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"That's when people say Jadis turned, and Lily felt that is her fault" Mr Tummnes sighed.
But it wasn't!" Lucy exclaimed "it was her fault. She had too much jealousy to see what was really happening"
"Try telling Lily that" Mr Tummnes said.
"What happened to Lily?" Edmund asked
"well she eventually went back to the party and told people that Jadis had gone to bed. Even though Jadis had said those things to her, she didn't want people to pester her. After the party Jadis hardly ever spoke to Lily and whenever she did it were words of hate. Poor Lily didn't understand what she had done, and it hurt her to know that she had hurt her…"

Jadis sat in her room, a spell book open in her lap. She was reading from the book when she saw a spell that caught her eye
"All I have loved as left me alone and hatred is all I now know. Coldness now fills my heart, like it has from the start. For them to see what I fell will suffice, make all that I love turn to ice" Jadis watched as the stone of her bedroom wall turned to ice. She watched as the frozen water crawled across the wall, like an invading army. Smiling Jadis walked outside and looked down the hallway. It was ice as well. Jadis went back into her room and found another spell
"Now I must bring upon their doom give me a weapon that I can kill them with soon. Give me the power to make flesh and bone, turn cold and into stone"

On the bed appeared a stick like object, Jadis got up and went to investigate. She picked it up and played with it, finding that it was made perfectly for her, she wanted to know what it would do so she went to one of the wolfs that looked after the place. With one mighty blow, she struck him, and watched in amazement as he turned to stone right in front of her. She smiled as she went back to her room and kept looking, with this book she could get everything that she ever wanted.

"Make it so I no longer have to hide show people what I am in side" she yelled. She felt that magic burn through her veins. She ran to the mirror expecting to see the beautiful young woman that she thought she was, but when she looked, that beautiful young woman was the furthest thing from what was there. In the mirror she saw a woman covered in wrinkles, her eyes where back and her skin was as cold as ice. Her once beautiful hair was now twisted, and no matter what she did she couldn't undo it. She yelled as she ran back to the book, desperately looking for a spell to reverse it. She looked at every page but she couldn't find it. She yelled as she ran out to the main hall. If she was really this inside, then she should start acting like what she really is. Her parents had gone out for the day and they should be coming back now. Just as the thought crossed her mind she heard the sound of horses and her mother's yell of

"What happened" Jadis smiled to herself as she burst through the front doors
"Jadis? Is that you?" He mother asked. But Jadis didn't respond she just kept walking.
"Hello mother" she smiled wickedly as she hit her mother with her wand, she watched as she turned to nothing more than rock.
"Jadis what are you doing?" Came her father's angry cry
"what I must do" she smiled as she hit him. Lily was standing behind him and was watching Jadis in shock.
"Run" Jadis said coldly to her.
"What?" Lily asked in disbelief
"RUN" Jadis yelled. Lily nodded and ran for the Western Woods tears streaming down her face, today she had not only witnessed the death of her mother and father but of her sister too.

Jadis smiled as one of the wolfs approached her
"tell the house hold that I am in charge now and if anyone disagrees they will be punished"
"Punished" The wolf asked
"Yes, punished" she smiled as she bright her wand down smashing both of her parents into tiny pieces.

"so she killed her parents?"Susan asked.
"Yes she did" Mr Tummnes said. "and she started to build her army, she had plans to take over all of Narnia"
"Which she succeeded with" Edmund said through gritted teeth. Peter squeezed his shoulder.
"What about Lily?" Peter asked.
"Lily ended up in the middle of the Western Woods completely lost. Aslan found her and she told him everything that had happened. Aslan of course already knew about what she had done, but he let her talk. The poor child had just watched her parents die, she needed to get that of her chest. Aslan taught her how to use her magic and she was a good student. But all the time that Lily was training, Jadis was getting stronger and one day Lily came up with a plan…"

"We need to stop her" Lily said to Aslan one day.
"I know dear child" he said.
"I have been thinking about how to stop her" Lily said looking to Aslan to see if she should keep on talking.
"Continue" he said
"what if we get others, who have not been affected by her magic. People who are things that she isn't. Someone who is brave, someone who is just, someone who is kind and gentle and someone who can be a leader, and lead for all the good reasons." She said
"yes but daughter of magic, where would we find someone that hasn't been affected" he asked. He knew the answer but wanted to hear it from her.
"Yes everyone has been affected, everyone in this world." She said. Lily had been studding the ways of the universe for a while now and was aware of the other worlds. "but people who have never been here before haven't been affected by it. If we bring them here we can stop her. I know that it is rather selfish dragging people from their home to another world just to help us. But I see no other way" She said.
"I think that we can try daughter of magic" He smiled at her.

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