"Pst, pst, pst," The nagging high pitched noise caused Chazz to turn around and glare at the Obelisk behind him she was smiling sweetly, head proped up by her hands.

She wiggled her eyebrows, "So I hear you have a crush on Alexis Rhodes?"

Chazz grunted and turned back to the teacher, listening intently but whsipered back, "No, are you jealous?" A small smiled played on the edges of her lips and she stayed quiiet. He turned to her annoyed, she wouldn't even anwser his question. She just shook her head defiantly.

"No actually I'm tired of your rejection, there are bigger fish in this school I could try catching, people who might actually appreciate it."

Rolling his eyes Chazz watched her curiously, "Who?" oh boy was he curious to see who would be plagued by Chase Trinder.

"Jaden Yuk,"


"Excuse me Chazz do you have something you would like to share with the class? Hm Miss Trinder perhaps?" They both shook their heads.

"Sorry sir I just asked Chazz to duel me and he was a little over excited," She smirked and leant back in her seat, no way was he dueling this freak but he wasn't going to say no now.

"Oh wonderful now can anyone explain what a tribute card is..."

He dropped his head to his desk as the bell went, "See ya round hot stuff,"

She scruffed up his hair as she ran down the isle towards her friends.

She was going to be the end of him.