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Land. It described the old Team Magma leader perfectly. He was strong and an unmoving force all of his own. When enraged Maxie was like an earthquake with a booming voice that shook everybody around him, because usually he was a very composed person. Also like the ground though, he had cracks in his mask that were so hard to get through.

The Sea. Free and always on the move fit Archie, the old Team Aqua leader, nicely. He was more spontaneous like the roaring waves that in a single second could become calm and soothing. His anger lashed around unrestrained like a whirling hurricane that destroyed everything in its path. Archie could never control himself; never keep up a mask, because he was free.

They were to opposing forces that never got along. Calm and collected was Maxie while Archie was loud and obnoxious. The only thing that forced the two to collide was.

The Sky.

Without the sky there was no moon to control the ocean currents. No sun to feed the plants on the land. Without the Sky there would be no life.

May. She was their Sky, the glue that held these two men who were at odds with each other together. How it came to be that these two would end up being under her mercy was beyond them. May loved the Land and the Sea equally, unable to cope without one. Maxie and Archie would continue to put up with one another as long as they both had The Sky.

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