her team mates safety.

Naruto, however, did not seem concerned at all as he turned his golden gaze upwards to the fast approaching monolithic orb of earth. It was so large that the whole area around Naruto had gone dark; it had blocked out the sun. Even though nobody could hear him Naruto spoke up quietly.

"I expected more from a god." he murmured expressionlessly.

He slowly raised one hand above his head, pointing towards the epic meteor. He clawed his hand, his long black claws nearly meeting in the centre of his palm. A small ball of pitch black energy formed quickly in centre of this space, spiraling off black shaft of energy as it grew steadily larger in his clawed hand. Naruto's hand slowly unclawed as the orb of energy became larger, soon becoming triple the size of a normal Rasengan. Naruto's face remained expressionless as the huge sphere of earth came even closer. Just as it came within fifty metres of Naruto, he spoke.

"Makkuro Bijuudama." he said shortly.

The swirling orb of energy in his outstretched hand suddenly compressed to a tiny size then exploded outwards. The energy of the attack was not refined and direct like a Rasengan; it was completely raw and savage. The beam of black energy exploded outwards from Naruto's palm in a funnel like shape, enveloping all of the massive meteor heading towards him. The monolithic ball was completely torn apart and destroyed on an atomic level by the power of the huge blast. The blast itself carried on past the fragmented ball and up into the sky, growing larger the further it traveled higher. The blast finally dissipated, but not before clearing the sky above of all clouds, leaving the sky completely blue and blemish free.

Naruto lowered his hand to side, sighing slightly. His keen eyes noticed a figure falling headfirst from the sky, trailing blood. When it crashed into the ground Naruto closed his eyes.

'It's finished..' he thought. He wasn't happy though, the victory had seemed hollow to him.

"Tch. Puny god." commented the Kyuubi inside Naruto's head. "Even so it felt good to let loose Kit, thanks for that." Naruto could almost see the malicious grin the fox's face.

Naruto flash stepped suddenly, clearing the distance between him and his fallen enemy in an instant. He gazed down at the dead man who had obviously been caught by the edge of Naruto's attack; the left half of his body was completely gone and the area around him was drenched in blood. His head was still intact though, and as Naruto looked upon it he was slightly shocked. The man's last facial expression before he died was one of complete lack of expression. The man had known he was going to die; this was proven by the fact that he had closed his eyes before he died. But even so his face was expressionless, not something you would expect of someone who knew they were about to die.

Naruto bent down and frowned. The man had an awful lot of large piercings on his face, too much for them to be cosmetic. Naruto remembered that all of the group had had the same piercings as well. Curiosity piqued, Naruto reached out and softly touched one of the rod-like piercings. Immediately he felt a presence of a foreign chakra surging through it. Naruto quickly removed his hand and touched another piercing. His eyes narrowed as he realised what the piercings were.

"What is it Kit?" questioned the Kyuubi in a curious voice.

'Those piercings...they're chakra receivers. This man and all the rest of the group were being controlled by someone else this entire time. And that person is still alive.' replied Naruto in an intrigued voice.

He stood up and glanced up towards the ridge of the basin three hundred metres away. He could still see his team mates and friends up there watching him. He smiled slightly; they were safe, for now.

Still in his skeletal Kyuubi form he repeated the familiar action of focusing chakra to his feet. His disappeared into a flash step, reappearing a few seconds later on the very edge of the basin in front of his peers.

Everyone jumped at Naruto's sudden appearance; how the hell had he travelled such a distance in just a few seconds? Naruto felt everyone gazing at him in awe and even slight trepidation. Naruto felt a slight pang of hurt shoot through him at their apprehensive looks. He should have expected something like this; he did look a lot like a humanoid Kyuubi at the moment. Even so, his eyes drooped slightly as he looked down at the ground to avoid his friend's stares.

Sakura was the first to see and realise what had caused Naruto's mood to visibly drop and she mentally kicked herself. She knew the look that he had on his face. It was the same hurt look he adopted when he was younger and people used to treat him differently because he was the Kyuubi's Jinchuuriki. And saying 'treated differently' was a massive understatement. She couldn't help the slightly unsure look cross her face when Naruto appeared before her suddenly, looking like the Kyuubi. Even so she hated herself for even thinking like that since she knew how much those looks hurt her friend.

She took a step forward and was about to say something to Naruto when he suddenly spoke up, breaking the silence.

"This isn't over yet. The group I fought were being controlled by someone through chakra receivers. The person contrlling them would have to be close by to have this level of control over them. I already have an idea as to where the controller is. I'm going to find them." he said in a low and controlled voice.

Naruto turned around, ready to take off when he was stopped by a soft hand grabbing his arm. He turned his head around slowly to see his pink-haired team mate looking up at him. His heart lifted slightly as even though Sakura was faced with his half Kyuubi mask staring at her, she was still smiling warmly at him.

"I-I just want to say thank you, Naruto." The girl said quietly,

Naruto raised his eyebrows even though only one was visible. "Thank you for what?" he asked shortly, but not unpleasantly.

Sakura blushed slightly as she let go of his arm and cross her hands behind her back.

"Thank you for winning and coming back to m- I mean us alive. You had us really worried." she said simply, still smiling at the boy.

Naruto slowly smiled, then broke out into his familiar, wide grin. Even though Sakura could only see half the smile, her heart soared as she saw his eyes twinkle with happiness at her statement.

Naruto turned back around leaving his back facing the girl.

"Don't be silly Sakura-chan. I promised I'd come back." he said before disappearing into a flash step and heading towards a huge, unnatural looking tree in the distance, with a wide smile still on his face.

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Move List:

- Fuu, houmen ~ Seal, release

- Kagemori ~ Shadow Lance

- Makkuro Bijuudama ~ Black Tailed Beast Bomb

- Issen Kirinuki ~ One Thousand Cuts

- Sokuryoku Bushin ~ Speed Clone

- Omoi Rasengan ~ Heavy Spiraling Sphere

- Oodama Rasengan ~ Great Ball Rasengan