I love the character of Emily so I have honestly shipped her with a number of different guys over the years – Nikolas, Lucky, Zander, even Patrick, but Sonny remains one of my all-time favorite guys for her. Sure Sonny and Emily were a controversial pairing but I loved/love them and that's the point. If you like them too, then you just might enjoy this fic. It's rated Mature and per the new challenge rules at the Emson Fairytales forum, it will have a sexual act of some kind in each of its 4 chapters! Yay! lol

The Perfect Honeymoon

-Part 1-

"I now pronounce you man and wife," Father Coates said as he watched the beaming couple light up still more with unadulterated joy. Emily squeezed Sonny's hands tightly in anticipation of hearing the words "you may now kiss your bride". She wanted that kiss and this commitment more than she had ever wanted anything in the whole world.

After what seemed like hours, Father Coates finally uttered those six amazing words and Emily felt Sonny pull her into his impossibly strong arms. She smiled into his mouth as his lips descended on hers and he zipped his tongue across her lips in a heated, uber-passionate kiss. She returned the passion full-force and they kissed until Father Coates cleared his throat loudly and pointedly – twice.

Emily held Sonny's face in either of her hands and gave him one more brief kiss full of promise and eroticism before they turned to face the chapel full of friends and family. "I now present to you, Mr. and Mrs. Michael 'Sonny' Corinthos," Father Coates said and a round of applause rang throughout the crowd.

"You're the last and lasting Mrs. Corinthos," Sonny whispered in her ear, tingling the flesh there with his warm, minty breath. "There's no one else for me."

She touched his cheek and smiled. "I feel the same." Then holding hands they ran down the aisle in the midst of a hail storm of rice and birdseed. Sonny pushed open the door of the chapel and they came down the steps, stopping to have their picture taken here and there. They never let go of each other's hands even as they were practically pulled in different directions. Emily heard Sonny promising Jason he would take great care of Emily always and Sonny heard Emily say she was going to throw her bouquet to Elizabeth so she could be the next to be wed.

They finally managed to make it to the limo and Max held open the door, beaming at them both. "Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Corinthos."

"Thanks, Max," Emily said and Sonny patted his employee's shoulder.

"Take the long way to the reception hall." Max flushed but nodded his understanding. Sonny helped Emily gather her long skirts and bundle herself into the backseat of the limo. Soon enough the door was closing and Emily waved to everyone through the parted windows. Sonny pointedly raised the windows as the car rumbled to life and pulled away from the curb.

Emily fell against the seat and ran her hands down his arms. "That was the most beautiful ceremony ever, Sonny."

"It was pretty nice," Sonny admitted. "But you are the beautiful one."

Emily smiled. "You are so sweet and thank you for asking me to marry you. I've never felt happier or more complete."

"Thank you for loving me," Sonny said. "And for giving me a second chance when I probably didn't deserve it."

Emily stroked his cheek. "Oh please. You treat me like a queen but most importantly, you don't treat me like I'm weak and fragile, as if I'm made of glass and that means everything to me. You make me feel like a true woman… Now kiss me," she commanded him lightly.

He didn't have to be asked twice. He lowered his mouth over hers and sluiced his tongue inside her waiting mouth. They kissed until each was breathless and then he slid his hand under her long skirt. "Sonny," she giggled in a weak protest as his nimble, work-calloused fingers zipped along the hem of her pink panties.

"I told Max to take the long way. Knowing how slowly he drives we've got at least twenty minutes."

"Do you really want to present your new wife to a reception full of our friends and family all sweaty and … sticky?"

He grinned. "I have to touch you. I have to taste you. Just for a minute. Please."

Emily's body was humming with anticipation and she couldn't deny him anything. She never could. If he asked her to follow him to the ends of the earth, she would because she loved him. She was devoted to him like no one else.

"Touch me," she said and helped him hike up her skirt to her thighs. She spread her long, trim legs wide and he got to his knees between them. He traced her inner thigh with his fingers until she was whimpering with desire and anticipation. He moved his hot thumb up the curve of her hip and finally brought it to the hem of her panties. She mewled as he gently peeled the fabric aside and rubbed his thumb down her slit. She trembled and willed herself not to come undone, not yet.

He finally worked his index finger into her tight, snug heat and began to rub her sensitive nub as she quaked on the seat. "Oh god, Sonny," she panted as he pushed another finger inside her and played with her clit, pinching it and teasing it until she felt intense bundles of energy collect there. "Please …"

Sonny grinned a dimpled smile at her and then bent his head. He moved aside her panties again and licked the hairless mound of flesh between her thighs. She cried out as he worked his tongue deeper into her and she found her legs trembling and clenching him tightly between them.

She came not once or twice but three times with a crescendo of a scream. She was grateful that Sonny had made sure that the back seat was soundproof or Max would be a puddle of juices just like she was. She dug her fingers into Sonny's shoulders as she slowly came down and he stroked her bare hips. Then he was lifting his head between her legs and bobbing up to kiss her so she could taste her own sweetness on her tongue.

"You taste amazing," Sonny said in awe as he helped her pull down her skirt.

"Sonny, I don't think I can wait for you to take me, to fill me up…"

"We won't stay long at the reception. Besides, this was just a peek at what's to come on the honeymoon," he said and winked at her as he massaged her left breast and then sunk back onto the seat beside her.

He reached for her hand and kissed her palm. "I'll make it worth the wait," he promised her.