Hey guys, I thought I'd go ahead and put up my other really short fic from my tumblr here. I made it to go with a pic I drew, but that is essentially unimportant to reading this. Basically I wanted to appreciate some more what huge adorable dorks these two are.

PS- to everyone that reviewed Cram Session, thanks so much for your support and kind words! They really brightened my day. :'D


Howard greeted Randy at the door as usual for their daily walk to school, a lazy grin on his face that was immediately magnified at the sight of his friend. "Oh. My. Cheese!" The stout boy squealed as he launched himself at the article hanging around his friend's neck, "Cunningham! Going ninja to school now? This is gonna be so totally Bruce!"

Randy blinked, processing Howard's reaction for a second before glancing down at the bright red scarf looped casually around his neck and over his shoulders. "What..? Oh. Don't be a dweeb, Howard, this is just a regular scarf."

He hid a smirk as neon notes and ninjas sprang to life in the air around him.'STYLIN' BRO', a particularly embellished ethereal phrase, bounced around, accompanied by urban ninjas and a dancing snake. Mentally rolling his eyes at both his friend and the 800 year old book stuffed snugly in his bag, Randy snorted, "Just how, exactly, did you think I got just the scarf out of the suit?"

"I dunno Cunningham," the shorter snarked, shrugging off Randy's jibes, "You pulled a sword out of your scarf once, who knows what sort of mumbo jumbo that thing is capable of…"

Randy shrugged, agreeing with Howard on that point at least. The suit seemed to have an unending supply of weapons and the like stored somewhere in the general back area. He could simply reach behind himself and find a weapon pressing into his hand. And thank ninja that the suit knew how to use them, because, number one Ninja fan or not, Randy hadn't even been sure what half of them did at first.

The two boys stepped out of the house, Randy shutting the door behind him. Randy started walking briskly to school, but stopped short as he finally registered the weather. "What the juice?! It's freezing out here Howard!" Randy had forgone his heavier jacket after looking at his friend's usual shorts and T-shirt, but as soon as the two had stepped out of the protective barrier of the house, the cold and wind had hit full force.

"Dude, I don't know what you're talking about Cunningham." Howard looked just a bit too smug to take his ignorance at face value.

"H-How are you not cold?!" Randy squeaked as a particularly harsh gust of wind nicked more warmth from him.

"Fat, Cunningham, it's nature's sweater," Howard gave his friend a once over, all lanky limbs on a stick of a body, "Bet your suit doesn't have that in its bag of tricks."