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Jackie is just speeding away

Thought she was James Dean for a day

Then I guess she had to crash

Valium would have helped that bash

Said, 'Hey, baby, take a walk on the wild side'

I said, 'Hey, honey, take a walk on the wild side'

- "Take a Walk on the Wild Side"

Jackie's hand slid up the back of Hyde's shirt and he sighed at the contact. They'd started hooking up nearly a week ago, yet things were already getting quite heated—literally. The indoor thermostat was reading 91 degrees, and it didn't seem like the Wisconsin heat wave was going to let up any time soon.

Having a generally cold-weather climate, most people in the Northern Midwest didn't have air conditioners or fans in their houses, and the Formans were no exception. The house was hot, and the basement with it's lack of windows and fresh air, was a downright furnace. But there was nowhere else for them to go.

Hyde pulled Jackie's ponytail to give him better access to her neck. Ever since they went to prom together a million years ago, he had wondered what her skin might taste like, how soft it might feel beneath his fingertips as they slowly drifted their way down lower.

With her hair piled high and her dress sheer yet covering as much surface area as possible, she was unknowingly taunting him all night. In fact, if Kelso hadn't started crying and begging for him to hand his little girlfriend over to him, it's almost certain he would have crossed the line with her at some point. She may have been annoying, but she was hot and he was 17.

Lately though, they had both been crossing lines all over the place, and with half of everybody gone, there was nobody around to see their transgressions...except for Eric, but only when he refused to leave the house...which was all the time, sadly.

It had been two weeks since Kelso and Donna ran off to California. Two weeks he was sure would be hell incarnate, sandwiched between the two latest inductees into the Heartbreak Hall of Fame. Hyde fully expected Jackie to be her usual sniveling mess and Eric to curl up into fetal position for the remainder of the summer holiday. What he did not expect, was the little minx to come bouncing into the basement the very next day with a smile on her face, seemingly without a care in the world. That was something new.

Starting at the divet in the center of her collarbone, Hyde dragged his tongue roughly up her neck until he reached her earlobe. She was vaguely sweaty or 'glowing' as she would prefer him to say, but still managed to taste and smell distinctly of vanilla. A slightly salty vanilla, mixed with coconut oil that was reminiscent of the salted caramel he used to swipe from that candy store down on the boardwalk. Whatever the hell it was, he was digging it.

As her hands rose higher under the back of his shirt, she felt the sweat dripping down his spine which made her fingers glide like she was finger-painting, but it didn't bother her one bit. Real men were supposed to sweat, and she hadn't been with a real man in...ever. Kelso barely had any body hair and he certainly didn't sweat. Hyde was not lacking in the hair department. She was finally with a real man and she was digging it.

Taking her cue, Hyde grabbed the edge of his shirt and whipped it off over his head, throwing it unceremoniously into a lump on the floor. Jackie smiled at him and slowly echoed his performance, making a bit of a show of it. She wasn't wearing a bra as usual, and her brazen striptease just about blew his mind.

This was the farthest they had gone, and definitely the most exposed they had ever been together, not counting the time the whole gang went skinny-dipping at night and Jackie almost caught her death of cold. Normally, she would never let things get to this point with a boy so quickly, but he wasn't a boy, he was Steven. It was different.

"Just when you think you know somebody..." he whispered just behind her ear in his gravel-like baritone, sending a shiver throughout her body. He straddled her lap and took a good look at what he had been fantasizing about for longer than he'd care to admit.

She blushed and pulled her bottom lip into her mouth. Jackie wanted to be a lady and avert her gaze, but she was lying on a dirty couch in a working class friend's basement with a hairy burnout on top of her, so those aspirations didn't exactly jibe with her current state. That ship had sailed, and thank God it did, because she was enjoying the view above her quite a bit.

"Stop staring so much Steven or your eyes are going to freeze like that," she carped, as she started to squirm under his intense glare. He'd barely blinked since she had taken her top off, and what was first extremely flattering was quickly turning uncomfortable.

"Let 'em." He grinned and buried his face between her pert breasts.

Her breath caught in her throat and a faint moan escaped her lips - possibly the cutest moan Hyde had ever heard - though he'd willingly throw himself in traffic first before admitting to that. He ran his hands down the sides of her torso and she tucked hers down the back of his jeans, sharply pulling him closer to her groin by his bare ass. That made his breath catch.

Jackie wasn't like any of the other girls he'd been with before. For one, she came from the 'right' side of the tracks. He may have fooled around with a handful of rich girls in the past, but all of them had been slumming it and made that painfully clear to him from the beginning to the end. He'd never been with a princess who was willing to be seen out in public with her toad before. Considering Jackie took him as her prom date one year, he was fairly confident she wasn't like the others in this regard.

She also wasn't stacked like most of the others he'd been with, but he was surprised to find it didn't bother him much at all. Her breasts barely spilled over his hands when he held them, but they were high, soft, and sensitive and he liked the feel of them under his tongue. They may not have been as imposing as Pam Macy's tits, but Pam Macy's only real asset was her tits, so they had to be fantastic, because her entire reputation was riding on it. Jackie had other qualities going for her, more than he'd ever realized.

One of them wasn't experience, though. Kelso had been the chief source of her sex education, which wasn't exactly a ringing endorsement, but what she lacked in real world experience she more than made up for in natural ability and enthusiasm. In fact, it was a pretty sure bet that she had the most talented mouth he'd ever kissed. He normally would have been drawing some other, more interesting conclusions from that fact, but he was fairy certain she didn't have too much practice in that arena either...though she was chock full of surprises lately, so anything was possible.

"Jackie..." he whispered against her right nipple as he rubbed his thumb over the left one. "Your body is just-" Before he was able to get the rest of the sentiment out, the sound of the door handle jostling from the top of interior stairs made them both jump.

Jackie lunged for her shirt and threw it over her head, inside out. Hyde donned his aviators, leapt off of her lap and scrambled to his usual chair, unable to replace his shirt in time before Eric made his way down the stairs.

"Hey guys," Eric offered weakly as he plopped himself down beside Jackie on the couch. He was wearing a bathrobe and Jackie was absolutely certain he hadn't shaved or bathed in days. She looked at her heartbroken friend with scorn, and then tucked her feet under her and began intently examining her nails.

"Why aren't you wearing a shirt, Hyde?" Eric asked, his head cocked to the side in absent thought.

"I uh, it's a fucking oven down here, if you haven't noticed," Hyde said with a frown, before tossing his t-shirt to the floor for further dramatic effect.

"I haven't. I've been too busy thinking about Donna." Eric sighed pathetically.

Jackie rolled her eyes with disdain. "Well you're not going to win her back looking like that. Even Donna has some standards, Eric."

"Yeah, probably..." Eric shrugged, then turned to his best friend again. "Hey, I'm not too sure Red is going to like it if he sees you hanging out without a shirt on." He then leaned back into the lumpy couch and sighed loudly once more.

"Red's not the only one," Jackie sneered, never lifting her head in Hyde's direction.

"You wish, sweetheart," Hyde sniped back, and angrily crossed his arms over his bare chest.

"I'm bored. I'm going to the mall," Jackie announced, and kicked her feet back into her platform clogs. "Wanna come, Eric?" she offered, as she stood up and pulled her macrame shoulder bag across her chest. "I hear Pennys just came out with a new line of clothes for skinny dorks, so you might actually find something flattering there," she said earnestly.

Eric sighed a third time. "Maybe some other day, devil. I'm not really ready to leave the house."

"Whatever." She breezily swung her hips as she walked toward the outdoor stairs.

"Well Forman, as much fun as I'm having watching your muscles atrophy, I've gotta bounce." Hyde bent down to grabbed his wadded up shirt and pulled it back on as he charged over to the stairs.

"Where are you going?" Eric whined, in a slightly detached tone.

"I've got a date, man," he said, while holding his hand up in a half-assed wave as he walked out of the door.

Eric stared ahead and sighed a fourth time, then unceremoniously slumped to the side until he was fully horizontal again.

Waiting outside in the cement stairwell, Jackie tapped her heavy clog impatiently.

Hyde slowly approached her with a knowing grin plastered across his scruffy face.

"What took you so long?" she snapped.

"It was like, two minutes." he snapped back.

"I don't have all day..." Jackie affected a bored look.

Hyde pulled her toward him by the waist and then slammed her somewhat roughly into the wall. "You have somewhere else to be, princess?" he asked, as a smirk danced across his lips.

She shrugged petulantly and looked off in the distance behind his head.

Hyde tugged the rubber band out of her hair, causing her dark curls to fall down around her shoulders. He ran his fingers gently through her silky strands and then grasped her skull firmly and pulled her head toward his for a kiss. Hovering above her mouth, he brushed his lips lightly against hers, back and forth, barely making contact.

Her eyes closed, and she unknowingly held her breath. Her swollen lips parted slowly and waited for the coming invasion.

Without warning, Hyde pulled back and walked casually past her up the stairs, chuckling to himself.

Suddenly irate, Jackie grabbed Hyde's jeans by the back loop and pulled him harshly toward her, using the element of surprise to throw him off balance and pin him to the wall.

His mouth dropped open, and even through his tinted plastic barrier, she could see a large measure of shock register in his eyes.

Jackie shook her head, and clucked her disapproval. Her formerly puckering mouth was now screwed into a triumphant pout. "That wasn't very nice Steven. Aren't I always nice to you?"

The corners of Hyde's mouth turned up. "Not really."

She leaned forward and brushed her lips against his earlobe. "Would you like me to be?"

Aroused beyond comprehension, Hyde grabbed Jackie by her shoulders and flipped her over, pinning her against the wall again. Before Jackie had a moment to complain, his mouth descended onto hers - urgently kissing her – as his hands crept their way up the inside of her shirt.

"Let's get out of here before somebody catches us," he suggested, excited to get her alone where they could take things further.

Jackie answered him with a smile, and they dashed, hand-in-hand into the front seat of the El Camino.

"Drive fast!" she demanded breathlessly, as she knelt down below the window, safely out of sight.

As Hyde slipped the car into gear and peeled loudly out of the driveway, the El Camino's rubber wheels screeched, shooting off sparks in its wake.

Once safely hidden from prying eyes on the top of Mount Hump, Jackie and Hyde continued their topless make-out session in his car.

"Ouch!" she cried, as he leaned her into the emergency break.

"Sorry baby," Hyde apologized and winced as he tried to turn her over unsuccessfully.

Jackie climbed into his lap and straddled him. Quarters were tight in the car, which meant there wasn't too much room to maneuver her the way he wanted to. "God Jackie, you are so fucking hot," he growled into the center of her chest, his beard brushing up against her skin, making her oversensitive.

She could feel him everywhere, but still not as many places as she'd like to. He grabbed her ass and then groaned as he felt her press her center down against his tight bulge.

Jackie giggled and threw her head back. "You think I'm hot?"

Hyde's mouth dropped into a straight line. "Jackie..." he said warningly, "Don't start."

"Well, if you don't think I'm hot, I can always..." Wide-eyed, she gingerly picked her shirt up off the seat by its edge.

Hyde's resolve broke instantly. He grabbed the shirt from her hands and tossed it without care into the back seat, where she couldn't get to it. He took in her bemused expression and shook his head. "I'm pretty sure the government sent you here to fuck with my head."

Jackie stuck out her bottom lip and pouted. "Oh Steven, you're already fucked in the head. They're too late."

Hard laughter tore through his frame, and he wondered how the hell they had managed to keep their hands off of each other until then. She was wrong for him in almost every way, but for some reason it felt perfect anyway...not that he'd ever say that out loud.

Jackie's eyes darkened and she pulled Hyde's head to her chest, then ran her fingers through his curly hair. He closed his eyes and pressed his cheek in closer, finding himself oddly soothed by the sound of her heartbeat. He'd never been like this with a girl before, this comfortable. She knew who he was, what he was about, and the pressure to perform or explain himself evaporated.

"I wish we were alone," she sighed, and pressed her lips into his hair.

One of his eyebrows raised in query. "We are alone...unless there's something you're not telling me..." He shifted her over and pretended to look behind her.

Jackie shook her head at his antics. "You know what I mean. It just sucks we're always having to run out the basement to fool around."

"Yeah well, as long as there's the potential to see pool boob, Fez is usually no problem to get rid of," Hyde reminded her, though it didn't make too much of a dent, considering they had Point Place's own Howard Hughes skulking around the house all day in a fog of depression.

"I'm not talking about Fez," she said pointedly, and he nodded in response.

"I'm with you doll, but I'm fresh out of ideas. I mean, I even offered him a free punch if he would agree to play a game of hoops in the front yard, but he blew it off," he recounted, scratching his beard. "I mean, when else is he going to get the opportunity to hit me in the face? Or anyone really?"

"You're such a good friend Steven. Donna has never offered to let me hit her in the face, and it so would have cheered me up the last time me and Michael broke up." Jackie raised her hand and helped him scratch his beard like a cat. He smiled at her and slowly moved her hand down to his zipper. She smirked and then pulled it away. "If you think I'm doing that in a car, you are sorely mistaken, you filthy hippie."

Hyde gazed at her appreciatively. "So...you're saying you'd do that not in a car?"

She shrugged. "Looks like you're never gonna find out."

"I'll get him out of the house if I have to shove him in a box and mail him to Cuba."

He looked at Jackie with conviction and she smiled, flattered that he even cared enough to try. "Well, unfortunately that's looking like the only way he's going to leave. Unless..." Her brow furrowed and she pursed her lips in thought.

Hyde delicately grabbed her face. "What's going on in that dangerous head of yours?"He hoped she'd at least come up with a solution to their dilemma that wouldn't land him in jail.

She smiled conspiratorially. "What's the one thing you'd do just about anything for?"

"Uh...film?" He wasn't sure if that was the correct answer.

Jackie shook her head. "Try again."

"Beer?" Hyde offered weakly.

"No. God, you really are a massive burnout, aren't you?" she groused, and scrunched up her nose, which he promptly tweaked in revenge. "Ow. Fine. Since you're too wasted to get it on your own, I'll give you a hint."

Jackie took both of his hands and brought them to her breasts, then began to grind against him enthusiastically. "You understand what I'm talking about now, Einstein?"

Hyde affected a blank expression and shook his head. "No idea. You're going to have to keep going."

Jackie pulled his hands back down to her waist, on to his manipulation. "Eric needs a woman, Steven!"

"You don't think your friend Donna might be a little pissed off about it if we go out and find a chick for him to bang?" he asked, slight disapproval leaching into his tone.

"My friend Donna is too busy hanging out with my ex-boyfriend in California to notice what Eric is doing," she retorted, eyes flashing dangerously at him.

Hyde's jeans grew a little tighter as her anger rose. He fleetingly wondered if it was wrong that her fury got him hot. "Okay. Let's get him laid!"

"Really?" Jackie squealed as she bounced up and down on his lap excitedly.

He closed his eyes and breathed through Jackie's physical antics. "Yeah, everybody deserves to get laid," he told her, clearly referring mostly to himself.

She looked down at his bulge and steadied herself, shooting him a quick look of apology. "Well, as soon as we can get Eric laid, then everybody else can get laid too," she explained to him with intent.

"Everybody?" Hyde asked, his blue eyes deepening with lust at the mere thought.

Jackie leaned in and licked the edge of his ear with her tongue. "No. Just you and me, Puddin' Pop."

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