Balthazar didn't do inherently dangerous things.

Meaning, he didn't wake up each morning and think, "I'm going to do something that will most likely backfire on me and get me killed." Well, not often. He usually stuck to safe methods of accomplishing whatever it was he wanted to accomplish.

But here, now, kissing Dean Winchester—yeah, inherently dangerous was the only word for it.

Especially since Dean Winchester was wasted, mostly asleep, muttering something about a chick named Lisa, and would stab him if he ever found out.

Actually, Balthazar didn't know why he was doing it. He didn't know much about anything anymore—the Apocalypse came and went too fast for him to blink and now where was he? Ah, yes, in the Dean Winchester's bed…whose great idea was this again? Was it because Dean would never find out or he really didn't care at the mo; Cassie thought he was dead—hell, Cassie had stabbed him with the frigging angel blade, and he was alive, shocked, and in bed with one of Cassie's 'humans', not to mention currently quietly sobbing his heart onto.

To be fair, Balthazar wasn't trying to cry. Hell, he didn't want to be with Dean freaking Winchester—he'd rather be at that strip club down on 9th Street. He didn't even know why he was here, and frankly didn't want to know why he thought this would be a good idea; or was it an impulsive thing? Hmm, that's a good one—my little brother just stabbed me and thinks I'm dead as he tries to raise all the dead monsters in all of creation and for some reason I'm going to go and snog the face off of his drunk, semi-unconscious human friend who happens to be on my side but all the same, I'm going to go cry all of my shock and heartbreak onto him.

Yes, he could clearly see why it was such a good idea.

Actually; no, he couldn't.

But now Dean, now into some sort of dream land, had wrapped him in a huge embrace mumbling something about a chick named Lisa Braeden and Balthazar couldn't fly off without taking Dean with him, and going invisible wouldn't change matters any.

Oh, joy. He was royally screwed this time.

Not like this was the first time he had been trapped doing something stupid; in all actuality, he was caught doing stupid things all the time. The only thing was; usually the people he did stupid things to never saw him again or worked for him.

Either way, they were usually not Dean Winchester and they usually were aware of what Balthazar was doing to them.

Oh, well, Balthazar sighed, ignoring the fact that if Dean woke up he would be dead in minutes (for the second time, he might add) and unless Dean let go he was never sneaking out but who cared anyways, after all, it was a free snuggle, First time for everything.

Even though Dean thought he was Lisa.