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It was Friday at school. The gang were sitting at their usual table during lunch, talking about the Friday Night concert that night. Tori mentioned how her and Andre were performing a song that night, and asked if anyone else was planning on performing. In reply, all she got were head shakes and mummers of 'Nah' 'can't be bothered' and 'Nup.'

"Aw come on guys, it's fun!" Tori shouted with enthusiasm, looking at all her friends, and Jade.

Jade rolled her eyes. "It's the same boring routine every Friday. I mean, its Friday! I would much rather prefer looking at my scissor collection and watching movies." She stated.

"One time, my brother stayed up late watching movies, but he had to stop when the owners of the house he was in came home." Cat said, nodding like it was a very important statement.

It was silent for a few seconds, everyone staring at Cat, and trying to picture the scenario in their heads. Tori shook her head after a few seconds and spoke again.

"But it's a tradition at Hollywood Arts to have the Friday Night Concert." Tori whined.

Just then, Beck walked over from the Asphalt Café. "Guess what Boys and Girls?" he asked as he sat down next to Jade. "And Robbie." He finished, placing his bag on the ground.

"What?" Asked Andre, as he took a bite from his Burrito.

"I got us all Midnight Premiere tickets to.. drum roll please Rob!" He said, pointing to Robbie, who in return started tapping his fingers against the table a few time before stopping. "Firebolt!" He exclaimed happily, holding up 6 tickets in his hand.

A row of 'Oh my god!' and gasps spread around the table, as Jade snatched the tickets from his hand and observed them.

"Are these for real?" She asked, examining them with excited.

Beck nodded and placed an arm around Jade's shoulders. "Yep. Being a cast member in the movie gives me free premiere tickets for whomever I wish." He smiled, looking around at all his friends.

"That is so awesome! We get to see you in a real movie!" Tori said with full excitement in her voice.

Beck shrugged. "It's nothing special, I'm in it for like 2 minutes, and one of those minutes is me dying." He said, laughing slightly.

"It's still amazing." Responded Andre, who had a mouth full of Burrito.

"When is the premiere?" Asked Robbie.


"Tonight? As in, today tonight?" Asked Torrie, looking bewildered at Beck.

Beck looked a bit confused, and nodded slightly. "Yeaaa.. Today Tonight.."

Jade laughed her evil laugh and looked up from the tickets to look at Tori. "Guess you're gonna have to ditch the Traditional Friday Night Concert!" She said, mocking Tori's voice.

"I do not sound like that!" Shouted Tori, which caused Jade to smile as she placed the tickets on the table. "And yea, I guess we do." She responded, looking at Andre who looked back at her and shrugged.

"We can perform it next week. I'm not missing Beck's big moment." He said, looking over at his best friend with a smile.

"Guess were all in then!" Beck said as Jade lay her head on his shoulder.


"Is firebolt a scary movie?" A nervous cat asked, bouncing slightly as they were lined up outside the theatre.

"Not really." Responded Beck. "It's just about a man who goes on a murderous rampage after his wife is killed, killing a bunch of people with fire in different ways."

Cat had stopped bouncing and was now looking ahead at the ground. "Oh." She said softly.

Jade shrugged. "I don't get what's so bad about fire."

Beck has his arm around Jade's waist, as he looked down and kissed the top of her head. "Would you still love me if my entire face was burnt?"

It took a while for Jade to think about that question, before she looked up at him and smiled. "It would mean less attention from other girls."

Beck chuckled and pulled Jade closer to him.

"So Beck, what's your character like in the movie?" Tori asked as she stuffed her face with popcorn.

"My Character is the husband of the main characters best friend." He stated, as the line started moving.

"Wait.. you were married to a girl in this movie?" Jade said, pushing away from Beck.


"Do you kiss?"

"No. The guy kills off my character because i'm abusing my wife, which is his best friend."

"This movie is confusing.." Cat said quietly, still looking down at the ground ahead.

"So, your like, the bad guy in this movie?" Asked Andre, who shoved popcorn into his mouth.

Beck thought about it for a moment, before he shrugged. "Yea, I guess so." He said and chuckled.

"I just can't picture you being aggressive." Tori stated, as they walked into the cinema.

"It's called acting, genious." Jade rolled her eyes and grabbed Beck's hand, leading him down a row of chairs.

"But Of course I would never be violent in any way, in real life." Beck defended, as he sat down next to Jade and awaited for the movie to start.

"We know that."

"Yea, you're like, the nicest person on the planet."


He was waiting outside a theatre, well, hiding in a bush outside a theatre. This was the perfect place to go 'teen hunting' on a Friday Night, and tonight was the premiere of the new teen movie Firebolt, so there was definitely going to be some good ones tonight.

He had been waiting for about 2 hours, when he heard the sound of footsteps and laughing. He peeked through the bush and saw everyone was exiting the theatre. He pulled out his binoculars so he could have a clearer and better look at all the people, trying to find the best ones suitable for the job.

None of them were good enough so far. All of them were to, plain. But finally, a group of 6 kids exited the theatre. They were all so different and unique. There was a nerdy looking one with glasses, and what seemed to be a puppet he was holding. A tanned boy who was chatting with a very skinny and tanned girl with long brown hair. A small girl with bright red hair was walking behind them, she had her hand tucked away in her sleeves which were brought to her mouth, almost as if she were scared, and behind her was a tall, tanned boy with dark long hair who seemed to have his arm around a small, pale girl with green streaks in her hair.

He smirked. They were perfect.

It was dark, and barely anyone around, and they were all headed down the footpath, towards a park.

He picked up his walkie-talkie and spoke into it. "Get ready, I've got 6 kid walking towards you. They're perfect."


"Ugh! Why'd you have to park your car so far away Jade?!" Whined Tori, who was dragging her feet along the footpath.

"Because I love walking to my car at night. I feel like I'm in a horror movie, and I'm about to be the next victim." She smirked at Tori, who had turned to face her with a worried expression.

"You are very concerning sometimes." She shook her head and faced in the direction of where they were walking.

They had started walking through a park now, and Beck had noticed Cat was getting a little bit creeped out.

"Yo Cat, you alright?" He asked.

Cat was looking around anxiously, and she slightly nodded her head. "I just don't like the dark. I'm scared something will jump out at me."

Just then, they all heard what sounded like a big twig snap. They all jumped slightly and stood still, looking around nervously.

"You all heard that too, right?" Asked Andre.

Everyone nodded, and stayed silent for a little while longer, but the silence was soon interrupted by the laughter of Jade.

"You all should've seen you faces!" She laughed, as she threw the broken stick on the ground.

"Jade!" They all said in unison.

"That isn't funny!" Shouted Robbie.

"Man, why is my leg wet?" Rex asked, as he looked up at Robbie.

"Babies." Jade said softly, before she started walking again.

Everyone rolled their eyes, and soon started walking off too. They were almost at the end of the park, when once again, they heard the sound of a twig breaking.

They all stopped and glared at Jade.

"Seriously Jade, quit it. Your scaring Cat." Beck said firmly.

Jade put her hands up in defence. "I don't have a twig. That wasn't me that time."



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