Bree stared at her feet the entire ride back to the hotel. She couldn't bring herself to look at him, even though she desperately wanted to know if he was still himself or if he was really Zoot. There was no conversation as she felt eyes staring at her.

It didn't take long for them to arrive. Angie and her were pulled out in front, as they riffled through the bags, taking anything they wanted, the food and some of their clothes. Bree was silent when they manhandled them to a small room, Angie on the other hand was far from co-operative, every few seconds, and she'd yell or scream or kick. Until she got a real pimp slap to the face almost sent her stumbling backwards.

The room they were kept in wasn't big by any standards, they had a slit which served as their window, and red walls all around, no furniture or anything else luxurious. Bree didn't care she just wanted to get off her aching feet. Most of her clothes were still with them, since Ebony didn't want them. Angie's stuff had been raided all that she had left were a shirt, a pair of denim three quarters, a red belt and her ballet shoes.

Bree sat on the floor with her head against the wall, wishing that Angie would stop pacing and hitting the wall. "What are we going to do? We're not animals; they can't do this to us. YOU HEAR ME, WE'RE NOT ANIMALS!" She screamed as she banged her fists against the door.

"Would you please, stop that, you're just going to get yourself hit again."

"What else do you want me to do?"

"Be quite while I get some sleep, okay." Bree shuffled more into her corner, trying to get comfortable.

"What if they come for us?"

"Then you'll wake me up, I suggest you sleep while you can though."

"Find," She huffed as she snuggled in next to her sister.

"What are you doing?"

"I'm protecting my new little niece or nephew."

They stayed like that for a few hours, lightly sleeping very aware of the guards walking passed, banging a stick on the door, every few hours. The commotion outside began to rise sometime early in the morning.

"Open it up," A female voice commanded from outside the door.

"We can't let you go in there alone."

"It's a pregnant girl and little ballerina, I'll be fine," The woman patronized them from outside.

"Be warned, the red head bits."

"I'll manage." The door burst open and through shot out so much light and with it in strode Ebony in her full loco kit, carrying a plate of food fresh fruit and some homemade bread. "Well I hope we all slept well, now here's how it's going to work." She said as she bit down on some bread. "I'm going to ask you some simply questions and you're going to answer, if you're good you can have some of this," She pointed at the plate of food. "If you're not so good then, well let's just say it won't be the most pleasant experience of your lives. Shall we begin, now which tribe do you belong to?"

"Go screw yourself, we don't talk to locos." Angie spat at her.

"That sounds like something a demon dog would say, do you know what we do to dogs little girl? How about you Mummy, do you know what we do to dogs? We put them down."

"We're not dogs," Bree said plainly as she looked at her feet.

"There we go, Mummy earned herself some food, come on take it." She said offering the plate to Bree; she quickly snatched up a piece of bread and began to tear into it. "That a girl. So if you're not a dog, what are you?"

"We're just street kids."

"Now I don't like it when people lie to be Mummy, I tend to do bad things to people that lie to me, so how about I ask again. What tribe do you belong to?"

"Can't you hear? We don't belong to any tribe."

"Okay prima ballerina, riddle me this how does two street kids, who are obviously not capable of holding their own or even, to steal form those who can, wind up with enough food to feed six people for a day?"

"We don't, we have someone who acquires food for us and keeps us safe."

"And where are they?"

"We don't know."

"Well ladies enjoy, your breakfast. I'll be back later and it won't be as pleasant as this chat. So I start remembering the things I'm going to ask for. Because one way or another I'll find out what I want to know." She threatened as she laid the plate on the floor.

She strode out the door in a right huff. "Don't let them sleep." She told the door man.