This story is set somewhere between Phoenix's disbarment and Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney. Just for those that are curious!

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Turnabout Love Guru

"Ugh, this is an all new low..." said Phoenix Wright, his back slumped. He, succumbing to Trucy's wish, put up the poster that had "Love Guru Agency - The Wright Love Guru For You!" in gold colors. Trucy, with the ulterior motive of getting a "Mommy", made her dad turn the Wright and Co. Law Offices into a Love Guru Agency, much to the latter's dislike. First the badge, and now his office!? Of course, he threw all his arguments out the window once the monthly bills came in. He needed money, he needed it now, and he had no time to go job hunting. "Like this will ever take off-"

"Uh, excuse me..." The ex-attorney whipped around, his gaze resting on a petite girl donning a beret. Fixing her blonde hair, she said, "Are you the 'Love Guru' on the poster?"

"Yes, I guess so," replied the (former) Ace Attorney. "Can we take this to my 'office'?"

"So what's your request?" said Nick, feeling a little awkward behind his old desk without his badge pinned to his lapel. He then saw Trucy behind the "client", motioning towards the poster in the "office". His bird like eyes caught what she was pointing at. "...We deal with... anything love related."

"Yes, well..." The blonde pulled out a profile of a man in his middle ages, and Phoenix was instantly reminded of the Profiles section of his Court Record. Upon closer inspection, the man looked familiar. "I want you to get some more details on this man. I'm... a close friend of his, and I'd really like to look out for him so-"

"Winston Payne!?" exclaimed Phoenix, startling his first - and maybe last - customer. He quickly regained his composure, though one question still remained. Is this guy always the 'first boss'? "Sorry. Anyway, what kind of details do you have in mind?"

"Y'know... love interest," said the client, fiddling with a lock of her silky hair. She was blushing, which made Phoenix wonder about her REAL relation with the old geezer.

"Okay," said the spiky-haired man, pulling out a sheet of paper. A simple contract that Nick had made using his knowledge on law was now in the small hands of his client. "Just sign your name here, Miss..."

"Ella Mason," completed the client, signing the document. Phoenix sighed.

What did he drag himself into!?

"Well, here goes nothing," said Phoenix, knocking on Payne's office door. After a few knocks, the door slowly opened, because apparently, the Rookie Killer had forgotten to lock the door before he left. Nick strutted into the room, turning everything in the office over for evidence.

He delved into a cabinet drawer, searching it's contents. He lobbed a few suspicious pictures into his "Court Record", aka his suitcase. What surprised the former attorney was that most of the pictures were of him and the client, Ella Mason. Smirking, he turned around, about to make fun of the picture with his assistant, but remembered that she was probably busy somewhere in Kurain. The man sighed yet again.

After searching for more evidence, he left the room slyly, the pictures and a romantic letter in his Record. He searched the courthouse, avoiding familiar faces, till he found who he was looking for in the cafeteria. Once the old Rookie Killer noticed Phoenix, he said, "Well i-it's nice seeing you here Wright."

"Same to you," said Nick, sitting down in front of the prosecutor. "I've heard that... you liked someone."

"N-No, those are just rumors," said the nearly bald man. Pseudo-chains representing his will to keep the secret wrapped around the man, encasing him in a web of his own lies. Keeping the chains in place were two red lock. After a moment, the Psyche-Locks faded from Phoenix's vision. "I know I'm popular, but-"

Take That!

The Psyche-Locks reappeared. Phoenix never thought that he'd be using the Magatama for this, but he had no choice. He was a jobless single dad supporting a young daughter. He had to grit his teeth, harden his heart, and persevere.

~My Love Interest?~

"As I have said earlier, I don't have a 'crush' like you hip people do," said Winston. His frown then turned upside down. "Heh, it's not you have any proof that there's a possibility that-"

Take That!

"Would you please take a look at these photos?" said Phoenix, sliding the pictures to the prosecutor. He gasped, his brand new toupee flipping till it landed on his head upside down. One of the chains broke. "As you can see, there is definite proof that-"

"Objection!" cried the Rookie Killer, his voice cracking. "Stop badgering the witness!"

"...This isn't a court trial," sighed Phoenix. He then continued his Unlocking procedure, the pursuit theme coming up. "Besides, I didn't even press your statement."

"Ergh... well then who is it in this picture!?" rebutted Winston Payne. "To go on the offence without even a defense-"

"Hold it!" exclaimed Nick, feeling like he was getting somewhere. For some reason, it felt as if his logic was straight and true, unlike his tangled court battles in the past. He tapped the profile of Ella Mason, then threw it at Winston's face. Instead of breaking, the lock rattled, swayed, and shook. Was Nick's ability to percieve lies increasing!?

Take That!

"N-No proof!" screamed Payne, getting up from his seat. He pointed at the former lawyer in true Ace Attorney fashion, causing a scene in the canteen. "You're just basing your claims on baseless conjecture!"

Take That!

"Here's your proof!" rebutted Nick, grabbing love letter and presenting it to the skeptical attorney. The letter was addressed to Winston and was sent from "Your one and only, Ella Mason". After a cry of defeat, the last lock shattered, and the truth was revealed. Before Phoenix could question him further, Winston grabbed his suitcase and rushed out the door. Phoenix smirked, pulling the voice recorded out of his pocket.


"Thank you Mr. Wright!" said Ella. "I thought he was cheating on me, but it turns out he wasn't!" She tossed two fifty dollar bills at Nick, and skipped out the door. Catching the two green slips of joy, he practically jumped onto the couch, ready to just rest and relax. Of course, life didn't let him have his way.

"Daddy, you have another customer!"

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