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Pregnant. The words stood clear on the pregnancy test.

She – they – were pregnant.

Teresa dropped the little white stick and fell to the floor, burying her face in her hands.

She wasn't sad, not upset nor angry (why would she be angry? It wasn't like they'd done something to prevent it from happening), just... scared.

There were so many reasons why she and Jane should've stayed childless.

Firstly: she was afraid of her father. He was dead, six feet in the ground for so many years now, but she was afraid to become like him. She knew it was stupid to think that, but there was always the possibility and she let the fears creep into her dreams, while she should really fight them.

Then you had the fact that she was afraid that Jane wasn't ready for it. This could be the last straw that tore him apart. You never knew.

And of course; Red John was still out there. She was already hating Jane for letting her in before the killer was out of the picture. It would scare them both-

"Teresa?" a familiar voice asked behind her, and her head shot up from her hands.

"What are you doing?" Jane asked, his voice still heavy with sleep, and he rubbed his eyes.

Teresa looked around to looked for the white stick, but suddenly, she couldn't find it anymore. No time for that now.
She got up and instantly wrapped her arms around him. Jane startled, but didn't freeze and instead wrapped his arms around her waist as well. One of his hands stroked through her hair.
"What's wrong, Teresa-"

"I'm pregnant," she interrupted, and she felt Jane's body tense.

Okay, so this was definitely the last straw for him. They weren't ready, it was stupid to let him seduce her-

"I love you, Teresa," Jane whispered in her ear, and the tears that Teresa had apparently held back left her eyes. "And I will protect you, and our baby."

Teresa huffed, though it was less scoffing than she'd intended.

"I can protect myself-"

"Not when you're looking like a whale."

Despite the offending comment, Teresa couldn't help but smirk. "Says you."
Jane just shrugged and pulled her closer, already more protective than ever before.

What if this was the wrong thing to do? What if this would cause two deaths again and a man to kill himself straight after? Or what if their child was a girl? Would Jane be able to take care of that?
"If the little one is a girl, I will love her as much as I love her mother, Teresa. Don't worry."

Teresa hated it when he read her mind.

But maybe this was alright. Maybe this was the right thing to do.

Maybe, just maybe, they would be alright after all.

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