A/N: Cover photo is a screencap by mizzzcreencaps at tumblr

twenty-four hours

Helena sees the newspaper article on the way to the address given to her by Myka via Farnsworth.

Strange Sickness Resembling that of "English Sweating Sickness" Spreads, Unknown if Pathogen is Air-born.

Seeing Myka's face, albeit on Farnsworth, instantly uplifted her day. A day that had started to blend with the others; filled with every person on earth it seemed except those she wished to see, and not trusting any of them. But any happiness she felt vanished with the expression on Myka's face: Uncontrolled panic, stricken, and filled with sadness. Thoughts of Mrs. Frederick warning her vanished as she immediately bombarded Myka with questions.

Darling, are you alright? Is the Warehouse-


Leena's dead. Artie may be dying. Nothing's okay HG. Nothing's okay.

The clock struck, marking an hour.