Welcome to my new story! A collection of oneshots, based on a similar thing... You shall find out what by reading! The first is ridiculously short, but I wanted it to be. More coming soon.

His eyes opened for the first time in his life. Looking around him, he saw a beautiful forest of brown oak and white birch. Knowledge of survival flooded through him, and he began to walk towards a tree.

Then something drove his legs the other way.

Yelling out, he could only watch as whatever it was lead him to look at a lake of lava on the edge of the woods. Towards the molten rock it drove him, until he was bending over it, the heat blistering his face and dying his eyes. He begged the presence to let him stand back, but it seemed not to hear.

An hour or two later, his legs were finally free to step back. Gasping, he wiped the sweat from his face. He wished to do nothing more but lie in the cool grass, but he couldn't.

He was controlled to the forest, punching down trees until his hands were bruised and bloody. He begged 'it' to let him make an axe, but once more it ignored him.

What seemed half the forest later, his stomach twisted with hunger. Blessedly, the presence seemed to notice him, and he created a table on which he crafted a wooden sword. Holding it up, he hit at a nearby pig, who squealed and leaped away. Ignoring his hunger, he chased at it, whacking the swine with his weapon whenever he could.

Finally the beast collapsed, and he pulled apart its flesh, his hunger returning. He wanted to eat it immediately, but whatever controlled him made him make another tool out of wood- a pick. Heading towards the stone-rimmed lava pool, he was forced to pick away at the rock, in the sweltering heat of the lava.

Seven stones later, the lake was near the end of its stone. Precariously, he was forced to stand right next to the lava as he chipped at a piece of stone.

Suddenly he was pushed forward, his feet slipped upon the rock. He would have maintained his balance, but the thing controlling him pushed him forward further.

Screaming in utter terror, he fell into the liquid stone, his body burning to nothing.

The controller would respawn, begin again.

He never would.

So Review you editing, thoughts, ideas for other chapters, ect. I won't be naming the chapters, as I think that'll give away to much, so there. KatrinaLinden out!