Hi this is my first ever fan fiction so sorry if it's bad but please review it so I know whether you like it or not Anyway I don't own kickin it and I hope you like my story. It is In Kim's pov most of the time

Meeting Jack Anderson

Hi I'm Kim Crawford, and my life is messed up. Not because my family hates me or I have no friends because I do have that but because I made a big mistake which crushed me. Luckily my friends' have stayed by my side and the bullying has stopped, but I know people still judge me for what I did but who can blame them really. Well, this story came back around when I met the one and only Jack Anderson. So here's our story:

I was walking down the corridor, like every other school day; listening to my music not paying any attention, when I bumped into someone and we both dropped our books.

"Sorry " i really need to start paying attention to where I'm going

"It's fine, I'm jack, and you are?"

"I'm Kim" I asked confused, he probably doesn't know who I am and what I did so I didn't wasn't to become friends with him because he'll probably leave me like all the rest did, well except for Milton, Eddie, and Jerry. The guys are like my brothers and I'm so glad they stayed my friends. We do karate together down at the bobby wasabi dojo with our sensei Rudy. He's like my second dad. I love that dojo, it's were I get away from all the drama in my life. I'm also a 2nd degree black belt which helps to. My friends are orange belts so it's funny helping them and watching them fight.

"Is something wrong?"

"You obviously don't know who I am, but if you want a good reputation in this school, I suggest you stay away from me, because if you do people will bully you" and with that I walked away, but for the whole day I couldn't stop thinking about what I said. Was it a bit mean? Oh well he's probably over at the cool kids table becoming popular. I swear I hate those guys so much, they think they are better than everyone else when they don't even know what 1+1 is!

I walked into the cafeteria and sat at my usual table with the guys when I saw jack walk past giving me a small smile. He probably found out what I did. Well this is going to be an interesting year.