Mahou Fantasia

My Negi Springfield. I'm a wizard traveling down the world of Mundus Vetus to become strong like my father. Believe it or not, my father is the Thousand Master known by everyone. Ever since his disappearance, I've been motivated to become a successful mage like him. I even graduated from my magic school at age 10! However, despite my intellect...I haven't found any lead about my father's wherabouts.

A chime is heard not far from here. "Hey...Negi! Earth to Negi! Are you in there?" A voice said as a girl, a couple of years older than me stood in front of me while waving her hand at my face. Her unique green and blue eyes met mine as the bells in her hair chimes as she moves.

Her name is Asuna Kagurazaka, I happened to meet her during my travels throughout this magical land. After saving me from a wild boar, I travel alongside her in order to repay her for saving me. From her appearance, she appears to be a fighter of some sort, judging from her choice of wardrobe, an iron armor and a red skirt, concealing a pair of grieves with a broadsword no taller than her sheathed behind her back. This is rather surprising to me, because all my life, I've never seen a girl fight with a sword before, let alone a giant looking one.

"Oh, I'm sorry Asuna, I was thinking about something." I said apologetically, grinning sheepishly at her.

"Well you better start coming back from your dream world, because I'm not saving you from a monster again while your head's in the cloud!" She said.

"Right, I won't!" I replied. "By the way, are you sure we're going in the right direction?" I asked.

"Of course this is the right direction! I've been in this road several times now! Trust me!" Asuna replied.

"All right, if you say so."

We traveled down the road, with her leading me to our destination as head walk down the road of Mundus Vetus. I looked around my surroundings and see birds and fairies flying throughout the land due to my childish curiosities, Asuna took a look at me and simply just smiled at my behavior. We then come upon a hill where Asuna runs up and face me with a smile on her face.

"Here we are, Negi, welcome to Mahora City!" She said with pride as I walked up the hill. To my very amazement, what I've seen is the largest city in Mundus Vetus. But the big question is: is what we're looking for, inside this giant city?

"Come on, what are we standing around here for? Let's go!" Asuna said as she grabs my hand and takes me to the city.

Inside, the city was bustling with people bigger than me. It was rather scary, but I feel relieved when Asuna is with me among the crowd. Funny, she reminds me of my sister back in my home. I wonder how is she since my departure?

As we run around the city, Asuna immediately stopped near a building meaning that we're here.

"Well here we are, the Ala Alba guild!" She said.

"Ala Alba?" I asked curiously.

"Yeah, a well known guild in Mundus Vetus. It was named after the Thousand Master's group Ala Rubra and became the most popular guild today!" Asuna replied.

"Wow, I never realized that my Father's that famous..." I said in awe.

"Okay, enough standing around. You want to become a strong wizard right?" She asked me.

"Well, yes." I replied.

"Well you've come to the right place! You'll thank me later when I show you the guildmaster!" Asuna said as she drags me inside.

Inside, the guild was bustling with erm...mostly girls of different kinds, human, elves, you name it. Well, there are some adults supervising the guild, but in general this guild seems lively.

"Hey, I'm back from my hunting quest!" Asuna shouted, getting their attention. They all stopped what they're doing and faced us. Judging by their expression, it looks like they're used to her. Justifiable that she has been a member for a while now.

"Well, look who decided to show up. I thought that this place reeks of dry blood here, but it's only you." A haughty voice said as a blonde elven girl stepped infront of us.

"Watch it, Blondie, or your face will meet my fist!" Asuna said, glaring at her. It looks like she and that elf don't get along very well.

The elf girl scoffed. "Such temper, surely match that violent personality such as you! It's no wonder anyone would steer clear from you, let alone talk to a violent monkey!"

"That's it, you wanna go elf girl!? I'll tear out every strain of hair outta your ugly head!" Asuna exclaimed angrily.

"Bring it you berserking ape! I'll gouge out your ugly eyes!" The elf replied.

They started to fight, pulling each other's hair as the others started to cheer on each side. To them, seeing them quarrel is not a surprise to them as if that this is daily. I was starting to think that I was invisible to the guild ever since we've arrived when someone decided to notice me.

"Hey, who's the kid?" One of them asked.

They all stopped what they're doing and look at me. Seeing them staring at me makes me feel uncomfortable as if, I was a mouse surrounded by a pack of wait, that makes me a prey. I swallowed a lump and begin to speak.

"He...hello, my name is Negi Springfield. If I may, I would like to join this guild please." I said with a sheepish smile.

It didn't take long as the girls of this guild started screaming out of joy and bunched up around me. I can barely breathe with them smothering around me. Luckily, Asuna had to pull me out of the crowd.

"Asuna, you lucky girl, where did you find this kid? He's so cute!" One of the girls asked her.

"I just happened to meet him during my quest, I just saved him." Asuna replied.

"Aw lucky! I wished I could've met him in my quest!" The other said.

"Huh, so you saved this poor boy's life and now you kidnap him? Seems that your obsession has gotten into a new low!" The blonde elf girl said.

"What was that!?" Asuna snapped.

"Now now, how about we ease this commotion for our newest guest?"

Asuna immediately stiffens up as she heard a familiar voice. To our surprise, a man appeared with a gentle smile on his face. That man is Takamichi T. Takahata, he is one of my father's friends and he has visited my home village back when I was still a child.

"T-Takahata! H-hi!" Asuna stuttered as her face reddened.

"Hello and welcome back, Asuna. And hello to you, Negi. It's been a while." Takamichi said.

"Yes, it has been a while! Takamichi what are you doing here?" I asked.

"Why, I work for the guild. Why else I'm here?" He replied.

"Wait, you know this kid?" Asuna said.

"Of course, I used to visit his village when he was still a lad." He replied. "Changing subjects, what brings you here at Ala Alba, Negi?" He asked me.

"I wished to join the guild in order to become strong like my father!" I replied.

Takamichi chuckled lightly. "Is that so? Then I'll go notify the guildmaster right away. In the meantime, try not overwhelmed by our guildmembers, this guild is known for its lively atmosphere." He said as he heads to the guildmaster's office.

He's right, I've never been to a place so full of energy before. The girls here are quite energetic, so full of spirit. The girls continued to question me about where I'm from, what's my class, and what are my hobbies. There are so many questions, I couldn't even answer them all!

"Alright settle down, all of you! It's very rude of you to smother our would-be member while bombarding him with questions, give him some space!" The elf girl shouted. The girls did what she says and move away from me, making it easier for me to breathe. "I'm sorry, did they cause you any trouble?" She asked me.

"No, not at all. But thank you anyway Miss..." I replied, trying to get her to say her name.

"You can call me Ayaka." The girl replied, smiling gently at me. "Say, you've never seen an elf before haven't you?"

I shook my head no. To tell you the truth, this is really the first time I've seen an actual elf in my own eyes. From what I've heard back in magic school, elves are considered beautiful creatures, fairest of them all or whatnot.

"Hey, step away from the kid you pedophile. He's off-limits!" Asuna said.

"Look who's talking? Aren't you a little young to be having a crush on old guys?" Ayaka asked smugly.

"Well at least I don't creep around on little kids like a shotacon you are!" Asuna shot back, enraging Ayaka.

"That's it! You asked for it, Bells!" Ayaka shouted as she tackled Asuna, resuming their fight. I was perplexed, I could've thought that elves are supposed to be kind, gentle people...seems to me that I was wrong about that.

As both Asuna and Ayaka fight and the other girls, cheer on whose side, Takamichi came out of the room and walks toward me.

"Negi, the guildmaster wants to see you now." He said.

"Thank you, Takamichi." I replied.

I followed Takamichi to the guildmaster's office where I meet the guildmaster himself.

"Ah, you must be Negi Springfield Takamichi was talking about." The guildmaster said. "Welcome, I am Guildmaster Konoe, welcome to Ala Alba."

"It's very nice to meet you, Guildmaster Konoe." I said while giving him a bow.

"You are Nagi's son correct?" Konoe asked. "You've bear a striking resemblance to your father."


The guildmaster nodded his head. "Yes, he has raised a fine son. I see that you've been taking a liking on this guild?" Konoe said.

I nodded my head. "Yes, the girls here are very lively. I enjoyed their energetic spirits."

"I see, then you wish to join this guild is that correct?" Konoe said.

"Yes, I would be happy to join Ala Alba!" I replied confidently.

The guildmaster beamed a smile at me. "Alright, then I would like you to sign this form in order to become an honorary member of Ala Alba." He said as he hands me the form and a pen.

I take the pen and signed my name on the paper. With that, I officially became Ala Alba's newest member. The guildmaster takes the paper and handed me a badge in a shape of a white wing. Guildmaster Konoe wished me luck upon me joining this guild as I walked out from his office with a confident smile etched on my face. Father, sister, I think I'm going to like this guild.

To Be Continued...