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"What? Arthur I'm sorry—"

"You've lied to me! I should have you —"

"I couldn't tell you Arthur it—"

"It what? You have no excuse Merlin, no—"

"I wanted to Arthur! It hurt to keep a secret like this from a frien—"

"Friend? Ha, I don't think we ever were friends if this incident is anything to go from. You're a monster, Merlin!"

Merlin slumped his chin hitting his chest, the perfect submissive servant and Arthur almost laughs, who knew little farm boy Merlin who couldn't lie to save his life could hide something like this? Hide something so big.

And Arthur had been betrayed by magic before, had been manhandled and threatened and he couldn't let this stand.

"What will you do with me now, Sire?"

Arthur swallows thickly, the only thing he can do at this point, magic was evil and it had been sitting right under his nose all this time, a viper waiting to strike, vipers were poisonous and dangerous and had to be eliminated at all costs.

"You'll be executed at sunset within a week's time."

Merlin merely nodded his eyes never leaving the floor.

Abiageal was thirty and the mother of twins. A little girl with unruly red hair and crystal like green eyes and a little boy with his father's brown hair and brown eyes, they were nine and beautiful, their mothers pride and joy.

"Aetnat! Zeal! Dinner!"

From the north side of the camp she could hear her children arguing as they approached her.

"What makes you think that they'd win Zeal? I'm just as good as fighter if not better, they're bullies, and it's not fair!"

They had this argument often and Abiageal knew it by heart, her daughter hated the way the other children acted around her since the accident that had blinded her four years ago.

Aetnat was brave about it and didn't let it get to her, but there were people who thought less of her and her future now, and Aetnat, who was every bit as stubborn as her father and as hotheaded as her mother, couldn't stand it.

She was frequently coming home with scraped knuckles, a big grin, and her little stick tip tapping in front of her, her brother dragging his feet behind her. That was when Zeal — her wonderful, levelheaded, kind, boy — couldn't stop her, but today hadn't been one of those days and she smiled, a sigh of relief emptying her of the air she had been holding.

"Zeal, Aetnat, hurry now!"

"It's not fair your right but you can't go starting fights whenever you feel like it, no wonder they call you 'sí a dhéanann dtrioblóid' sister you're trouble!"

"Am not!"

"Are too!"

"Am not!"

"Are too!

"Am no—"

"That's enough now come eat; god knows you two must be hungry, why didn't you come home for lunch?"

"Gina had us over to her house Mum."

Her sons ears were burning red, Abiageal raised an eyebrow interesting; it would appear her son had a crush on Gweth's daughter.

"It was horrible Mum, why do people have to be so—so pigheaded, I'm not an invalid and Ze' only made it worse making googley eyes at Gina the whole time, I don't even think he looked away from her long enough to eat, it was nauseatin—"

"You can't even see!"

Aetnat set her spoon back in her bowel of stew; she turned her head up in the air, red curls bouncing.

"Oh Gina you're so pretty, Gina I love you, Gina you smell so nice, Gina, Gina, Gina—it was disgusting Ze', you need to work on not projecting your thoughts because if I have to put up with this much longer I'm going to kill you!"

"Aetnat! That was uncalled for, you don't say such things, apologize!"



"Sorry Zeal."

"Thank you, now Zeal is what your sister says true?"

"I might have been — that is it's a possibility that I was — but not as much as Aetnat says I was."

Abiageal nodded before speaking gently.

"You need to work on that my love."

Zeal nodded.

"Now finish eating, it's getting dark and it's time for bed."

The two children nod digging back into their stew.

Aetnat looked around.

She was in a castle in what appeared to be the empty dungeons. It was quiet except for the dripping of water and the sound of falling rock. She frowned.

She was used to the visions. Even welcomed them, because in them she could actually see, but usually they were about something important – something she needed to know – but for the life of her she couldn't understand why these empty dungeons were important.

She moved out of the way as a woman rushed down the stairs her yellow dress fluttering up around her heels. The woman was sobbing and Aetnat frowned.

Perhaps the dungeons weren't empty after all.

Following the woman she found herself slipping threw an iron door and then she was in a different part of the dungeons. Aetnat's heart sunk, she could feel — even in this state — the way the stone seemed to block her magic. This part of the dungeons was meant to contain a sorcerer or sorceress.

She prayed she was not going to have to watch an execution.

The woman in yellow was kneeling by the final cell on the right, and Aetnat jogged up behind her kneeling down she frowned. There was someone in there, but she couldn't see a face with the way that the cell cast shadows. All she could see were booted feet.

Why did she need to see this?

"Merlin is it true?"

"Depends on what you're asking?"

"Is it true that you're a sorcerer?"

"Warlock actually, but yeah."

The woman sobbed.

"Why Merlin? Especially after Morgana, how could you?"

"I was born with it Gwen, I've never had a choice, but I'm not sorry for having it, I've tried to use it for good and I've saved people, it's a gift Gwen and I know everyone here in Camelot has been taught that magic is evil but it's not, people are evil, magic is merely a tool that can be wielded for good or bad."

She — Gwen apparently — sobbed.

"Why didn't you tell me?"

"I couldn't Gwen its dangerous enough for me to even be here, I couldn't involve any more people, Gaius is bad enough, besides you have a great destiny ahead of you Gwen you shouldn't be dragged down with me, you're a queen now."

"Merlin, I'll talk to Arthur, you'll be fine we'll get you out of here, okay?"

"No don't Gwen, its okay."

"He's going to kill you!"

"I know, and its okay,the laws the law."

"The laws wrong!"

"Maybe – " there was the sound of shuffling and then the man shuffled into the light, his face was haggard and smudged with dirt but Aetnat recognized the face, her stomach dropped and she shook her head in denial.

" – maybe your right Gwen, but in any case you need to go you can't stay down here too long it's not safe. Go, Arthur will be looking for you."

She nodded wiping the corners of her eyes with the cloth of her dress.

"I'll find a way to save you Merlin."

Then she was gone and Aetnat watched as Emrys sunk back against the wall silent tears falling down his cheeks.

Aetnat sat up with a gasp.

Zeal sighed.

Tonight wouldn't be a normal dream then. He sighed again, he was in what appeared to be a bedroom, adorned in gold and red, Pendragon colors, he frowned. Why was he in Camelot, scratch that why was he in what appeared to be royal chambers?

The door was thrown open with a bang. A blonde man that Zeal recognized as the King and a dark haired dark skinned woman that he recognized as his queen from previous visions stormed into the room their feet echoing off the stone of the floor.

"Arthur, it's not too late, you can stop this!"

"Merlin is not above the law, and the law clearly states that the punishment for sorcery is death. Death Gwen, he has to die and the sooner you accept that the better!"

"Arthur! He's your friend, how can you send him to his death, how can you watch that?"

"He's not my friend, he lied to me!"

"Because you'd react like this!"

"He's probably tired to kill me more times than I can count!"

"Do you really believe that? Really? Are we talking about the same Merlin that drank poison for you within months of arriving in Camelot, the same Merlin who jumped in front of a Dorocha for you, that would die for you given the chance?"

"He's not the same!"

"He is Arthur, he is, he's still our Merlin, our Merlin that you've sentenced to death."

The king looked down blonde hair falling down to shield his eyes for a moment before he looked up steel in his eyes.

"I can't Gwen I'm sorry, I can't, I have to go, its time."

The queen nodded and sobbed before composing herself. The least she could do was be there, if not for Merlin in his final moments then for her husband. Arthur bent down and kissed her forehead before wrapping an arm around her shoulders and leading her out of the room.

Zeal hurried after him trying to keep sight of the red of the King's cloak and the blue of the Queen's dress.

They turned into a corridor that ended in a balcony and Zeal swallowed hard, he could see the raised platform. He was going to have to watch an execution. He watched from the queen's side as a man was led out from the castle in chains.

The executioner forced the man down onto his knees as he pushed his head down onto the block. The queen sobbed quietly.

"Merlin is found guilty of conspiring to use enchantments and magic. I, Arthur Pendragon just like my father before me believes such practices to be dangerous and illegal. I try to be a fair king but as it is the laws of Camelot see only one punishment for sorcery, death."

Zeal's heart pounded.

The executioner raised his blade –

Thu-thump, Thu-thump–

He brought it down with a solid swing, dislodging the head from the body –

Thu-thump –

The head rolled until it landed at the foot of the steps, blue eyes staring up into nothing, black hair askew –

Thu-thump, thu-thump thu-thump –

Zeal knew that face-

Thu-thump, thu-thump, thu-thump, thu-thump, thu-thump, thu-thump -


Zeal sat up in a flash and was on his feet in seconds. Only to nearly knock over a severely shaken up Aetnat. He reached out his arms out steadying the shivering and whimpering girl.

"Zeal did you –"

"See Emrys? Yeah."

His sister whimpered again and Zeal wrapped his arms tightly around his sister, before bringing them down to sit on the floor.

"He can't die though? Can he? The prophecies said! They said Emrys would save us, said he would always be here to save us!"

"The prophecies have been wrong before, or they've changed. Maybe - maybe, he can."

It was silent for a moment and then:

"What are we gonna' do?"

"What can we do?"

It was quiet for a moment.

"If we could only show the king all that Emrys's has done for him, then maybe he would see that Emrys isn't evil…"

"Aetnat you're a genius!"


"I know what we're going to do!"


"Never mind just put your hand on mine; I'll need your magic to help me cast the spell!"

Aetnat's brow furrowed but she lay her hand down on the ground palm up as Zeal covered it with his own. Zeal concentrated on the blonde man – King Arthur – and then he focused on the dark haired man that he knew as Emrys and then with a curl of his lips he spoke.

"Athrú an dearcadh, a athrú de, féach cad tá tú caillte roimh!"

Language: Irish


sí a dhéanann dtrioblóid - she who makes trouble
athrú an dearcadh, a athrú de, féach cad tá tú caillte roimh - change of attitude, change of view, see what you have missed before

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